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I'm new to SNOW COUNTRY, what is the best cheap winter tire?


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im tempted to put this in OT, since nobody should ever EVER drive their 02s in the snow, as we know, but im sure some of you have the winter car thing going on like i am about to (via my "new" e30). actually, my dad-in-law says i dont really need snow tires around here because the roads are kept pretty clear, but im slightly paranoid about it. e30s are famously happy about rotating the back end, hence my paranoia...

i was thinking of getting a set of bottle caps just for winter/snow tires, since the 30 will be wearing my fat ronals when i sell the 02. anyway id be looking for 195/65-14, maybe 185/65 (narrower is better in the slush yah?)


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Taller and narrower used to be the norm.

Tire technology has caught up these days.

My favorite snow tire on the planet:


Hakkapeliitta... any of them...

Forget all the pretenders.

hmmm... so many choices! what one would be the best for normally-plowed slushy roads with the occasional caught-in-a-storm moments, also for long hauls to see Jenna and back on (i assume) plowed freeways...?

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I have a set of bottlecaps from my E30, with Dunlop snows. Trade you all five wheels and skins, one-up for your three-digit Accord - oops, er, I mean, your 69.

Crap - I did it again - there I go pissing you off! Sorry, man - I know this thread doesn't concern me. But I just can't help myself - public forum, you know.

"That damn Otis - FAQ him, that Mutha FAQer! I wish he would just go about his business, and not post up, on matters that don't concern him. Insulting the whole FAQer board - that FAQer@!$@!" -- Robspeed

(Must . . . resist . . . temptation . . . to post . . . Dorothy pictures . . . .)

PS - Everybody knows, of course you don't drive an 02 in snow. You drive - what else - a Smart Car. Plenty of room in there for you and your sweetie - as "skanky" as she wannabe.



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tire rack says these are the only ice/snow tires avail for stock size: Goodyear "Ultra Grip Ice" for $69 each.


Rob - I've heard these Ultra Grips are actually pretty highly rated. (Not at good as the Nokians, but WAAYY cheaper.)


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these Generals are supercheap ($50), and seem to get decent reviews:



I dont need the best tire, just an improvement over 195/50/15 summer tires...

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My vote is for Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60, only tire I have bought for snow was the WS-50, before they came out with the WS-60. Driving my daily beater 2002 in winter here, it's already got rust, so who cares ? I had some old studded skinny snow tires from way back that I had used a few winters before, but they were worthless compared to the Blizzaks. The WS-50's make your 02 feel like you have truck tires on though, no rounded edges. But I could drive up my driveway without making a run at it with ice or snow, & they would stop, steer, go etc incredibly well on ice/snow. I have no fear when it's ice or snow anymore. I also got 185/70R13, stayed away from ultra skinny, did just fine with an open diff too.

2002 owner since 1980

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blizzaks for my 09 forester 16 215 50 narrower than the 17's. Can not wait to return to the mountains of South Dakota this Christmass. Studded preformance w/o metal studds. I have a set of studds for the touring that are older than dirt 2001 but still in good shape form very little use . Tii touring in the snow? very rarely hardly never.

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I use Blizzaks on my Saturn SL-1. Its summer tires are Yokohama Avid T-4's. I keep a set of 14 in. steel wheels mounted w/the Blizzaks and a set of 15 in. alloys mounted w/the Yoko's. It makes a great winter car with proper snow tires. Also, with plastic door panels, rockers, & fenders, there is no harm done by all the slush and salt.

'75 Sahara 2002 Dieter (sold)

'14 Blazing Red Metallic Mini Cooper

'73 Sahara 2002 Franz


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an 02 in the winter with an open diff must be scary to drive, ie, winter for me=snow on the road, not only cold.

AS an example, my 318is with its original open diff was sufering a lot of traction loss and was always stuck as soon as there was 1" of accumulated snow. No mention on the incline, my GF has all the difficulties she could to just get out of the driveway, i had to haul the car with my 4x4 many times.

Cant see how better it should be on a 02 as the 318is is a lot comparable in terms of weight and traction (eh, i have both cars).

since i installed a lsd it is day and night.

I like my Nordfrost5 on my 325i, now manufactured by G.T. iirc.

cheap tires=cheap tires.

2006 530xi, 1974 2002 Automatic summer DD
1985 XR4TI, 22psi ±300hp
1986 yota pick-up, 2006 Smart FT diesel

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Nokians last a long, long time. Any snow tire will be good for a while.

I had a set of blizzaks once and got 2 winters of light use out of them, and then the special sticky rubber was gone and although they still had tread they were unusable in snow.

Nokians do not have to be super pricey, there is a tremendous mark-up at the retail level. Might be worth shopping around. I bought a set of 205/65/16 Hakka RSI last year for $106ea.

Skinny is better. I have 175/80/14 Hakka Q on the benz.

For cheap tires I would look into the Hankooks, they seem to have a Nokian-esq tread pattern.

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