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  1. What a great article, wish this was around when I got my car 5 months ago. I'll still reference and this will be useful when I pick up my next 2002 =)
  2. so if I apply for a title, I'll have to pay the title fee, which comes out to about 500$. But since we are title optional, I can do w/o the title and just get it registered which would then require that form. I'll be ready to explain as it has already caused a lot of confusion among my peers.. haha.
  3. I haven't been to Athens yet, but have been wanting to visit. I'll see if I can coordinate my trip Have any of you had experience with the t-22 inspection form? I want to get my tags and it requires this form to be filled out by a law officer. Do I just go to the police station?
  4. would this only be needed or helpful with electric fuel pump?
  5. That would be greatly appreciated. It's 50 a month if you sign up for a year, which I will do. I live in a condo so have limited access to space. I would love to get your help on random thing every now and then and would even come to you. i'll send you a PM
  6. Of course I go out today and it starts fine. I do think it has a lot more trouble when warm as compared to cold. This is the first time starting after carb adjustment and it struggles while cold to keep idle. It seems this is expected and I will have to warm it up a bit when cold? Previously the warm idle was 1100 or so, I had turned it down to 800. I got the timing gun and will try later in the week when it is warm to see if the ignition coil does anything and to set timing. I did pull the ignition coil but since it was cranking so well, it didn't make any change. I also found out about a community garage which I'll be joining, they have lift access and hopefully other tools I'll be able to make use of. Will report back.
  7. I just got a ' 76. I have been learning a lot about it and just found out about a community garage out in West midtown that gives you access to air tools and a lift, I'm hoping this will make it easier to work on my car compared to my condo. Do you work on your car at all? Any chance you'd be interested in working on them together? Interesting. Maybe I'll try to make it out. Do you attend the events? Any 2002s show?
  8. This speaks to my newness in this but after reading so many threads on timing, I haven't seen this recommendation before. If I disconnect the ignition wire from the coil to the distributor, what should I expect? How do I check for power drain? I do have a DMM (home work)
  9. Just picked up my first 2002 last week, finally got the time to cleaning it up and examining it but took the chance to get a shot of it. Initially I was concerned about the color, but now I'm loving it.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check timing first and then go from there with the suggestions. I guess I avoided it because I don't have the tools to check it, so I guess I'll have to take it to a shop for them to do. Edit: hm... harbor freight has timing guns for 30 dollars. Might just invest in one.
  11. After years of looking, I've finally got a 2002. It's not perfect, but I'm trying to work through some of the issues and this site has been an invaluable resource. I'm pretty new to working on cars, but I've got barrels of elbow grease and patience. First up is a start issue, per the previous owner, it was fine prior to switching to electric ignition, but now it seems to have a bit of trouble. This is a video of the start up on a warm engine (after I had gone through the fuel mixture an idle speed setup). Initially it doesn't start, but if I give it gas, it will. The fuel filter had a little debri in there and the lines will need to be changed but wanted to see if anyone thought it was a larger issue. per previous owner the battery and alternator was just replaced. start up video
  12. should I be able to get these grommets as well as new corn kernals at any BMW dealership?
  13. I do have the kernels, but it seems they were painted over and might be too hard to serve their function, seems I might need to get new ones. The driver side is hard to open, is that from the kernels as well? Everything looks lined up and it closes smoothly. However when I pull the latch, I have to do it with a lot of force and it seems there is a distinct pause after the door opens that the latch returns to original position.
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