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  1. Vintage MOMO Super Indy wood steering wheel. It is a 350mm diameter, 3-86 build stamp. There are a few minor splits at the spokes (see photos) but otherwise it is in very nice condition with no scratches on the gripping surface. $200 shipped in the lower 48 USA. Thanks! brad.
  2. Thank you for the interest but they have been sold.
  3. Trim pieces from a US-spec 2000 NK. Not a full set, missing 3 trunk trim pieces and the front nose piece. Included are door trim pieces, left and right hood pieces, one straight trunk piece, both rain gutter trim, tail panel trim, both rocker panel trim, lower window and B-pillar pieces. $120 plus shipping. These are odd shaped, long pieces (especially the rain gutter trim) but I have several heavy duty shipping tubes and will box up everything securely for shipment. I'll work with you to find the best priced shipping method or arrange drop off in VA or NC areas. Please see the pics below and feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
  4. Set of Neueklasse headlights and grills. The grills are a little bent up so I was going to attempt to cut down/modify and use them for a 2002 dual headlight set up but I've changed my mind. The kidney grill is pretty bent but it is included if you want it. Parts from a '69 USA spec 2000 auto. $100 or best offer shipped in the lower 48 USA.
  5. Ryan, I've got a nose piece in my shop that has already been cut and used for various bits and pieces. I think it has a decent set of these if you need them, but I'll verify that they haven't been cut. Hit me up on PM. brad.
  6. Complete wiring harness from an early '72 2002tii (vin 2760370) The harness is complete with no cutting or hacked bits. The car only had a radio and fog lights added and both had separate looms made. Carefully removed whole from a too far gone rusted tii that had been sitting for ~20 years. All connections are intact though it is missing a couple spade connectors from the reverse light switch which pulled off while removing. Includes 12 fuse box and cover. $200 shipped in the continental USA.
  7. I just pulled this quick ratio box from a '72 tii that has been sitting for a long time. I confirmed the ratio by comparing to a standard 02 box, this one takes just over 3 turns lock to lock with a stock one taking over 3.5 turns. It also sports the correct ZF parts number tag ending in 177. Still lots of adjustment left on the screw and it turned very smoothly while in the car. It has the original red paint but it started to peel off as I was cleaning it with solvent so I left it as is. $1300 shipped within the lower 48 US. Shipping internationally will have additional shipping charges. I will likely drain most of the oil before shipping to avoid horribly smelling oil slick upon arrival so be sure to refill it before use! Also the steering couple has been removed after the photos were taken and is not included with the sale. Please direct message me if you are interested. Thanks! brad.
  8. I would say the one I just crushed was almost that rusty, yes. It literally fell apart as the big claw started to pick it up. I saved the sunroof clip, subframes/strut tubes, wheels, the windshield surround (which was amazingly solid) and the rear tail panel, though it was rusted through at the bottom and has other rust...it'll make a cool wall art project. I have the complete engine from the 370 car, I believe it is numbers matching to the chassis but I haven't confirmed that. Steel tii wheels from the shell have already been sold.
  9. Hey all. These part out tiis are mine. They were drug out of a field as Robert said so they are in rough shape. To answer questions, no I don't have the VIN tags for both of them, just one. The 934 car was just a shell and is, by far, the rustiest 2002 I've ever seen. I scrapped it earlier this week. I do have the subframes front and back, strut tubes and a few bits of metal that wasn't completely rusted out from that one. Neither of the cars had good battery trays, sorry. I'll be posting parts for sale as I excavate them. The 370 has some good stuff on it but the body is just shot. Cheers, brad.
  10. **SOLD** Set of 5 e30 bottlecaps. They are in good condition with a few dings here and there. I put them on a wheel balancer to look for bends and they have no obvious bad wobbles. Were removed from a running car long ago and stored. $100 picked up in person and I'll ship at your expense if needed.
  11. **SOLD** Full tobacco / black interior from a '73. Black hinged seats are in fair to good condition. Driver side has 3 tears in seat bottom. Passenger seat does have all knobs, one is missing in the pictures. Rear seat has a hole in the top, a small tear in the bottom and a scuff mark. Passenger side door panel has a small tear. Mylar is mostly gone on all panels. Check photos for all defects. Includes front seats without sliders, rear seat, door panels with arm rests and rear panels with correct tobacco vinyl covered ash trays. Does not include door handles or window crank handles. $500. Pick up in Charlottesville, VA preferred as shipping will be pricey.
  12. Got any left, Harry? I sent you a message through eBay two weeks ago and forgot to post here after 7/20. Thanks! brad.
  13. Ah, well in that case please allow me to apologize must humbly for my accusation and I'm glad the fix worked for you as well! And, in case anyone is wondering, there is someone out there who goes by "Aron" who thinks that he or she "wasted 13$ listening to that advise."
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