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  1. This site has been way slooow loading for me for quite a while, Sometimes I just give up and come back later. It's only this site that's slow for me
  2. The poly bushes in the trailing arms won't bother you over rough road but the 2 poly where diff mounts to body will be pretty stiff. When I did mine I left all bushes that mount to body rubber and used poly in the rest. My car does ride stiff but that has more to do with the Adj. coil over bilsteins than anything else, I'm fine on a good road but avoid pot holes like the plague.
  3. My hood sat like that one when I put it on, For me it was just a hinge adjustment to get right
  4. I used Greyhound to ship large parts like fenders on a Powerwagon I restored last year, Rates are reasonable
  5. That was what I was going to paint my eventually, Kinda like Pic , But for now sticking to the red thats on it.
  6. Bought it off Ebay as a blem for $125, It's a champion, Car runs at 180 and I almost never have to turn on electric pusher fan, Even in traffic . Also fit right in, No alterations and clears hood
  7. I would think it's time for a crank, .050 over is way too much
  8. Spent last year doing every nut and bolt mechanically on my 68, Motor,Gertrag 245, LSD 3.91, Subframes. Every piece of rubber or poly in Mounts and suspension. This year work on some cosmetics, I think I'm just going to blend hood and rocker in for now and then body work right rear tailight area that got crunched a little by PO then blend that in. Then in future do a whole paint job.
  9. Why run a mechanical fan at all, Just put electric pusher fan on front of radiator. I rarely have to turn my fan on at all, Plus mechanical s rob HP
  10. After seeing bottom in Barneys photo, No Thanks, Looks like none of the rubber bits underneath have been replaced, Popcorn welding on spare tire well horrible. I think after digging into some more you would find more issues. 49k way too much
  11. Anybody have any pics of this car before so called lipstick was put on?
  12. What Scoob said, I went from 50 idle jet to 60's, Cured tip in stumbling
  13. I asked that question a while back for my 68, Got a resounding No
  14. The E21 sender is the same size as stock, Just encased in aluminum so very steady reading on gauge, When you fill up with fuel it takes longer to get a full reading but works fine and drops right in like the original, I just had 1 laying around so I tried it
  15. Maybe I'm behind the curve but it seems to me 02 prices are on the upswing lately, The resto modded ones seem to be bringing good money
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