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Erratic tach


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So I’ve got the car back on the road. Running nice for the better part. changed the wires to IE performance and swapped out the internals of the IE distributor for mech advance tii with the hot spark. It still has a slight hesitation here and there with the tach jumping around especially when engine is revving 4K plus.


Is there a ground somewhere to look at to trouble shoot this behaviour. Coil and ballast have all been checked with ohm meter and check out.






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Check that the hot spark wires in the distributor (black and red) are not rubbing against the magnetic pickup and have worn through, possibly causing noise or even shorting.


I've been here before but cannot remember the fix. As SchnellVintage said too, check all grounds and general connectors.


For grins can also put the old spark plug wires back and see if the problem changes.



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5 minutes ago, '76mintgrün'02 said:


I don't think I've read that suggestion before... unless it is being used with MSD ignition.


I could be wrong though... I use points and a condenser.


Yeah Tom, you’re right. I had a brainfarht.  The tach adapter is for the MSD...



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