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  1. Harv

    292 cam in a 1600

    I ran an Isky 300 copy (used valve lash caps) on a 2.0 121ti head with 46mm intakes. This along with 40DCOEs and 9.7:1 gave a decent idle and would pull 6000 in 4th with a 364 rear. John
  2. You guys have no idea how much it killed me not to be able to get to the second weekend of that event. John
  3. I’ve been thinking of cleaning my headlights. Maybe I’ll paint my hood supports at the same time. Vintage prep you know. 02Les, are you guys going this year? I’d love to see you guys. John edit. Man I thought for sure you could see the supports in this pic!
  4. Selling dealer is usually listed as Hoffman from what I know. John
  5. Harv

    e30 m10 head worth keeping

    Not the worst I’ve seen. That area toward the rear of the head looks rough. This is what happens when people use water instead of coolant. Do you think skimming the head would clean it up? Some is ok. A lot is not. That head does have the largest combustion chambers and folklore has it they are the best flowing stock heads. Might be ok for a custom motor where you might shave the head a lot to begin with. Hard to tell not there to see it in person. John
  6. The heavy work in flairs is in the rear. The fronts are generally a bolt on replacement fender. It’s easy to have a lot of money tied up in the execution of the flare. If you go look at the car in person, look up under the rear flare and see if you can see remnants of the original fender. Was it trimmed and welded? Was it crudely cut and maybe pinch welded (or worse riveted) together? How were the flares bonded to the body? My car uses the stuff Audi glues A8 together with. I think they were 268 a cartridge and we used 3 of them. John
  7. Harv

    Bike rack advice

    I’m a huge fan of the Yakima 1A. Plus you can use it on anything with drip rails. John
  8. I can’t stress this enough. +1 for the throttle linkage to be mounted to the body and not the motor/transmission. John
  9. Harv

    Camden Super Charger

    Looks like a suck through DCOE setup. You could use a single ITB with megasquirt. The end limit with this is fuel distribution and lack of an intercooler. I do like the idea. I’d like to see the front pully setup. Does it bolt to a tii hub? Would it bolt up to a O2 again 36-1 front pully? John
  10. Harv

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    Yea and because of the quality of TWM/Borla I’d go Jenvy 40mm if I were to do it again. I knew Jim would know. John
  11. Harv

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    I’m leaning Electromotive by the look of the coils. John
  12. Harv

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    Looks like TWM individual throttle bodies. Can’t really elaborate more than that as we can’t see the ecu. Megasquirt? john.
  13. Harv

    Perfect motor build

    The torque increase from an S14 crank and big bore pistons is not to be ignored. John