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  1. The Optima red top battery sure has gone up in price! LOL! $221 today w/o core. $200 w/core exchange.
  2. I just had to post this to share with others. My Optima Red Top Battery in Hugo is finally starting to give up...but it still starts the engine! It's been on a Griot's Garage battery minder for 16 years! I've never heard of a battery lasting that long....anyone else have a similar experience?
  3. Correct Mike! It's been a lot of years, but I repaired the clocks in my '72tii & my '73tii...they sound a bit different but they keep on ticking....a real thing of beauty to listen to in the garage! I do not relish the thought of having to remove either clock again though! My old bones can't take that any more.
  4. That entire article is in a frame on the wall in my garage! A true classic read! I enjoy seeing David E. Davis in youtube clips also!
  5. Yup! It sold for $46,500. Nice Inka tii!
  6. The back of early chrome bumpers should be grey. As for the hole, if it’s on the top surface on the driver side maybe it’s for a rear fog light?
  7. This is a good discussion! Ever since restoring Hugo back in 2004, when I installed the H&R springs with Bilstein Sport shocks (I bought the Bilsteins from Carl Nelson), the ride has simply been "jarring"! Hugo also has beefy anti-roll bars, so it's set up stiff by design. I wanted the shorter springs to lower the ride height which is spot on now, and I had always heard that I must use the sport shocks with the shorter springs so that's what I did. I still hear that from certain people, but I'm now of the opinion that they've got their story wrong! If you run a shorter shock on a longer (standard) spring height that's not a good thing as the shocks might exceed their limits at the bump stops! I've asked my Independent BMW mechanic about using the HD shocks instead, and that is actually what he usually recommends. So, unless I find out anything else to the contrary, I think I will swap in the Bilstein HD shocks, so I can come closer to a tolerable driving comfort situation. I wish I had more experience in the matter back when I was doing all the work on Hugo myself! Now, I'm not so sure I even want to tackle that myself.....I'd rather let my mechanic do it for me! Live and learn!
  8. As much as I actually prefer Atlantik (great under-appreciated color!), I say keep it original. Granatrot is actually quite nice when done properly....you'll probably like it better. I didn't care for Chamonix much until I actually restored my '72tii and had a quality paint job done in Chamonix....my jaw dropped first time I saw it after the paint job. Don't give up on Granatrot is my best advice.
  9. Just spraying with good silver paint also helps quite well. Simple & inexpensive fix.
  10. I'm pretty OCD, but removing something that came from the factory originally is not something I'd do during a restoration. Heck, I even try to save bolts and screws and put them back in their original holes! If this little issue doesn't bother me, I say leave it alone. Just clean so everything can be painted. It'll be fine.
  11. Wow! Sorry to hear this. He was truly one of the greats who survived the hazards that came along with the early years or racing. He seemed to always be there when it came to racing. He will be missed!
  12. I have two '02's in storage units currently (10' x 20's). My '74 Inka, named "Rusty" has been in storage since 2000!...LOL! Poor thing. A project still waiting to happen. I also put my great condition '76 in storage last fall simply due to lack of space at home (I'll get it out for the summer as the battery is still in there). It will be just fine...solid as a rock...that '02 got me down to 020202 in SC and back to PA without issues (3.90 diff 4-speed on I-81 both ways kept me awake for sure!)..still considering 4 post lifts to stack vertically...other than that a larger garage is in order! But, I can say that the storage units have been absolutely fine, but I am using an old storage unit place that is well maintained, and it's built better than most...even has electricity in the units with overhead lights. I basically restored "Hugo" in one of these units back in 2000 to 2004! Just make sure the units are dry. If you are down South I'd definitely worry about mildew (depends on where you are)....up North, not so much of an issue.
  13. I looked at my '73tii's dipstick [which has never been out of the engine ("original")], and it's definitely gloss black. The dipstick on a tii is much shorter and straight. Near the top is the fitting with circular rubber grommet opening for the starter wire.
  14. Mike said, "The late Michel Poteau--one of the first CCA members, proprietor of Circle Tire (the place to go for 2002 parts in the 70s and 80s) and the 2002 guru, more than once said the 73's were the best year for 2002s. By then factory had worked all the bugs out of the design and had managed to meet the US safety and emission requirements much better than the earlier cars. The 73s still had the wear-like-iron upholstery, multi-piece carpets, stronger bumpers and real metal grilles. And round tail lights. Subsequent cars had cheapened trim, upholstery, more emission stuff and 200 extra pounds. And strayed from the original design." I agree with Mike, and I remember it like it was yesterday when Michel advised me when I was restoring "Hugo" my very early '72tii. He told me it being a very early tii that it may have the 3:45 differential and 10:1 compression. To this day I still haven't figured it out, but it is very quick! My '73tii is great as well, but there's something about the earlier cars and that great Spartan look & feel of everything. I have the Euro bumpers on the '72tii which I profess a liking to compared to the '73. But the '73 has some exclusive parts that no other '02 has, like those rare as hens teeth rubber rear bumper bracket covers!...it took me years to score a decent set of those babies. How long has it been Mike...since we lost Michel Potheau?...I think it's been about 17 years by now. I still have some of his emails in my restoration file. And, fortunately I have some models from his model collection to remember him by.
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