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  1. Way cool! When I overnight in Aspin, work books me at the Wyndom and I’ve often thought how much fun it would be to race up the road. Seeing familiar spots in the video is neat. Thanks for posting. KB, it does and is narrow, wonder if it should be a time trial hill climb? Isn’t there a small road course only a few miles away? John
  2. Harv


  3. Let the healing begin! Welcome back Jim. John
  4. Really great video! Nice job on the editing. The rocker arms! Just think of the rocker arms! Oh the humanity!!!! john
  5. I don't remember. I just remember moving them around once or twice. But I think you are correct in that the short one goes on the top and maybe the 1 o'clock position. John
  6. I also have the AEM one. Works good. If I were to get a new one I think I'd get this one. https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/ john
  7. The bolts in the output seal are different lengths and if you put the wrong one in the wrong spot it will prevent the selector from going into those gears. John
  8. A little dry but a good explanation of the emulation tubes. https://youtu.be/1pkFSA_rRFI john
  9. Yea I think that dent in its location is going to be fixed the old fashioned way. At least you can just paint the roof and it will look great. John
  10. You can fit a fairly wide tire in there with the right offset wheel and judishous (sp?) fender pulling/rolling. Someone have a pic of Blunt's current car? john
  11. Truth be told, I'm not a MFI guy but I'm willing to help if I can. From my limited Alfa experience I'd recommend Ingram from the above list. Do not adjust or change any of the linkages without in depth knowledge of what your doing. Im in Willoughby. Pm me and maybe I can lend a hand. John
  12. Let me be clear, putting box flares on a 2002, or any car for that matter is an awful lot of work to make it come out correctly. The front fenders are bolt on so that's not too hard but there will still be work to get them right. In the rear, you still need to make everything structurally sound before you glue/bond the flare. Don't forget trimming off the old fender lip and joining inner and outer fenderwell with the body. In my case, a reverse tub so to say. If I were starting today I don't think I'd go through with the flairs knowing what I know now. They do look cool though.
  13. 6volt car too! The early cars had the wiring wrapped with a space in it. John
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