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  1. Front plate with a roundel mounted on it. I'm not sure if this was offered as a thing from BMW or somewhere else or if some clever chap made this. But it looks pretty nice. There is a slight dent and small scratch on the roundel, check out the close up pics. $20 Shipped in the lower 48 USA. Follow the link below to my webstore to purchase directly with PayPal. https://www.turningwrench.com/store/BMW-Roundel-emblem-front-licence-plate-p236263513 Thanks!
  2. Battery cable from an E30. Use this to relocate your 2002's battery to the trunk or, you know, on an E30...I guess. Includes the remote battery terminal...and some random extra wires. $100 Shipped in the lower 48 USA. Follow the link below to my webstore to purchase directly with PayPal. https://www.turningwrench.com/store/E30-battery-cable-p236239926 Thanks!
  3. Yellow driving lights, 5 inch diameter. No brackets. Single wire from bulb holders. The bulbs are just standard bayonet mount bulbs so probably not the brightest, more for show and not so much go. It says POWER across the front of the glass for some reason. $30 shipped in the lower 48 USA. Follow the link below to my webstore to purchase directly with PayPal. https://www.turningwrench.com/store/5-Yellow-driving-lights-p236263340 Thanks!
  4. I'm selling my Weds Bavaria wheels that came off my turbo flared 2002. These are 15" x 7" 2 piece with proper offset for a flared car. They don't have a stamping for offset but they are around ET 7-10 from what I've found online and how they fit. They have a few chips in the black paint and a few dings here and there. No curb rash or bends. Center caps with Weds logos included. Currently wearing Goodyear Eagles 195/55 but the date stamp is from 2014. I bought them new in May of 2015 after The Vintage when I shredded a Falken Azenis on the drive home. They maybe have 3000 miles on them, good tread, no cracking but they are 6 year old tires. Located in Charlottesville, VA, USA. $1100 plus shipping or can arrange pick up around the VA area. Pics below of each wheel, tire stamps, tread and on my previous 02.
  5. ::EDIT:: SOLD BMW 2002 friends, I'm regretfully (but not too regretfully) selling my Verona red '74 2002. I recently picked up a '72 Bavaria (thanks Scott Barnes) in Malaga...not God's own Verona red the pinnacle of BMW paint codes, but it's a bewt so it'll do. As such I think it's time to let someone else have fun with this red 02. I'm looking to get $6500 and it will come as seen in the pictures linked below with a few extra bits and pieces as noted in the informational document also included in the link. The car runs great, has loads of upgrades but does have some surface rust poking out here and there. All the major structural rust (rockers, frame rails, shock towers) have been repaired as needed. This was an autocross car when I bought it and it is pretty much still a fun go-kart with Spax adjustable struts/shocks. It would be a perfect fun autocrosser as I did plenty of runs in it while I owned it. I have owned this car since Feb. of 2004. Currently there is a pair of mismatched seats in it now, a black leather Flo-Fit driver and a brown stock passenger. Both are in decent condition, see the pics. I deleted the rear seat years ago. I have also taken off the rare 15x7 Weds Bavaria wheels I had installed and replaced them with some ugly BBS 13" 320i sport basket weaves with crap tires. The Weds are for sale but they will be $1200 for the set. There is a picture with the car wearing those wheels in the link. I also have an M20 swap set up that I had planned on dropping into this car. That is also for sale separately or with the car if you are interested. It includes an M20, getrag 260, engine and transmission swap mounts to fit a 2002, associated wiring and ECU and other random stuff. If you are looking for a fun 02 project, please get in touch. Link with more photos, a video of the engine running, and document with upgrades and repair info below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Sy6GoTZ2YsfAfWwJ66jZu38NiKWlcejV Info from the document linked above: 1974 BMW 2002 VIN 4280415 Paint code: Verona (originally Sahara) Transmission: 4 speed manual, converted from factory automatic Engine: not original to car. M10 with E12 head, 292 regrind cam, tii pistons, 38/38 Weber carburetor, 008 tii distributor with Pertronix Ignitor, 320i radiator installed. Exhaust: 02Again tii shorty header, stock down pipe, Ansa resonator, stock muffler Suspension: Spax adjustable shocks with Eibach lowering springs, Top End Performance strut braces front and rear. Tii anti-sway bars front and rear. Urethane bushings in front, stock rubber in rear (urethane rears included with sale) Brakes: Volvo big brake conversion, Hawk HP+ pads, stainless steel braided flex lines front and back Interior: Flo-fit driver seat (black), stock passenger seat (brown), door panels dyed black, rear seat deleted. Body work: Turbo flares added in 2007. Rear arches were welded and seam sealed. Chrome bumpers installed and painted body color. European turn signals. Repairs: 2020 – New battery, replaced driver side frame rail portion, tacked in lower nose panel patch 2016 – New hazard switch 2012 – New center support bearing, new shifter linkage and tower, new strut bearings 2011 – New guibo, 320i radiator installed, new thermostat 2009 – rear shock tower welded, new alternator and voltage regulator installed, welded driver side rocker panel patches, new 38/38 Weber carburetor installed, new E12 brake master cylinder installed, new under hood rubber seals installed, new fuel line installed 2007 - welded passenger side rocker panel patch, turbo flares installed 2005 - installed Volvo brake upgrade, new clutch master and slave cylinders, pedal box repaired Known issues: Rust: Trunk lock surround and seal edge, passenger side rain gutter underside, passenger side B-pillar, door corners and edge, lower nose, trunk lid underside, small roof spot, small hood spot, floor boards have rusty spots (see photos in link above) -Clutch return spring is broken, have a spare used one -Steering wheel is a cheap Nardi knock off, would not drive with it -Blower fan does not work, have a used spare to go with it -Tires on BBS basketweaves are old, rollers only -Speedometer doesn’t work, will include used replacement -Carb choke is not connected -Dash is cracked in 3 small spots -Carpet is worn -Driver side door leaks under heavy rain, gets carpet wet -Tape deck does not play
  6. Vintage MOMO Super Indy wood steering wheel. It is a 350mm diameter, 3-86 build stamp. There are a few minor splits at the spokes (see photos) but otherwise it is in very nice condition with no scratches on the gripping surface. $200 shipped in the lower 48 USA. Thanks! brad.
  7. Trim pieces from a US-spec 2000 NK. Not a full set, missing 3 trunk trim pieces and the front nose piece. Included are door trim pieces, left and right hood pieces, one straight trunk piece, both rain gutter trim, tail panel trim, both rocker panel trim, lower window and B-pillar pieces. $120 plus shipping. These are odd shaped, long pieces (especially the rain gutter trim) but I have several heavy duty shipping tubes and will box up everything securely for shipment. I'll work with you to find the best priced shipping method or arrange drop off in VA or NC areas. Please see the pics below and feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
  8. Set of Neueklasse headlights and grills. The grills are a little bent up so I was going to attempt to cut down/modify and use them for a 2002 dual headlight set up but I've changed my mind. The kidney grill is pretty bent but it is included if you want it. Parts from a '69 USA spec 2000 auto. $100 or best offer shipped in the lower 48 USA.
  9. Ryan, I've got a nose piece in my shop that has already been cut and used for various bits and pieces. I think it has a decent set of these if you need them, but I'll verify that they haven't been cut. Hit me up on PM. brad.
  10. Complete wiring harness from an early '72 2002tii (vin 2760370) The harness is complete with no cutting or hacked bits. The car only had a radio and fog lights added and both had separate looms made. Carefully removed whole from a too far gone rusted tii that had been sitting for ~20 years. All connections are intact though it is missing a couple spade connectors from the reverse light switch which pulled off while removing. Includes 12 fuse box and cover. $200 shipped in the continental USA.
  11. I just pulled this quick ratio box from a '72 tii that has been sitting for a long time. I confirmed the ratio by comparing to a standard 02 box, this one takes just over 3 turns lock to lock with a stock one taking over 3.5 turns. It also sports the correct ZF parts number tag ending in 177. Still lots of adjustment left on the screw and it turned very smoothly while in the car. It has the original red paint but it started to peel off as I was cleaning it with solvent so I left it as is. $1300 shipped within the lower 48 US. Shipping internationally will have additional shipping charges. I will likely drain most of the oil before shipping to avoid horribly smelling oil slick upon arrival so be sure to refill it before use! Also the steering couple has been removed after the photos were taken and is not included with the sale. Please direct message me if you are interested. Thanks! brad.
  12. I would say the one I just crushed was almost that rusty, yes. It literally fell apart as the big claw started to pick it up. I saved the sunroof clip, subframes/strut tubes, wheels, the windshield surround (which was amazingly solid) and the rear tail panel, though it was rusted through at the bottom and has other rust...it'll make a cool wall art project. I have the complete engine from the 370 car, I believe it is numbers matching to the chassis but I haven't confirmed that. Steel tii wheels from the shell have already been sold.
  13. Hey all. These part out tiis are mine. They were drug out of a field as Robert said so they are in rough shape. To answer questions, no I don't have the VIN tags for both of them, just one. The 934 car was just a shell and is, by far, the rustiest 2002 I've ever seen. I scrapped it earlier this week. I do have the subframes front and back, strut tubes and a few bits of metal that wasn't completely rusted out from that one. Neither of the cars had good battery trays, sorry. I'll be posting parts for sale as I excavate them. The 370 has some good stuff on it but the body is just shot. Cheers, brad.
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