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  1. roman.lysiak

    BMW Classic Cars and Sexy Girls Calendar 2006 ;-)

    stupid... would rather just see the cars. those girls belong with a lamborghini countach
  2. roman.lysiak

    drove 1000km with this situ...

    Agreed. That output flange is toast. Can anyone verify the part numbers? Is there another spot on the transmission that would have more info about it? Or would the output flange have a number on the backside facing the transmission?
  3. roman.lysiak

    drove 1000km with this situ...

    Loose nut hit the selector shaft. Yes. New seals everywhere.
  4. She's up on blocks and ready for a winter sleep. Need to overhaul this flange situ. One of the lock nuts came loose while in Cape Breton. Couldn't see the missing nut with the exhaust and drive shaft in the way and finally figured it out in New Brunswick. Gentle accelerations and a constant rev at 3200rpm felt the quietest. Got all the way to Toronto. Will likely need to weld that selector shaft housing so no more tranny fluid sprays out. Transmission will be opened up and inspected for wear. From the number on the back of this unit, I'm assuming its a Getrag 245 and the output flange number is 23211209612. Just looking for a confirmation. Thank you fine people.
  5. roman.lysiak

    3-bolt to 4-bolt output flange issue

    Hi Roberto, I'm looking for a 3 flange output shaft. If you would like to sell it, I'll buy it. Let me know. Roman
  6. Anyone here in Southern Ontario know of a reputable transmission repair shop that could rebuild my getrag 245 - 5 speed. Suffered a bit during my limp back from Cape Breton. Roman
  7. Anyone know of a reputable transmission shop that will do a good job at rebuilding my 5 speed getrag. Syncros are going and I need to do my clutch. Figure it would be economical to do the tranny service while it’s out. Roman Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. roman.lysiak

    Fonthill - Nashville Tennessee road trip

    Roeland... hows the trip going? old cars love to go fast!!! drove my 73tii out to Cape Breton and back this summer... loves it at a buck 40 all the way.
  9. Solex: Do you have a part no on yours? Also where are you located? Roman
  10. Sounds great. How can I verify it has the correct amount of splines before I take it out? Found the Getrag part no on the back of the tranny 2450054000 Roman
  11. Thanks. Ya I'm confused. Also saw a part no 23211208743. Not sure what the difference is or how to resolve it. Just don't want to spend the money and find out its wrong. Where are the ID marks on the tranny? I know its a 3 bolt and that its a Getrag 5 speed. Roman
  12. Looking for a 3 bolt output flange for a getrag 245. Do you guys know of anyone that might be able to source one? Part no would be great. I think I have the right one... 23211224091. Let me know Roman
  13. Drove out to Cape Breton after my trip to 0fest in Pittsburgh and noticed these dimples in 2 of my 4 tires. Is this a slipped belt? Can I run these guys for the other 2000km back home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. roman.lysiak

    Dundas West sighting

    Robbie. You coming Pittsburgh this weekend? Kris, looking for a hazard switch, and a driverside stainless trim peice on the door just above the door handle. Let me know if you have anything. What colour is your M2. Will look for you Friday morning. Roman
  15. roman.lysiak

    Canada specific - For Sale Section?

    Ya. I use a us post mailbox in niagara falls to reduce the brokerage and shipping fees. Pickup is 5 min from the border. Just need to pay taxes on the Canadian side. Still would be easier to shop local. While we're on the topic.... Anyone have any of the stainless trim just below the handles. Looking for drivers side door pc. In Toronto. Roman