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  1. Lisa, you never disappoint - stay blessed, be well. j
  2. very old post BUT I'll ask anyway, still for sale
  3. BOSCH lights sold, CIBIE driving lights sold; many other items available - taking offers (note: CL ad is down at the moment)
  4. BOSCH 8” halogen driving lights are sold CIBIE driving lights are getting more attention
  5. see my CL posting: https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/d/rancho-santa-margarita-fog-lights-bike/6902691135.html thanks for looking
  6. anyone buy these NOW! they never come up and they'll top off any minor to major restore; (I always regret NOT buying them)
  7. Looks like a great run y'all made. The line-up has a bit of a "MAD MAX" feel to it - WELL DONE!
  8. this dude's in South Pasadena (i.e. close by): https://www.yelp.com/biz/superstar-of-german-cars-south-pasadena comes with rep and pedigree.......................................
  9. HBCHRIS has the right stuff - so goodbye to spill overs - well worth the price and HBChris is a great guy.........................................
  10. WOW! such a deal, dean seats WITH rails - that's a deal - seats will fit nested in an clothes hanger type box.
  11. Excellent photo; Frank Lloyd Wright befitting of your classic ride. (what Wright building is that? In SF?)
  12. Happy Birthday You Sexy Beast! Now go one with with yourself and make all the other boys jealous 😜👍🏽
  13. Come in Ry, throw it up there on Bring A Trailer and let us all have some fun!
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