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  1. Thank you! I had this printed out YEARS ago and since hadn't been able to find it. Appreciate the file!
  2. Its pretty simple! Two nuts, two washers, and the insulator. Shouldn't take more than a couple minutes. Be sure to replace the two plastic bushings if yours are jacked up. Part # 13310075752 You can see the plastic bushings just behind the nuts/washer on this.
  3. Went driving and my "personal racetrack" had caught on fire! 1500+ acres, evacuations, road closures and all that. They reopened the roads so had to go check it out.... had been watching these hills get dry over the past couple months
  4. My buddy sauls 69 restoration at the final stages! Baikal metallic looking GOOD! We dug into some wiring yesterday (everyone's favorite) couple little things to work out and she is rockin and rollin.
  5. Nice group of rides! That NK with the steelies is sweet. Looks like a good time.
  6. Another option is getting a 123 distributor with the reverse distributor gear. You can order then with the correct gear for your cam. Costs more than your other options but I keep hearing they are the shizen.
  7. Sacramento - Lake Berryessa - Sonoma - Highway 1 - Bodega Bay and back. 8 hours of total driving time! First shakedown with the new carbs. No issues👍
  8. Welcome to the forum! Not from your area but post some pics up of your ride!
  9. Wooo! Looking NICE lets see some pics of those widened wheels!! What tires you going with??
  10. I think it has alot to do with flare/airdam manufacturers as well the install height of said airdam and flares. Even the red car you posted is not "factory turbo" spec. I do agree that the slanted airdam is not the best look! An example of a factory car: All of these examples seem to show the flares bolted slightly higher or lower, as well as different brand airdams. Maybe someone with a turbo can chime in and show some nice pictures
  11. Im bumping this up if anyone in the Bay or Sacramento area has any length air horns/trumpets id love to pick them up! Most others are shipping from UK/China and just dont want to wait. Want to get the 40s on this weekend.
  12. Thank you they are R1-581 dated 4/79! Wow yours are really early dated. I believe I have the info put into the database set up by Conserv here:
  13. I have Ground control in the front and allstar adjusters in the back. Allstars have been perfect with no problems. Never have gotten stuck, lots of thread for adjustability. $40 a pop, whats to complain about?
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