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  1. rcf925

    matching numbers ?

    My car is 1661541, My math was wrong I think
  2. rcf925

    matching numbers ?

    I have that exact piece of belt trim for my 68, Not painted
  3. rcf925

    matching numbers ?

    I'm a little confused, I thought we were just talking about BMW emblem on hood as far as embossed. Here's a couple pics of what I have, You guys that know more than me can tell me what I have. The one thing I do have of trim that is embossed is the piece that goes all the way across the front of hood. Maybe someone can tell me if this stuff is correct
  4. rcf925

    matching numbers ?

    I have a June 68 2002, Have embossed hood emblem but all the paint is gone so I'll have to restore, The front grilles are blacked out except for a couple slats like the white one above. My car is 251 cars after the above Vin tag
  5. I'm in the middle of bringing my 68 back to life, Since I couldn't use original motor (rod through side of block) I have no problem putting in my LSD and Gertrag 245, But I really don't want to BFH the tunnel to get it in cause this car is rust free and straight, I'm gunna have to massage it at some point shortly but just looking to do it without hammering, Maybe hydraulic jack
  6. rcf925

    Hazard Switch?

    I gave mine a slight tug and the knob came off in my hand, I unscrewed shaft from switch to work on it to try to free up with no luck, Bottom half wires plug into is fine but I need the shaft and knob to be complete so thats why I'm on the hunt for complete one
  7. rcf925

    Hazard Switch?

    Mintgrun, As far as older, newer style, I think when I clicked on top link it was all ready sold and Ebay just directed me to newer style which I didn't notice at the time
  8. rcf925

    Hazard Switch?

    I e-mailed sherman martinez, He thinks he might have one, Waiting to hear back. I didn't buy the ones listed cause it's the knob that broke off the top of mine, Shaft was corroded and wouldn't budge
  9. rcf925

    Hazard Switch?

    Top one is newer style, Bottom one missing knob and what it attaches to unless there not showing it, I'll check it out
  10. rcf925

    Hazard Switch?

    How would I get a hold of him?
  11. On my 68 my Hazard Switch is broken, all the searches I do just turn up newer style. Mine has 8 wires going to it and looks like and is located like the one in this pic. Anybody have any ideas where to source 1 of these
  12. rcf925

    BavAuto has Closed!

    I've ordered several times over the last few months and they shipped fast. Too bad there no longer
  13. I just got to my gas tank on my 68 yesterday that's been sitting for twenty years, Took a look and couldn't believe it was spotless on the inside. I think I dodged a bullet cause I was thinking it was going to be bad
  14. rcf925

    Carbeurator Rebuild

    My DCOE45's were rebuilt by using typical carb dip. It was done a long time ago and were never put on motor and had been sitting so I decided to rebuild again to be safe. The last few years I've been using a sonic cleaner to rebuild Carbs and for me it's the only way to go. They come out looking new and gets every bit of crud out that cleaner doesn't. Like others have said todays carb dips are to weak for me. These previously rebuilt 45's had a lot of grime come out of them after sonic cleaning
  15. rcf925

    Mice, Rats, etc.

    My uncle had a store with mice and rat problem getting into feed, He bought 2 Ferrets and let them out at night, No more rat and mice problem, He came in one morning and there were 40 dead rats