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  1. Harv

    Bike rack advice

    I’m a huge fan of the Yakima 1A. Plus you can use it on anything with drip rails. John
  2. I can’t stress this enough. +1 for the throttle linkage to be mounted to the body and not the motor/transmission. John
  3. Harv

    Camden Super Charger

    Looks like a suck through DCOE setup. You could use a single ITB with megasquirt. The end limit with this is fuel distribution and lack of an intercooler. I do like the idea. I’d like to see the front pully setup. Does it bolt to a tii hub? Would it bolt up to a O2 again 36-1 front pully? John
  4. Harv

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    Yea and because of the quality of TWM/Borla I’d go Jenvy 40mm if I were to do it again. I knew Jim would know. John
  5. Harv

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    I’m leaning Electromotive by the look of the coils. John
  6. Harv

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    Looks like TWM individual throttle bodies. Can’t really elaborate more than that as we can’t see the ecu. Megasquirt? john.
  7. Harv

    Perfect motor build

    The torque increase from an S14 crank and big bore pistons is not to be ignored. John
  8. 25 is the preferred offset. You could space these out but that’s not the right thing to do. John
  9. His opinion was that the 2 valve head wasn’t capable of flowing more than the 2230 was capable of sucking. My car is quite streetable with the 304. If I was going to build another I’d think about the 316 to make it a little more top end stronger. But then again the low end torque is good. What the hell do I know? john.
  10. Not that it’s gold gospel but Eric Kerman told me you don’t get anything by going bigger than a 46mm intake. Or at least, the gains were not worth the cost. This was said to me as I was trying to spend more money on the head. I’m fairly happy with the 304. If I was going to do it again I’d think about the 316. John
  11. Harv

    video ...... a 2002 and a 912

    Funny how many of us have both, a 2002 and a 912. John
  12. Jim, isn’t the head gasket the same? I use an S14 head gasket on my m10. John
  13. Harv

    NYC to Bar Harbor

    When you get to MDI I like Abel’s Lobster pound. Also a fan of Southeast harbor area. There is the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Old stuff (brass era) but the people there are nice. Lots of stuff closes in October. In Down Town Bar Harbor go see a movie at Reel Pizza. Pizza, beer, couches, intermission to get more. Ive dragged my 912 up there a few times. John
  14. Funny but I think the missing tooth is tdc. I have it on my car and can’t remember. John
  15. Harv

    RMVR Aspen Snowmass 2018 - BMW 02 - two laps

    Way cool! When I overnight in Aspin, work books me at the Wyndom and I’ve often thought how much fun it would be to race up the road. Seeing familiar spots in the video is neat. Thanks for posting. KB, it does and is narrow, wonder if it should be a time trial hill climb? Isn’t there a small road course only a few miles away? John