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  1. COOP - always great to hear from you, my friend!!!
  2. I voted. I also am envious. I entered this photo of Otis and Mrs. Otis in the Bav contest, a few years back, and didn't even make it past the first round of cuts. That was disappointing - the photo was taken at The Vintage (back when it was at the winery) by the resident master Photog, Mr. Day. I guess we just didn't make the grade (sorry, Brad - we lost). I hope you win, MildSeven!
  3. The girls of Otis' Garage salute John Glenn - war hero, aviator, test pilot, astronaut, Senator, patriot, American Hero - and, orator of the best political-debate retort in history (the "Gold Star Mothers" speech), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNyqiHuutkM On behalf of the Crew of Otis' Garage, we salute you, John Glenn.
  4. Further Pictures - For Home Viewing - plus, my personal welding helmet.
  5. How much for the suit? Conkitchen - that suit dot is a kitty laser light. Save the kitties ...
  6. I keep cow bells ... because I have a fever ... and the only prescription, is more cow bell ...
  7. Wheel posts are my favorite topic on the forum.
  8. CooPay - I agree. It is phonetically derived from the original European term, "Coppe" (see below). The bastardized American term, "Coupe," gained widespread usage when the aforesaid thrusting executives took various linguistic liberties. Moreover, the error often is compounded -- for example, "Dian Coppe" becomes "Dinan Coupe" in non-Purist circles using the non-King's English. Fortunately, however, evidence still exists of proper usage, even in late-model applications - see immediately below, for example, for the proper, precise, and technically correct late-model application of the historically correct terminology, "Coppe" (pronounced CooPay). Often, the sedan/coupe (coppe) distinction is easily ascertained. Typically for a "coupe" (coppe), you may expect to find a single pair of doors - "D's" for short - a lefty and a righty. For a sedan, however, it is more reasonable to expect twice that amount - Double D's - four in total (that's two lefty's and two righties). But it is not true in every case - and leave it to the Factory to confuse the Purists. Thereupon, sometimes we might find a single pair of D's, where double D's were expected -- and vice versa (see previous photo). Alas, "sedan" is probably correct in the following photo, since in all likelihood, there are more than two methods of entering this particular model. Good luck in your search, for a Sedan or a Coppe. A word of caution - on older S models, sometimes the double D's tend to sag. Nothing that can't be fixed, of course.
  9. PS - I think Scott is running some type of "photo contest" or something like that. Here are my entries. Gosh, I hope I win something ... maybe a trophy, or something useful - like a Shamwow.
  10. G-Man - It was good to meet up with you at the Montford. I want to thank everyone who stopped by Otisland. After all these years - banned/banished for so long - it was nice to make a comeback, under disguise and cover of the rotating pedal cars. For those "in the know," however, who received the special invite, it was fantastic - and it sure beats popping the hood and staring at another engine bay ... Zzzzzzzzz ... Granted, apologies for those with the VIP-pass invites - I realize that Otisland was a bit hard to find: Past the velvet ropes, behind the bandstand, in between the O2 field and the M3-only "members only" zone. But, for those who ventured behind the rocks, we had a great time, didn't we? I love pedal cars ... Particular thanks to the car-wash crew - you had your hands full, with all the rain ... This one didn't win a trophy - but should have. Then again - who gives a flying f___ about the awards?!? The private Otisland vendor lot. What ... you shopped at Korman?!? HA! Friday morning, Cracker Barrel ... what, you went to the Foundation? Double HA! Otisland ... the Happiest Place on Earth.
  11. "We began earnestly praying for God to help us to find a way to supplement our income with a home based business" Although only 30 miles from Otisland, I assume Arnie and wife Connie would have no interest whatsoever in producing the Otisland badge.
  12. That would be me (Otis). I use ChemStrip in Forestville MD and then take the results to Niles Manufacturing in Ohio. Been doing that for years; about ready to start the '67 Peugeot on the same process. Haven't been in a couple of years, however, so I hope everyone is still in business. http://chemstripmd.com/Capabilities.htm www.nilesmfg.com
  13. I love this Board. And its members. But the site keeps crashing my computer. I have tried everything - and my brother-in-law is a cyber security expert (he is in charge of security for a very well known government investigative body that rhymes with eff bee eye) - and even he says, "there's some bad stuff going on here ..." I'm accessing the site now from a business center, simply so that I can say goodbye - while risking someone else's computer, not mine. It's too bad, too. I will miss you good folks. As will Jesse. And the beach volleyball girls. And the UPS girls. And the cats. Lots and lots of cats. Save the kitties! Farewell, and best regards. It's been fun. But Otis has left the building ... :-((
  14. I had my work guy (computer guru) check out the message and he confirms that there still is a problem. Couldn't be my pictures - all my girls are clean.
  15. Mrs. Otis (Jesse) made me modify my Sawzall. Fortunately I had one of those Home Depot credit cards, so I got the 10% contractor discount on the requisite parts. SSFW (sorta safe for work - just not 100%) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGA655TTIlg
  16. At my age, I sometimes experience a loss of hydraulic pressure. But usually the manner in which I have my car washed helps my problem. It's all in how you wash it.
  17. The Wankel is German, after all - Felix Wankel, etc. - but given the clear Japanese connection (Mazda), one can only help but wonder if this has something to do with the role-play thing - you know, Japanese on the inside, vintage German on the outside. It's all the rage in Japan. Somehow, however, it just doesn't seem to work - there are simply too many things that are fundamentally wrong with the concept. In any event, if you're going to do something like the MazdaWankel car, you have to put the engine in sideways. Everyone knows that. Just look in the compartments of any of these role-players - it always runs sideways. Always.
  18. It's serious. But you can keep driving.
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