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  1. rabbit

    Just Parted a ‘73 2002 Automatic

    Do you have the nose?
  2. Looking for local part. I have found noses on east coast however they won't ship. Cheers!
  3. rabbit

    73 nose

    Your profile says Pasadena but part is in Virginia, I'm in north ca. So I will have to pass I'm sorry, just thought you were a few miles closer. Too far.
  4. rabbit

    73 nose

    Is part in pasadena?
  5. rabbit

    73 nose

    I'll take it! Just need a few Picts from other side. Thx for giving me a shout out!
  6. rabbit

    Front Frame Rails, Subframes, Upper Nose

    Hi, Picts below, you got me thinking I may not need a whole nose. Esp since there is no rust on mine and crushed only above bumper. At the time of accident the radiator was pushed into the fan but not enough to rupture it. It wbent back out fairly easy, the challenge is to get it all aligned and even looking. I'm interested in what you have.
  7. rabbit

    73 nose

    Mashed in from above bumper. Rust free if possible. My apologies to those responding last February to my same inquiry.
  8. rabbit

    73 nose

    Does Anybody in Bay Area have a 73 nose? Or know if production from BMW is running again? Needs to be rust free at least from bottom of head lamps up. Plz email me .... Mazzad12@gmail.com cheers D
  9. rabbit

    30 year collection 2002 parts for sale

    I'm looking for a nose for a 73 o2 July production. Fits metal grills. Perhaps a hood in good shape as well.
  10. rabbit

    In need of front nose clip

    Bluebeem, do u still have? Picts plz
  11. rabbit

    Early nose clip N.Y. 12572

    Hi, how easy is it to take off a car? And do you still have that available?
  12. Does anybody have info on when new nose panels will be available from BMW? Need one for a 1973 July production 2002. cutting one off old car, then cutting mine off, then installing used one adds extra step. Fewest steps is required for this. cheers
  13. I'm looking for a hood and nose