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  1. Good video Mike...thanks for posting. I lived that time as well although more in the 60's...George Lucas doesn't appear to know that cruising in the 60's with Muscle Cars was HUGE!!!!! I wish I still had my '55 Chevy and my 1 of 612 L78 396 1967 Chevelle!
  2. I don’t drive them enough, but I definitely smile wide when I do! I have to move Hugo when I cut the grass to get the JD rider out....lol! It starts up every time! But it needs a good “drive”! I would have loved to be at Pittsburgh for O’fest but that’s just too much effort for my old bones! 😉
  3. Hugo (my very early '72tii) is definitely more vanilla than pure white, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Absolutely gorgeous color and I wasn't a fan until I restored Hugo..
  4. 02fanatic


    I have bought many parts over the years from 2002AD and for me anyway I never had any issues. I even recall the guy I used to deal with many years ago (wish I could remember his name, but he has passed away) was always super to me even to the point of throwing more bits & pieces in the box than I asked for....it doesn’t get any better than that! I believe that was in the days before they moved....a really long time ago! No business is perfect but 2002AD has helped many enthusiasts over the years...I still have a 2002AD t-shirt too!
  5. Good advice to sign up on Being a Trailer! You can’t beat what you see and read on there. Some of us are already addicted! ;-) Value depends on history, condition & desirability. A very nice Verona ‘72tii just sold on BaT for $37,000, and I believe the only thing that held it back from cresting $40,000 was it didn’t have original engine (although the original went with the sale), plus it has been selectively restored with some original paint & patina remaining....not a 100 point car, but very nice overall! Every car is different so value can vary accordingly, but generally roundies command more money, and I personally think that a ‘73 is one of the best years for the ‘02.
  6. Well, I heard back about the tii engine I have and both of my tii's. According to the BMW Group Archives, the 1972tii engine VIN 2760081 belonged to either a Chamonix (paint code 085) or Polaris metallic (paint code 060) car, delivered December 29, 1971 to Hoffman Motors Corp in New York City....no manufacturing date given. I think it's strange that this VIN car wasn't delivered until after both of my other tii's, yet it has an earlier VIN. My 1972tii, VIN 2760129 is Chamonix (paint code 085), was manufactured on December 17, 1971, delivered December 23, 1971 to Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. My 1973tii, VIN 2762774 is Atlantik (paint code 041), was manufactured on October 18, 1972, delivered October 25, 1972 to Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. Hope this helps anyone interested. John
  7. Leatherique is tops in my book. I re-dyed the black leather seats in a friend's 1986 Euro 635csi and they came out wonderfully. It was lots of work though, as the prep work is where all the work is. You could call leatherique and ask them about the vinyl.
  8. I have posted up pics of my trunk before, yes...but it's been awhile. I love the brace, as it doesn't require drilling any holes in the shock towers. The guy stopped making them shortly after I bought mine (many years ago). As for the superlites, yes awesome wheels...great quality. I don't care for the plastic center caps, but they are ok. Right now I am not running the center caps & I like the aggressive look better! I was afraid that these wheels were nla in the USA anymore. If I recall correctly, I bought them from a supplier out west (eg. Nevada or Arizona...just can't remember). They are Australian made, correct.
  9. I always used good quality (Hanes Beefy T's) T-Shirts for the Mid-Atlantik '02 Fest gatherings back in the late 90's/early 00's. The shirt had an '02 in an '02 color on the front with good artwork, and sponsors on the back. I still wear mine today, as I had some left over. I love em! It was lots of work organizing an event, especially with little or no help...but the '02 family are the best and it was worth it for the years I did it! Good memories...some on here might remember? Happy '02ing, John
  10. Red top in the trunk of my '72tii....installed it in 2004 and it's been on a Battery Tender its entire life...still totally FINE after almost 14 years!
  11. Come on over to Pennsylvania! Annual registration per car is $37. Annual inspection is required, and pre-'75 cars are exempt from emissions. My tii's are exempt, so just an inspection fee for around $40 (can't recall). If you go with Classic Car of Historical Car Plate, you won't have annual inspections but you will have certain limitations. Classic car insurance will also likely have limitations. My '76 '02 requires emissions, so being that those crappy controls were yanked off years ago, I simply pay for an exemption which means you must drive less than 5,000 miles in a year, which is no problem at all..lol! I don't know about you all, but I'm really sick of winter already! All my cars are in deep hibernation! Only 72 days until Spring! :-)
  12. First of all, I appreciate Mike posting up about Ludwig's birthday, as it has spawned a good discussion about production dates, especially for early tii's in the USA. Looking back through my old emails, I found correspondence with Mobile Tradition (now BMW Group Classic or Archive?), where my '72 tii (VIN 2760129) was produced on Dec. 17, 1971, and it was delivered (USA) on December 23, 1971. But, I also recall receiving an email bringing up a discrepancy in productions dates (one possible date was in October 1971)...this is why I didn't install the Euro Plate on the front bumper with the birth date (12-17-1971). I recall corresponding with Kai Jacobsen back then (and he's likely retired by now), but I emailed the archives to inquire again, with no response yet. So, it's still a mystery until I hear back. As for the first 400 or so 1972tii's imported to the USA, maybe they "are" special! I remember corresponding with Michel Potheau when I was restoring Hugo (circa 2000 - 2004), and Michel said maybe it was one of the European spec tii's with the higher compression (10:1). Hopefully, I will receive a reply from BMW Archives soon....will let you know what I find.
  13. My birthday is Dec 6th...wouldn't it be something if my Hugo was born on the same day in '71? :-) Thanks for that info...it helps. I also have the engine from 2760081.
  14. Thanks! I emailed BMW Archives, but no reply as of yet. I will report back if I learn anything. As I recall when emailing Kai @ Mobile Tradition about 6 years ago, there was a discrepancy in the records for early tii's like my Hugo. I recall the October & December 1971 dates range, so we'll see!
  15. Happy Birthday Ludwig! I believe my "Hugo" (1972tii VIN 2760129) was either born in October 1971 or Dec 17th 1971. Years ago I emailed that fine chap at Mobile Tradition and he gave me this information...he admitted it was confusing and he'd have to research the dates. For years, I've wondered what his true birthday was....I guess I need to splurge for the "Certificate" if they still do that. Anyone know how to order it these days? Thanks & Have a Great Holiday Season! John

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