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IE 5-speed shift plate feedback?

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While my car still shifts great, I think there's starting to be a bit too much play in the shifter.  Been thinking about doing a rebuild, but then there's the fact that my car has a 5-speed conversion with a modified stock shift plate.  For just a little more money, would it make more sense to 'upgrade' to the IE 5-speed shift plate, or should I just continue with the stock-style rebuild?  Not planning on changing to a shorter shift lever; I'm used to and like the longer stock throw in that car.  Any feedback from users/installers? Do I need to drop the transmission to change out the plate? Don't mind disconnecting the driveshaft, but if it's necessary to move the tranny out of the way, I'll pass.

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I used IE shift plate a few years ago. Initial plate would not allow engagement into all gears. Replacement part was modified, albeit a little crudely, but it worked fine.  They were very responsive and I imagine have changed design since then. I also installed their short shift kit.  In my opinion, Blunttech has the nicest shift platform on the market currently. 

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I just installed mine about a year ago and it didn't fit. IE doesn't say it wont work, They just recommend the short shift kit, But they definitely should say it doesn't work with stock shifter

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I dont have any experience with the IE shift plate , I modified an E21 shift plate and  stock shift rod.

Seems like you cant get the teflon bushings that wear out in the  stock shift lever stub and have to buy a new part just to get 2 new little bushings Screw that.

I bought 2 bronze bushings at Ace Hardware, 1/2 in OD, 3/8 ID and pressed them in with a vise. Had to cut some of the excess length off with a hacksaw and dressed flat with a file. Ran a ridiculously cheap on Ebay 10mm ream though them after pressing in. Got the idea off the Faq but cant find that post right now.

put a new joint at the trans.

It works and you can do it with relatively simple tools.

No exhaust , driveshaft or trans fiddling. 

Some good pics/info here:

I suspect you may have some fitment issues installing an IE shift platform using your existing shift lever and rod.


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