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  1. Had a thicker gasket on two cars with zero leaks. I ran my '74tii really hard at the track. Zero issues. Zero leaks. 7k rpm. Its only marginally thicker, not like an old school super thick old cork gasket. And yeah I see my diff cover, its been leaking for years allowing the excellent rust protection to cover the rear diff and subframe. All through that paper thin stock gasket. This is one of the few areas that RTV isnt a bad idea. I'll address that in time.
  2. I've had a tii pump rebuilt by them. I used it hard at track events and put a ton of miles on it. Slightly oversized bearings inside too. It never had an issue, never leaked and was perfectly fine when the car went to the museum. Doing the same rebuild with my pump from my '76 2002. I am going to send a OEM core that i have around. I've also passed along his contact info to Steve at Blunt Tech to see if maybe he can talk with them regarding rebuilds. The tii community would love a better option and even 2002 guys since most of the pumps out there have intermittent quality issues.
  3. I answered my own question. Best gasket makes a 1/16" thicker gasket that is a better version. They don't sell to the public directly, but you can buy through http://water-pump-rebuilders.com/ (Flying Dutchman). Its American made and already cut.
  4. I pulled a water pump off my '76 2002 - it had a thicker water pump gasket on it. Every replacement I've seen is a very thin paper gasket, which people have to usually kludge with some RTV sealant to get it to seal correctly. Does anyone know if E21/E30 M10 water pump gaskets are a little thicker then the normal paper thin 2002 ones? -Justin
  5. Another vote for flying dutchman waterpumps. http://water-pump-rebuilders.com/contact.html I literally just emailed him about rebuilding another pump. They don't fail, don't leak unlike the reproduction stuff that is out there.
  6. I had the Schroth 4 points anchored off the rear seat belt mounting points in the back seat. Its an "approved" location. Schroth had this info posted online somewhere.
  7. Schroth 2" street/track was the setup in YaleR with this same rollbar. Yes it just touched the dome light in the car. I used the soft side of a piece of velcro so it wouldnt squeak all the time. You probably should not run regular 3 point belts with an inertia reel. You will hit your head if you bump something.
  8. Yup its NEXT weekend, not this weekend! Atlanta typically gets one "winter storm" a year, and its happening today....
  9. They run the street survival schools, have club history, plus the largest collection of North American BMW related stuff in their collection. BMW CCA Foundation. www.bmwccafoundation.org
  10. In case anyone local has not see this yet... but my (Yale's) tii is on its way to the BMW CCA museum. I tried to make an event here, but I dont seem to be able to do that. https://www.facebook.com/events/181491735655877/ Yale Rachlin's (former editor in chief of Roundel Magazine) '74 2002tii will be heading to the BMW CCA Foundation as it is being donated to their collection. For those that don't know - this was his car for many years and is a very important car that represents club history. We are planning a drive from Duluth, GA to the Foundation in South Carolina. The drive should take a bit over 2 hours. Once we arrive, we will get a tour of the facility and I will hand over the keys to the car to the Foundation. Please note this caravan is open to any BMW, new or old! ***UPDATE*** We will meet at German Autowerks Atlanta @ 5938 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341 between 7am and 8:30am. Jeff has opened the shop for anyone that may have an issue with their car. There will be coffee and pastries if anyone needs something to eat. Around 8:30 - 8:45 we will be begin the drive up north on 85. There are a few folks that mentioned they want to meet us along the way, which is fine, just let me know ahead of time and I can give you my cell number to coordinate. I expect we will arrive at the Foundation in SC around 11:30am.
  11. All 4 came off the car 11 years ago when it was painted. But I wasnt the one who removed them... hence the mystery.
  12. Yeah I figured those two out. I still wonder why I have two more mounts with the longer screw holes. I am beginning to think it was a kludge of some sort to make sure it stays on the car. Just can't figure out where it was attached, Though the screw holes match the size of the sunroof track screws.
  13. Yeah I found a smaller version of the picture you posted and I only see two mounts. For whatever reason I have more mounts. Mine is the factory tinted plexiglass one. I am not sure if they made a factory clear one, but the BMW symbol is centered in the plastic on mine.
  14. Anyone have the original BMW plexiglass wind deflector (not the cool metal one)? I am attempting to reinstall mine in my '74 tii, and I have 4 small brackets in my box of parts. One set appears to hook under the felt at the edge of the sunroof, the other two are longer and have screw holes in them. Though it only appears that two are necessary at the sides? Anyone have a close up picture of the metal mounts? I was able to find a few pictures on the site, but none of them have much detail regarding where the brackets attach.
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