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  1. received my enclosures from Hammond this week so i started to machine them.... slowly but surely.
  2. just a quick update NOTHING is getting in mail theses days....everythig seems to be dead. i guess it will start up again after the hollidays.... i am waiting for enclosures directly from Hammond, and LED holders.
  3. fwiw combustion chamber of the late 1.8i head wont match hi cr pistons of a 2.0 motor. if you run flat tops its ok then but you get low cr in the range of 8:1. maybe good for low psi turbo set up hth
  4. Some Words of caution here... ive been debating this for over 2 decades there is nothing in 02 history that confirm the gaskets are the proper templates to do port alignment they are larger due to their intended usage ie avoid interferece because of port misalignment enlargin port up the the gaskets is a huge mistake imho, unless you enlarge the whole port off of the same amount, which is in practice, impossible usage of a flow bench and many hours of testing is the only way to go otherwise id say leave that alone. keep the ports small to get good and proper velocity matched to true engine need and necessary airflow is the key. just enlarging them randomly will really hurt performace and efficiency. take it or leave it its my advice.
  5. ALL tune box sold !! thanks very much for this much interest again !! will start to assemble them this week, will let you all know from here how it is going on. regards Pat
  6. nevermind i didnt saw you pm so 8 done, 2 more to go.
  7. did you pm'd me ? SO far i received 7 firm request and money. so 3 remains.
  8. Hi, here is the method i plan to make 10 unit during the hollidays PM me from the forum with: -your real name and forum name -shipping adress -paypal info with paypal name most of the time the paypal info/user name is different than the person who request the box, and more the user name on the forum is also different so its hard to figure who ask what. i will take orders in order of receiving, first in first out. after the 10 pcs will get ordered i will buy the stuff and will make them. i have 3 already pre paid. so...7 remains.... thanks for this major interest. stay safe.
  9. should be ok as long as it doesnt draw too much amp on the stock wiring. might consider take a amp measurement before assuming anything,
  10. it works too in the sixes, the box can be configured to work for either 4 or 6 cylinders.
  11. Just to make sure its understood. pre payment has never been an issue as it is always like that that i made it. The issue now is longer ETA because of covid. i need to buy large quantities of components and PCB from all around the world. ETA is in the range of 3-4 week while before it was within a week. Add up after that i need to assemble them, ship them,... So, its all about beign patient when/if you pay me. I will set it up during the weekend and will let you know then.
  12. i looked briefly at my parts, surely this time i will need to pre-buy a lot of items, and because of my covid status i have a bit lack of money to front all this so i will need to ask for full payment and more ETA this time, i dont know if it is acceptable. If i start collecting money NOW boxes will get shiped after end of december, most likely after the holidays.
  13. well hummm...i wasnt expeting this again, I always figure that i saturated the market for this...apparently not....let me check what i have left from my stash of parts and i will let you know. iam extremely busy these days but i can probably get into it. to be continued...
  14. i really dont know.....i have all gaskets sets in hand now i will compare them soon
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