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Simple and silly but, how do I remove this without destroying it


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Ok so my exterior door handle somehow got loose at my last autoshop.  I am trying to fix it this weekend before my kids rip the handle off and damage things.  I want to pull the door apart and do some preventative maintenance (lube) and also fix the lock mechanism (its almost not working).  Someone great posted a good summary of how to clean up and rehabilitate the door lock - (thank you).


but I need help with the triangular small window knob.  (see attachment).   HOW DO I GET THIS OFF WITHOUT DESTROYING IT?   I assume there is a nice way to pull this off? 


do take a plastic pry took and try to pull off the innner black circular piece?, pry on the outside white/silver ring? or pry the outside black ring around the white one?  or somewhere else?




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You need to pry it off at the lip I have marked in Yellow.  I use a small flat blade terminal screw driver, you are prising out the centre piece to gain access to the screw.  There is actually a recessed portion behind the lip, to get your driver in with minimal damage.......but it is 'minimal' rather than none !!  Good luck.

door knob.jpg

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There is a hole at the back side of the knob.  Use the short end of a small "L" allen wrench, get behind the knob.  Go around the knob and feel for the hole.  Once you find the hole, get the short end in there and push toward the front to get the knob cover off. 


Good luck.


Added pictures.  The hole is at three o'clock.  



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4 hours ago, PaulTWinterton said:


Only takes a moment and eliminates battle scars from meatball surgery.  Hey! I used a screwdriver on one back in the day, and regretted it as soon as the cap popped off and I saw the hole.  Kicked myself.


Haha Yep.  Me too. 


Ze Germans are way too efficient........Obviously there is a 'proper' way to remove these things !!!!  You just need to figure it out !!

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