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  1. Jim, was I the data doaner for this project? id be interested in anything that could help my MS2 setup. john
  2. I just drove Martin’s 2000 with a Ben ten and his Volvo fi conversion. It’s very strong and the drivability was staggering. U-turn in 2nd gear and floor it at 900 rpm? Not a problem. Makes me look at my ITB setup. john
  3. What’s your location? he’s not the only game in town. john
  4. Jim, do you use the Haltec can bus WB controller? john
  5. I could have sworn that someone somewhere was offering a Quaffe LSD in the early 2002 case. I currently have a e21 3.91 LSD but thinking I’d like the 3.64 better. ideas? John
  6. ‘This is what I’m running currently. Around 150.00$ US each. However having big fattys would be cool. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Toyo&tireModel=Proxes+R888R&partnum=245VR3R88R&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes john
  7. What tread compound are these going to be? john
  8. What’s the size the Capri guys want? john
  9. I'd love a 235/50 or 55/13. I'm currently using Toyo R888 in 225/50/13 and they are a little short. For my wide body 2002 I'd like something bigger. A friend had the same kit on his 2002 and used that big 13 that was last made in a Y352 and the Radial T/A. To me, that size looked better. Was that a 235/60? My car is typical of what rides around own a 888. Mix of street and AutoX. The Orange one is mine The white and green car is on the same size wheels, 13X8.
  10. Harv


    Was that at Listen Up? My Dad spent a lot of time there. John
  11. Harv


    The GFA 5503 is new to me. Bought off eBay. This is my first fore into separates. I don’t think using the Denon as a preamp is ideal but it’s what I’m working with at the moment. I’m rebuilding some Polk RTA12B’s at the moment. john
  12. Harv


    I’m a wantabee audiophile. I have to stay sort of in reason. ebay hunting. Currently rocking my Denon HT receiver with preamp outputs hooked up to a GFA 5503 amp and Polk Monitor 10’s with RD0194 tweeters used in stereo for music. 5. Ch +atmos for movies. im rebuilding some Polk RTA 12b’s to replace the 10’s. john
  13. 82 244 Volvo Turbo. This was a replacement for the cobbled together 242 I had built in college. I wrapped the 242 around an oak tree. The 244 Turbo had a drivability issue that I fixed with a golf tee. It was 1000 bucks. I drove that car for a few years and sold it to a friend. Bought my current 2002 for 1600 bucks.
  14. Yes I have it set up somewhat progressive now but could be better. ‘Data shows the 45’s are too big. john
  15. ported head, schrik 304, wasted spark, S14 crank, forged pistons, 2230cc. Tuning the 45’s is difficult for the throttle tip in. 70% of throttle is in the first 30%.
  16. I don’t think I’d bother with those seats unless your car doesn’t have any seats and you just want to drive it. If that’s the case,140 is not a bad deal.
  17. The problem with a lot of seats is that if you mount them to the factory mounting points, it’s hard to get them centered with the wheel and the right height. The e30 seat comes to mind for the height thing. john
  18. good job. Keep at it! John
  19. Wish I could have kept my e91 6sp. Oh well, can’t keep em all. john
  20. I would not use 45mm ITB's again. I'd limit it to 40mm. Remember these are not carbs with a venturi in them. A 40mm opening will flow more than almost any M10 cylinder and head could flow. John
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