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  1. On my 68, 6 fuse hazard and turn signal relay is the same
  2. I'm rebuilding a motor that was rebuilt before it was put into storage for 20 years. It had slight rust on a couple cylinder walls. I would recommend taping off all ports, Exhaust, Intake so no air can get into. This motor sat mostly by the coast in CA so I think the slight salty air contributed to rust in cylinder. Motor was covered with rags and inside plastic bag and cylinders were oiled periodically but still had a problem.
  3. I just put on complete E21 setup front and rear and master. Way cheaper and a nice upgrade with vented rotors, Just look for 1977 E21 parts to get vented rotors
  4. I don't know what the weight limit is but I've used Greyhound Bus to ship me Some Dodge Power Wagon fenders that were pretty bulky for I think $70 from Oklahoma to CA
  5. As far as your dented floor, hammer on one side, Bag of sand on the other
  6. I'm having Racetek make me some custom forged pistons right now, That's pretty much what I'm waiting on for my build. They should be between 9.5 and 10.0 with slight more valve relief so I shouldn't have to worry about valve and piston clearance although I'll still use some clay for clearance
  7. All this is easier if you always work on level ground, , I've used jack stands, ramps and floor jacks my whole life, No issues at all. The only time I ever had a problem when I was younger was using the POS jack that comes with the car for changing tire, Got out of the way just in time before it broke and the car fell
  8. Slavs, . Hell, we had plenty of Zinc in the oil back then. The engines lasted longer. Uh no, Today's motors run way longer, Tolerances much tighter and designed to run on synthetic, Today's motors run hundreds of thousands of miles easily if maintained.
  9. Any modern BMW after 100k miles will nickel and dime you to death, More like 100's of dollars
  10. I have one on my 68, On a side note anyone know how to remove, I know it looks easy like to philips head screws but the one screw under the swan neck even if you swivel does not clear the neck at any position
  11. I've had the opposite experience. I recently bought some 02 parts from Egypt, Latvia and Germany for about 25% of the price people were asking in the states if I could even find them. Shipping is always a little slow but I'm cheap and refuse to pay sky high prices I've seen from vendors here in the USA
  12. Our cars are bricks going down highway, Gruppe5 is brick with flares, Not impressed, At least for 1 Mil.
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