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  1. I think in general the e30 seats sit too high. john
  2. I really need the two post style lift for the work I’ll need to do. john
  3. I’m shopping for a lift for my new workspace. I’m looking for a bottom pass/(or plate) two post lift. These are all symmetrical arm lifts. Can we lift an 02 with these? The lifts I’ve used all have an overhead interconnect and as far as I can remember, the arms were short forward and long in the rear. https://www.lowes.com/LowesProductComparison/1003140478,1003140464,1003141170/pl/Vehicle-lifts-Shop-tools-equipment-Automotive/4075841438 What say you all? john
  4. Same people, different country. john
  5. Jim, was I the data doaner for this project? id be interested in anything that could help my MS2 setup. john
  6. I just drove Martin’s 2000 with a Ben ten and his Volvo fi conversion. It’s very strong and the drivability was staggering. U-turn in 2nd gear and floor it at 900 rpm? Not a problem. Makes me look at my ITB setup. john
  7. What’s your location? he’s not the only game in town. john
  8. Jim, do you use the Haltec can bus WB controller? john
  9. I could have sworn that someone somewhere was offering a Quaffe LSD in the early 2002 case. I currently have a e21 3.91 LSD but thinking I’d like the 3.64 better. ideas? John
  10. ‘This is what I’m running currently. Around 150.00$ US each. However having big fattys would be cool. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Toyo&tireModel=Proxes+R888R&partnum=245VR3R88R&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes john
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