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  1. I did same thing, I don't think they have them
  2. Thanks for that Pic. I'm missing that limiter bracket, Now I'm on the hunt to find one
  3. If I was in that area I'd snap it up in a heartbeat
  4. I finally have my 68 running and on the road after 20 years, 19 of it in my nephews garage, I bought from him about a year ago in pieces. Still have a few problems to sort out and cosmetics but at least I can drive it, Hopefully to alignment shop this week. Not at all stock anymore. This thing hauls ass and handles like a go kart so I'm pretty happy so far, Big thanks to everyone on this board, It's helped a lot
  5. Cam is brand new IE .292, not reground with IE springs for that cam, , Cam and journals weren't touched, New BMW rockers and eccentrics, shafts, Went together perfect. It may be just valve cover was surfaced for some reason, When I get a chance I'll compare to other one I have. I did measure thickness of head when rebuilding, It had been surfaced, But if I remember it was only minor amount, maybe .005
  6. It was 1 rocker touching just enough to make a knock, Didnt really leave a mark, I'm running .292 cam with .393 lift so maybe it was just enough to hit. I have another valve cover around, I'll see if it's the same as the one I'm using. I just drove car for about 20 miles, No issues
  7. RELIEF, anybody ever hear rocker hitting valve cover? if I tighten valve cover bolts it hits, If I set cover on loose it's quiet, What the hell, Thought I was going to tear whole motor down again. Anybody see any problems with just using 2 valve cover gaskets? Thanks for everybody's help
  8. Just pulled valve cover again and from a visual standpoint everything looks normal, I may have to run and pull plugs one at a time. When I checked compression no plugs in it spins over quiet no knock until you fire it
  9. Good Idea, I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later, Just frustrating, Cars been sitting 20 years and I just want to drive it
  10. I sold my 912 E last year, Only reason I didn't keep was it was a 1976 so I still had to smog or I'd probably still own it
  11. Well , I drained oil, put it through a filter, It's clean enough to drink, No glitter, No chunks, No nothing, Same with filter so now I'm not so sure whats going on, More investigating I guess
  12. I have electric fuel pump, I wish it was that
  13. It's not good news, I've checked tensioner, Polished piston, Made sure it's working freely and bled according to service manual, It's working correctly. Checked whole valve train and rocker clearances. Checked compression again, 150lbs on all 4 cylinders, My oil pressure is normal, If I spin motor over and don't start I don't hear a thing, As soon as I fire it up it's knocking and I think I have come to the realization it might be a rod. Today I'll drain oil and split open filter, I have about 50 miles on car, Been tuning and just normal driving. This is a complete motor rebuild with all quality components, I'll talk to my engine builder today, But I'm really not looking forward to tearing whole thing apart again
  14. Would a sticky chain tensioner ( Sticking and not pushing on guide) cause a knocking sound from upper timing chain cover area. This started yesterday so shut it off, I noticed when I put motor together I had to push tensioner over with some force to fit in slot of piston. I can't think of anything else that would cause a knock in that area, I've heard rods knock and this ain't that
  15. During my 68 restoration I switched over to E21 system, I just slightly opened bleeders on all four corners and let gravity do it's job, Tighened up bleeders when they were all dripping and had a nice pedal

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