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  1. One of my plans is to remove my trailing arm poly bushings and replace with rubber. In the front I’m going Bavaria front control arms that have rubber bushings in them. john
  2. Someday I’ll get to this event.
  3. This is the one I use in my 02. They have 4 left. https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/xrf/eml/products_id/537?utm_source=November+2019&utm_campaign=Constant+Contact&utm_medium=email john
  4. Just a heads up. if anyone needs a new WB setup or wants to upgrade, Ballenger has these for sale. https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/xrf/eml/products_id/3330?utm_source=November+2019&utm_campaign=Constant+Contact&utm_medium=email I just bought one and I don’t even need it at the moment. john
  5. I think you have some clogged idle jets and you’re trying to idle on the mains. Yea, also check the booster by disconnecting the hose and plugging the manifold. Float level too. john
  6. Almost looks like Tom Jones’s car. john
  7. I think that’s the one my friend went to with his Montreal. He met up with two others there! john
  8. Beauty car. ‘My car was originally Granada but as you can see not much original anymore. Mine did have a smooth dash but 4 pot calipers. My VIN is in my signature. Also as a note, that instrument cluster has been worked on. The rings around the gauges should be a chrome like finish not silver. John
  9. I ran an Isky 300 copy (used valve lash caps) on a 2.0 121ti head with 46mm intakes. This along with 40DCOEs and 9.7:1 gave a decent idle and would pull 6000 in 4th with a 364 rear. John
  10. You guys have no idea how much it killed me not to be able to get to the second weekend of that event. John
  11. I’ve been thinking of cleaning my headlights. Maybe I’ll paint my hood supports at the same time. Vintage prep you know. 02Les, are you guys going this year? I’d love to see you guys. John edit. Man I thought for sure you could see the supports in this pic!
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