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  1. I just found out about these as well and am in contact about getting a set shipped over. How are the tires? Really interested to know! Only the 3rd V rated 185/70/13 ive seen and priced very well.
  2. Are we just in here showing off?! Might as well join the fun! If I had an inventory like mcusername I would almost lean towards a set of circle holes.. do love wide triangles though. This thread is great!
  3. This lower nose panel is available from Jaymic and I believe W&N. Someone probably cut the lower part on your car because it was rusted out. Its a known area as the drain holes get clogged up... https://www.jaymic.com/front-panel-73-lower-repair-section-j.html
  4. Always dirty and always ready to rip!!!
  5. Bumping this or sending them back tomorrow !
  6. I got a set of brand new toyo r888s 205/60/13 over the Christmas time for super cheap and am having second thoughts on using them for my car. I dont think I want to mess with fender pulling again and the caveat is that these have date codes from 2015 which is why I think they were so discounted. Granted the 50th week of 2015 so just about 2016 production. The other caveat is that I have about 3 days to return these so I figured I would offer them up on here if someone wants a great deal for a set of 4 brand new r888s. I got the set of 4 for $320 and payed another $36 for shipping so I am offering them for that exact price. I dont want to ship these but can deliver in the bay area or sacramento area for a small fee. If nobody wants them I am just going to return within a couple days! Regards, -Scott
  7. Early morning mountain drive. Lots of fog and lots of fun! Slippery road though...
  8. Thanks for all the replies! We realized we weren't driving the races in nearly far enough for everything to be properly seated. Ended up getting a bearing race and seal driver from a local autozone and didn't shy away from using a BFH to get everything in right.
  9. We are trying to install a IE big brake kit set up and are stuck on the order of operation for the hub bearings and seal. This is what we have : this is the order we thought it should go but ended up bending the seal trying to get it seated. are we just two dummies or are we missing something here ?
  10. Solid priced set posted today : https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/252982-italian-style-turn-indicators/
  11. Lets get it! Shoot me a text. Are you guys going to Sunday Neue Klasse and Kaffee? Trying to make both Los Gatos and Sacramento meets!
  12. Great driving roads up here in NorCal up to lake Berryessa! Just loving rolling over the odomoter we are blessed with this life and to be able to enjoy these great cars!
  13. 6am Fill up in NorCal The monster of Highway 5 Met up with the San Diego buddy. Beauty and the beast When in rome Just happy !
  14. Lets get a photo there going for all that were fortunate enough to go there ! What a great experience. 500+ Cars with so much diversity in styles/engines/colors. Here is a snippet from my 1200+ mile trip. No problems at all!
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