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  1. Is that mold on the center console? Is the wheel smelly (of mold)?
  2. I had a 38/38 on my '69 and slowly grew to hate it. Very abrupt off idle, and not smooth torque delivery. IMO way too much carb for a two liter stock engine (they were OE on 2.8 and 3-liter Ford V6es).
  3. Can I combine shipping to 46168 Indiana? 🤣 #Illtaketwo
  4. Shouldn't you be doing youtube videos or something, by the way? Such a photogenic trio between you, Tesoro, and Derbs.
  5. So how did you get it out? I've been shopping for a connector setup/pin tool for doing custom wiring in my black car (tired of crimp connecting everything).
  6. Thanks for that tip! Except apparently they are backordered atm. All but Fjord!
  7. Thank you for that suggestion! I was thinking of getting color matches somehow, but I don't have any actual paint chips to match from...
  8. A 3-d scanner would be awesome. Do you already have a printer?
  9. In the same vein, I've actually been spending a lot more time in Blender trying to get an animated opening title sequence for a youtube project I am working on. Anybody else mess with Blender? I highly recommend updating to the 2.8 beta if you haven't already done so...
  10. Ok so maybe some of you remember that I was going to be re-painting some of my stash of Welly 1:24 2002ti models in all the various stock/original factory colors. I was looking into getting actual automotive paints in the authentic paint codes but doing this would make the final models very very pricey indeed. So what I was wondering was, for you scale modelers out there, are you aware of modeling paints (Tamiya, Testors, etc.) that are matches for any of the stock colors? I figure any "black" is going to be close enough to a Schwarz 086 (I wanted to start with black to get my technique down), but what about the others? I think Malaga would be next, followed by Chamonix (If I remember correctly from my previous post about this.) Anyways, thanks if you can help! Picture below is me messing with some fitment issues for wheel upgrades...
  11. I had the same question, but only on a purely curiosity level before when I got a license for Solidworks through an industry contact. I was so blown away by the power of the software and I was wondering if anyone had a SW model completed. I love playing with Solidworks but I have a lot of other things to work on atm, I just can't devote the time to it like I would want to. Please let me know if you find anything in terms of CAD files, Solidworks or not!
  12. Looks like a Porsche puppy... 😜
  13. If they made some effort to make it look realistic...
  14. If it doesn't push back at all, I think you have a dud. Is there any oil on the outside or on the piston tube itself? Did you buy them used? These are the yellow adjustable Koni Sports, yah?

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