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  1. Anyone have a set of like new 5Jx13 steel wheels with matching date stamps? Year is not a deal breaker but earlier is better. I’m only interested in complete sets of 4 that look new and require no refinishing. I’ll probably run beauty rings so if lips have slight imperfections, no problem. PM pics and price with shipping to Burlington, NC 27215. Thanks!
  2. Not having any luck with BBS RS wheels so changing directions. Anyone have a like new set of Panasport 15x6? Would need someone willing to ship to Burlington, NC 27215.
  3. I sent a couple emails to the address in your ad expressing interest in the car without reply. I wonder if mine and others are going to your spam folder. I have since bought another 02. Yours looks like a great build though. Good luck,
  4. Looking for set of 15x7 BBS RS 001 with silver centers and polished lips in condition suitable for a fully restored 2002. PM if you have some with pics and price. Thank you!
  5. Responded to my ad as well. I’m surprised his account has not been closed.
  6. What a great price! Congrats to buyer.
  7. Would like to buy a set of Italian turn signals in excellent condition. I did contact the fellow reproducIng these but have not heard back. Please PM me if you have some. Thank you.
  8. PMs replied to. Sales pending for rear seat vinyl and dash.
  9. Several parts from collecting many years. They are available for pickup in Burlington, NC. No shipping. Reupholstered seats from a 70. Very good to excellent condition with only wear on driver’s bolster, $500. SOLD Original back seat embossed sections from a 70 with small 1.5” tear that is repairable from back, $75. SOLD Two-piece dash from a 71 with some cracks but all mounting tabs appear in tact, $200. SOLD 5” Steel wheels in excellent shape with centers and older Michelin tires with good tread, $200. PENDING AC condenser, fan, evaporator and dryer. I believe I have side panels as well that are in decent shape, $150. Two alternators, condition unknown, $10 each. SOLD Brake booster, condition unknown now but was working when removed in 2009 and looks very good, $125. SOLD Two gas tanks condition unknown but not holes, $25 each. SOLD Several doors, $75-150 depending on condition. New BMW OEM front fender set with BMW stickers still present, $900 for set. Tii engine with e12 head that turned over a few years ago but I cannot turn it now, $250. No injection accessories. SOLD Two working 4-speed transmissions, $100 each. SOLD Rear interior panels, two blue and one tobacco in early style, $25 each. I’m open to reasonable offers and have many other parts. Would consider trades for Petri 380 sport wheel, Italian turn signals and interesting 13” wheels all in condition appropriate for a restored car. Local pickup only. Thank you.
  10. Mark, I have one but I’m not sure how easy it would be to ship. It came out of a 71. I can take some pics this week. Thanks, Brad
  11. I have a set of seats from a 1970 in excellent condition along with the upholstery only for the rear seats. I do think fronts have been reupholstered but pattern appears correct. If interest, PM me. They are black.
  12. I have two 4-speeds removed from running, driving cars for 5-speed swaps. $100 each or best offer for pickup in Burlington, NC. No shipping. Thanks!
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