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  1. My allowable recreation today was fishing and what better car to drive than the tii. It reached $36,000 on eBay but that’s short of what I have in it by a bit. If interested, message me. I’ll flip the center grille too per Ray’s observation!
  2. Car looks great and price seems very reasonable.
  3. Greats cars! I was hoping to take Dad’s out soon but a rear brake line has collapsed. It may be the original.
  4. I picked a really bad week to list the car. On a positive note, our daughter’s school is closed so we had driver’s ed in the tii today. It was a lot of fun. Would still like to sell it though. Maybe this summer. Stay safe everyone.
  5. I had these in an early car. I raked the edges a small amount with my thumb for grip and pushed them on with cluster in place. Fit was great and the seller is top notch.
  6. This is my car. I’m sorry about the orange parts sticker! Probably applied by an overzealous restorer many years ago. Here is the summary from the archives. The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2762963 was manufactured on November 6th, 1972 and delivered on November 8th, 1972 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Sahara, paint code 006. PM with any questions. Thanks, Brad
  7. Eye candy! I love the set I bought. The craftsmanship is fantastic.
  8. Reasonable offers considered with local pickup. Just taking up space for me.
  9. Steve, You have posted the same ad four times since yesterday. Are you trying to bump it to the top? A comment will do that as opposed to reposting. Good luck with the sale. Brad
  10. It seems many of us share similar car interests on this site outside of 2002s. I have owned a couple Porsche 912s and met some FAQ members over the years who have them as well. I would like to own one again. They are a nice stable mate for 2002s. My friend just did a walk-around of my dad’s 69 912 on his YouTube channel. Check it out. Any others with a secondary love for 912s or other air cooled Porsche’s?
  11. I bend the edges out slightly on the late 2002 caps pictured and then wrap with two rounds of electrical tape. It’s a snug fit and I’ve never lost one.
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