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  1. Can I combine shipping to 46168 Indiana? 🤣 #Illtaketwo
  2. Shouldn't you be doing youtube videos or something, by the way? Such a photogenic trio between you, Tesoro, and Derbs.
  3. Perhaps contact WN and ask them about the inconsistencies? Also imagine being a Coupe dude and having to pay $1000 (just a joke/guess) for the equivalent item.... ;)
  4. Just so cool. I was going to ask about gasket material but someone beat me to it... ;-p

  6. I had similar thought (that guy from the Boyd show works there, and made me hmmm..) but I think Edd is too big of a star just to end up in the back of Jay's shop. But an actual show centered on Edd doing Jay stuff might work...
  7. That was a great show. Looking forward to what comes next for Edd!
  8. Wow. There is something very very wrong with you. But in the ironic (good) sense of wrong. Nevermind, I am going back to wow. Wow!
  9. As some of you know, my mom gifted us a Brand New Car!!! after Jenna got home from the refab center after her 2004 car accident. That was in 2010, and now sevenish years later, I finally got rid of the steelies and OEM kuhmos and put some decent weels and Sumitomo P02 UHP all season tires in 245/45/17. The wheels are Enkei RPF1 in 17x8.5, which were the lightest wheels in that size that weren't $1000 forged ones. I* also put a 100% custom home-made 2.5" stainless steel exhaust system including a Helmholtz bottle (google it) with a Rob Torres-sourced Sebring muffler, along with a Vibrant 18" resonator. It is relatively quiet but still wails on full roar... *(My brother in law did all the welding on the exhaust system but I cut and shaped all the stainless bits before teh welding.) After stupidly and rashly and regrettably but, for the car's sake, wisely sold my beloved "Lisa" 1969 2002 to Reggie, a car which had many gallons (I exaggerate for effect) of my blood on the floors, (and inside the nose where i meticulously sanded, de-rusted, and then painted) etc etc etc... anyway it has taken me a long time to bond with this black car. I finally feel like I am getting there... I've named it "Chabelita", after my mother.
  10. A little more magic marker and it would work in your m2, ray...
  11. I am in Indiana and the 02 jones is finally getting to me. I had to let my old girl Lisa (white '69) go a few years ago and it was a heartbreaker for sure. Anyway, I'd like to find something that I can get to Indiana in the UP TO 2-3k range (including getting it running/transported out here), meaning a rough one that needs some love. Love I have. (Course they all need love, don't they. ;)) If anyone knows of a parked/abandoned '76 smog-problem car that would go cheap, please let me know!
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