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  1. i really dont know.....i have all gaskets sets in hand now i will compare them soon
  2. i was looking on realoem for p#n and get conflicting info's for the head gasket.... all head gaskets are superseeded by another one wich fit 1500-2002, e21,... Sponsored links No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes 01 Cylinder Head Gasket Asbestos-Free 1,55MM 1 03/1966 07/1977 11129065653 $109.56 ENDED 01 Cylinder Head Gasket Asbestos-Free 1 03/1966 07/1977 11129065665 01 Cylinder Head Gasket Asbestos-Free 1,85MM(+0,3) 1 03/1966 07/1977 11129065655 $109.56 ENDED 01 Cylinder Head Gasket Asbestos-Free 1 03/1966 07/1977 11129065671 ENDED Part 11129065671 was found on the following vehicles: 1502-2002tii   (03/1966 — 07/1977) 3' E21   (11/1980 — 12/1983) 3' E30   (03/1982 — 07/1988) 1500-2000CS   (02/1962 — 12/1971) WTF ??
  3. is there differences in gaskets sets from lets say a 68' 1600, a 2002 and a e21 316? i need to rebuild the leaky 1600 into the 68' convertible. i have plenty of 2002 gasket sets and 2 set of 316 "1573" cc'c...will that cover them enough ? i know there are some differences in intakes,..., i am asking about major gaskets like cylinder head and covers, crank seals. thanks.
  4. it just slides out once you remove the retaining bolt.
  5. Hi, title says it all i would like to see the holding bracket of a Tii clock....i guess its only a flat bar with two holes in it. thanks.
  6. fwiw my actual experiments with my ever progress balancing jig. i discover many details about this black art. i learn. i read. the DS in the video is soon to go in my 530XI 2006, its short mate up front will receive same work. i have some more ideas in my mind, 02 driveshafts can be well balanced if one wants it to. no they are not, as is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0ibw9PjLaY&t=2s
  7. yes i saw it. i also saw the part where they sort them by weight and use gravity first to pinpoint the severe out of balance ones....funny. imagine the human work of these days compared to production these days, no way a car manufacturer can use this much man work. car would cost 1 million each.
  8. cheap chineese pads are soft and act like sponge. the backing of them is sometime uneven making the whole pad to bend. ive seen some bad MC as well, and some MC improperly adjusted. the push rod behind it, in between the booster, needs to be carefeully checked at. there are shims behind that litle plunger.
  9. i once had a partially sitcky caliper on my 02....rebuilded it twice, ended up replacing it with new hoses, still making it...i sticked to the oem rebuild stuff and also did install the isolating shims in between the pads and piston. apparently one of the shim was acting like an eternal spring, causing the drag. once remove it went to "normal" ie no drag at all once brake pressure removed. so i run my 02 without. a lot of potential problems... -bad seals (ive seen new seals being bad, or improperly installed or installed backwards (when some require them to be mounted in a special manner) -seized pistons, or not moving freely -bad soft hoses/swollen (act as check valces, wont let the pressure go back into the MC) -bad pads hth
  10. Mike, its because the seal sticks to the piston, round or square, because of the high pressure. fwiw chrysler made an attempt in the 50's iirc to try to go around the patent back then...didnt lasted long as it was quite expensive
  11. Toby is most probably a credible person, i dont know him much. it is alway good practice to verify peoples sources of information, especialy on forums. when you have a technical documents, patent and clear explications then you can assume it. it is also one of the main reason why i still do buy a lot of books for my personnal knowledge. i came across many BMW forums filled with crap. (5series.net, most if not all e60 forums, e30 forums,...) i dont go there anymore for many reasons. it is extremely frustrating to see thosesguys publishing wrong information everywhere, and they argue too !!! they take theirs personnals assumptions for facts. there is no way to tell them or explain them that they are wrong.
  12. i argued only one time with the brake disc wrap....i asked the guy....imagine the disc is perfect. imagine the bearing is not loose at all. imagine the car is just brand new....so whats retract the piston then...tell me....euhh euhhh... thats it. you dont know.....
  13. FWIW hope you are all safe and ok with the covid.... last week i had a conversation with a colegue, about brake calipers....he was really in control of his disbelief about what was actually retracting the piston into the caliper bore. he actualy doesnt know at all.... I also saw on many forums many many times extremely bad asumptions thrown for free to other less experienced members that takes this kind of info for granted, by the jack-knows-it-all. And they argue too....peoples over react and here it goes, forums gets filled with crap info. The two main bad asumptions i have read and heard: "fluid sucks it in".....nope, fluid presure just "disapear" theres a check valve into the MC hence the reason you can "pump" the brakes.....otherwise how come you can push the piston in ? think about it....stupid #1 "disc wraping and bearing loosenes on the hub cause the disc to move agains the pads and help makes it return in"....maybe, it sure happens but if its is the case its wrong. car needs to be fixed. user brain too. Car manufacturer surely dont rely on this to make sure the caliper retracts in....stupid #2 i was trying real hard to explain my collegue that the seal inside the bore is responsible of acting like a spring. then i went to this nice pdf that short explains it all. furthermore i showed him the original Lockhead patent that dates back to a century ago. nice explication here: https://www.dentonisd.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=101340&dataid=120408&FileName=Chapter 14.pdf take it or leave it. if you dont know then shut the fuc* up. this picture summarise it all
  14. great. exactly what i wanted to know. indeed, wilwood is a bit biased as they sell 2lbs and 10lbs residual valves....but their explications is for different aspects, such as hot rods with MC lower than the calipers/drums, bla bla bla.... thanks
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