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  1. I had a 68 Targa, Sold a few years ago, After seeing that wreck, Shoulda kept mine and made a ton more money
  2. I mounted my battery in the same location with cut off switch, I bolted ground to seat belt bolt under backrest, It's been fine, No grounding issues. I did run Neg. to cut off switch and not Pos. but I don't think it makes any difference
  3. Thanks, Toby, But if I buy used one I don't know what condition it's in and may be back to starting over unless it's a rebuilt one, I just don't get why boosters are so darn big
  4. So when I hook up vacuum to booster brakes work but car runs like crap, Unhook booster everything good so I've been driving around on manual brakes since I got back on the road. I was thinking it's about $250 to rebuild booster and I'd really like some more room on brake side as booster is pretty close to everything. Has anybody converted a smaller booster to work on these cars besides the Tii booster. I'm looking at a 72 Datsun B210 booster and it's only 5-3/4" diameter which would be nice. Anybody use one? or have any other ideas
  5. There are so many DOHC JDM 4 cyl. motors out there if I was looking for reliability and horsepower I would start there, Then again I would never do if I had complete car to start with
  6. Just to be safe I pumped 4 qts oil down oil pressure gauge fitting, Then spun on starter without plugs until I saw pressure, I've got about 900 miles on motor now and so far so good and have good oil pressure.
  7. White ones are Sh&^, There cheap for a reason, I tried them on my car, Don't really fir card correct and fall out of door when you shut it
  8. I think you got that car for an excellent price, I almost also bid on it
  9. Just ordered one from RAS-2002 Link $16.61 with shipping
  10. What he said, My left half shaft came apart about a month ago and it wasn't a pretty sight, Bolts loosened on diff flange and eventually backed out ripping axle out at wheel hub. Basically I blew it not using blue loctite when assembling. I've since repaired, rebuilt both half shafts, Loctited and put back together and checking every now and then for any problems. I had only 500 miles on car after complete rebuild of whole car.
  11. Definitely use Blue Loctite on flange bolts, Don't ask me how I know
  12. I'll second that, I have a carter with dual 45's and dialed my pressure down to 2 PSI, Webers don't need much pressure and if you don't use regulator your asking for trouble
  13. Did you roll fenders at all for fitment?
  14. Thats pretty much where I am, Just finished build with 9:8 CR, .292 cam. Car is set up basically for street and track Bilstein Coilovers, , 5spd, LSD 3.91 and I'm 2 hrs from Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow. I have 002 distributor with Pertronix and no issues so far on 91 octane, Plenty of torque and high end
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