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  1. awesome ! i sold my boxes all around the world !!
  2. Hi all all noted for the inquiries i need to source some material before making them i will keep you posted on this thread when i will be ready to receive orders note: 3-4 week for delievery once payment is received, need to build them one by one, they are all numbered inside and signed no tracking available to keep shiping cost low to be continued...
  3. need a stock black coil with its mounting bracket and electrical tabs still screwed on the posts. for spare used cheap thanks
  4. good point most are for 2.5 od springs only such as the ie ones... still....searching for the good ones.... tia
  5. where can i get a spec for the k-mac ?
  6. fwiw i put the repelent inside the car, dors and windows closed....and it worked for me for the past 10 years. no mice ever since i use them i will stop wasting your time idiots
  7. people if you dont like my solution please just dont reply. it is a project i want to offer to the ones who are INTERESTED.
  8. it proved to work for me for years with plug-in units when i droped the moth balls which infected my cars for a long time (my XR still smells moth balls after 20 years) no mice in any of my cars since i use the repellers. The mice wont make a nest anywhere near the repeller, thats it, and its the goal of the thing. it doesnt kill them so thats why they may continue to run around the units. that doesnt deter me to make a battery operated repeller.
  9. i know ebay ones only do camber. was only for reference. as far as i remember only bavarians where doing both, and they are now nla as you all know
  10. most stupid solution ever. car smell moth balls after for years, which is as bad as mice smell. it is highly toxic as well. and it doesnt work unless you put some in every single crevices and holes on the car. been there done that.
  11. the only thing that worked for me was a ozone machine and several sprays of all kind. smell was very intense
  12. fwiw this is a 25$ unit i bought on Amazon. supposed to work 6 month but i measured and calculated 2 month only with the best environment possible (ambient temp, industrial C's,...) at low temp it will not last very long.
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