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  1. rcf925

    help with Weber indentification

    Pierce Manifold is good but for 2 carbs $1200, I did my 45's myself
  2. rcf925

    Piston to Valve Clearance

    I'm waiting on dowels for block to put head on, But yes I just bought some clay and will do that as I don't want to ruin expensive build. My nephew put lower end together quite a while ago so I'm probably going to pull pan too. He says he studded mains and motor is balanced but since I got this project in pieces it's a little slow going but I'll get there.
  3. rcf925

    Piston to Valve Clearance

    What is a safe clearance between piston and valve?
  4. rcf925

    Piston to Valve Clearance

    OK, Clay it is
  5. So I'm pretty much finished with suspension and brakes on my 68 and now it's on to motor. I'm getting ready to install head and was wondering about piston to valve clearance. Its an E12 head going on a 74 block with 9.5 Piano top pistons. According to my measurements I think .020 has been skimmed off head and none off the block. I'm running IE .292 new cam (not Re-grind) Should I be worried about piston to valve clearance or will I be ok. I guess I need to know if I should put together with clay in cylinder and pull apart again to check or should I be worried at all about clearance.
  6. I've shipped stuff for the last 40 years. Anytime I sell anything it's all ready packaged and ready to go before I sell. It ain't brain surgery
  7. mlytle, that is what the lug bolts do...;-) And when the wheels aren't on the rotors are flopping around when your trying to work on it
  8. I'm also using E21 front hubs cause they have the little hole for screw that holds on rotor
  9. When I was ordering E21 parts most say fits 77-83
  10. I had the vented rotors sitting around but there about $50, Master cylinder was $65, I had calipers but there also about $50. I used braided lines also. There rear I had all the parts for the larger drum set but they are also relatively cheap. I have yet to install those cause I had all brand new parts for stock rear shoes and I figured front does most the braking, I'll get to rears after car is up and running. Any BMW 1977-1983 E21 parts work
  11. I just put the E21 brake set up on my 68 with 13" wheel and theres no clearance issues
  12. rcf925

    Best fitting period wheels

    I had these 1980's E21 13x6 BMW sport wheels 4" back spacing laying around so I used them to get car on ground, I put 175/70/13 on them, I have adjustable coil over bilsteins all the way around, ,No drive train in car so it's up a little in front
  13. I paid 5k for my 68 rust free project ( which is huge that there's no rust) Nothing in car but I have rebuilt sub frames with 3.90 LSD, Complete new up graded brake system. That's where I'm at now, Finally it's on the ground. Now I'm doing motor and 5spd conversion. My plan was to sink 5k into it plus puchase cost. I'm doing everything myself except paint when I get around to that but I want to get it up and running first. I think I'm on track for that. If I was paying to have all the work done lord knows what that would cost
  14. If your worried about hitting your head on roll bar you can add roll bar wrap which is what I plan on doing when I get mine up and running
  15. rcf925

    Carburetor idiocy

    As Toby said said put pedal to floor crank until it starts, I've done many times in the past. Before doing it if you want check dipstick and see if it smells like gas to make sure you won't be washing any cylinders but I doubt it