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  1. Cdn97986 has shared a couple CL links this week. There’s a Malaga in CA and Sahara in OR that are close to your budget. Scroll through the cars for sale to see them. Good luck in your search.
  2. This is a good deal for complete setup! Scrap the compressor and use the money saved on shipping to buy a Sanden 508.
  3. $500 and includes original gas cap! Not mine and no affiliation. https://eastnc.craigslist.org/cto/d/kinston-bmw/7133185592.html
  4. Thanks, Sherman. I sent an email to the address in your message. Brad
  5. Thanks, Esty. I checked with Dave first. He doesn’t have them for the driver’s side so still looking. Hope you are well. Brad
  6. Thanks for the advice, Sherman. Here is a pic of the seat showing missing covers. I don’t know if that will be enough to go on or not.
  7. Need inside L-shaped hinge cover and outside lower hinge cover for driver’s side e21 Recaro. Please message with pics and price. Shipping to Burlington, NC 27215. Thanks! Brad
  8. These are great wheels in a 2002. Nice price as well.
  9. They are e21 Recaros. Shop is in Burlington, NC. Happy to introduce you to owner if you are in the area. Again, BMW/Recaros are not a specialty for them but I thought they turned out well. No loose material, no puckered corners, etc.
  10. I had front and rear done by a shop in N.C. It was their first time working with Recaros. They were done in domestic vinyl. Fit was excellent even in comparison to the other more well known vendors listed. My only gripe was the corner seams did not align perfectly. Front and matching rear were around $800. Not sure they would do for that price again though. Also not a shop that would ship back and forth.
  11. Two shops noted lower compression on cylinder #4. I think 130psi. Would that be a major concern on this car that may impact value?
  12. I used IE shift plate a few years ago. Initial plate would not allow engagement into all gears. Replacement part was modified, albeit a little crudely, but it worked fine. They were very responsive and I imagine have changed design since then. I also installed their short shift kit. In my opinion, Blunttech has the nicest shift platform on the market currently.
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