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  1. so thats 3 more box to build..... i need to buy some missing material before, i will let you know soon
  2. nice i work on one often, i have problem to find seat material, can you post a picture of the front seats ?
  3. what shifter platform is this ?
  4. they can already do that. as long as the plug fit. you just need to change the tach setting (software selectable) personnaly i made an adapter plug on mine with aligator clips on the end so i can use it on "other" vehicles, such as !$#%[email protected]$##@$ damned VW vans
  5. A wide band sensor needs a controller to control the heating element and the signal conditionning. The tune box is not such a unit. The tune box that i sell can be used to act only as the "monitor", ie like a voltmeter, 0-1v narrow OR 0-5v wide band (software selectable). Thus, it can be connected directly to a narrow bad 02 sensor as it doesnt need any signal conditionning. It is less desireable since it is not very precise and act only near 14.7:1 but can be usefull to see lean or rich conditions. The pin that is into the center of the plug goes to the 02 input, it is a unused pin on the car so if you have a permanent installation, you can route a wire in there from a proper 02 source so you wont have to take out the controlller out of the cockpit for reading. all tune box can be switched to 02 metering, it is into the user manual available online. you just need to short a pin inside to make it show the 02 signals
  6. you know the box can be used to show the AFR as well ? if your tuna can is 0-5v the box can accept this signal as well. as well as normal standard 0-1v narrow band unit. thanks for the kind comments !!
  7. almost done. will ship early next week.
  8. you can take any M10 variation block you want to make your 2.0 there are differences and they are noted in my post up above, but nothing to not achieve the goal you want. fwiw i use a 1.8 block in my actual 1974 Automatic 02, with Tii pistons, 2.0L crank, ported head and 40's Dellorto'S does it works ?? HELL YES !!
  9. please dont make a korean drama with hp losses vs cr and lets be realistic keep in mind that most us spec delivered 02 had very low/moderate CR to accomodate emissions, they where all rated at 100hp square differences in HP is very marginal at thoses magnitude of CR on a stock motor even if you choose the 1.8 head, flat tops and 2.0 crank you will still have a very potent usable and fun 02 to drive you dont loose nothing if you dont have anything to start with. my 02 cent.
  10. they are not "that bad" they are just not really meant for the 2002. they flow well, the combustion chamber is the most evolved of all the heads variations. what makes them bad: it has the injector holes (bad #1) and the piston choice is limited (bad #2) and the hole for the fuel pump rod is not drilled (bad #3) AND the distributor gear on the cam is meant to work backward compared to 2002 cam hth
  11. humm, with the CIS injector holes.... i dont know what 2.0 piston would fit the 1.8 head other than flat tops, which will give you around 8:1 CR otherwise you will need to check piston clearance if you choose other. oem used high CR pistons for the 1.8 head is quite hard to source in america. better get another head, or another complete motor someone else will chime in hth
  12. if it where me id go with 2.0L all the way thru. its a 2002 after all. you need to know what head is planed to be installed to get proper piston and expected CR
  13. M10 block heigh are the same on e21/318 1.8 and 2002 2.0 only the crank stroke and piston pin location is different same rods hth

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