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  1. If you guys are still alive, please PM me Or email [email protected]
  2. Does anybody have a Welly 02 model in "Orange" with a real Colorado 02 next to it for side-by-side comparison?
  3. Sad news to hear. RIP Frank and condolences to all who loved him.
  4. When Jenna had her accident in 2004, Harry was extremely generous and supportive. His Karma bank is full so lets get that cash flowing. His direct paypal is [email protected] which I like to use because GFM doesn't let you donate $20.02 (they don't take "change")... THANK YOU PAUL for doing this for Harry. And Godspeed Mr Harry LEGEND! :) <3
  5. I wish I could afford this I would buy it in a heartbeat. GLWS!
  6. About 7" long. Slots neatly between 1/18 and 1/43.
  7. Add $5 for PR, AK, HI. Elsewhere PM me for shipping costs.
  8. I have a few of these ready to go. My paypal is [email protected] Please send $25 via "Goods and Services" method along with your mailing address.
  9. My paypal is [email protected] Please send $25 via "Goods and Services" method along with your mailing address.
  10. "Colorado"-ish 1:24 Scale MODEL 2002ti by Welly only $25 shipped in Continental USA.
  11. Is that mold on the center console? Is the wheel smelly (of mold)?
  12. I had a 38/38 on my '69 and slowly grew to hate it. Very abrupt off idle, and not smooth torque delivery. IMO way too much carb for a two liter stock engine (they were OE on 2.8 and 3-liter Ford V6es).
  13. Can I combine shipping to 46168 Indiana? 🤣 #Illtaketwo
  14. Shouldn't you be doing youtube videos or something, by the way? Such a photogenic trio between you, Tesoro, and Derbs.
  15. People in Tuscany wish they were in Nor Cal, too. 😉
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