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  1. definitely interested. payment sent.
  2. mataku527

    Will an electronic fuel pump help?

    I used to have problems but recently got an 81 Honda Accord HB. Maybe this is common knowledge but the manual said to depress the accelerator but release it slowly (I had been releasing quickly). Now that I do that 2-3 times before starting, I haven't had much of a problem - though I have been using it more and not letting it sit more than 2 weeks. Beyond that - I was gonna look an the inline check valve and possibly the return line being plugged up might be causing a vacuum effect.
  3. I've actually have had decent luck with community garages or working spaces, not for long term projects - there is some possibility there. Other option is to pay to store your other 2002 in a neighbor's garage, storage unit, etc.. somewhere nearby if it isn't your daily
  4. I haven't considered this vacuum issue with blocking the return line. I recently clogged mine and have noticed maybe a little more difficulty in starting if I haven't driven in a while. I did not realize the factory suggested check valves. I will definitely consider this.
  5. mataku527

    saving my e10

    wow.. you are determined. I have just decided that I won't be saving mine and not putting more into it, but you've given me hope. Best of luck! Any chance she runs?
  6. mataku527

    Cross Country Trip tool bag

    wow.. that's one amazing box. Also like that it's on the top so you don't have to worry about emptying your trunk to access. I also like the idea of using the space under the rear seats, just started putting some spare parts under there.
  7. mataku527

    Oil Viscosity

    Synthetic 15-50w Mobil 1. Good to know it has sufficient zinc and that I don't have to add.
  8. mataku527

    Gasket For Oil Cap

    Well venting the valve cover properly did not help with the gas cap leak. I got the gasket paper and made cut one to fit, hopefully this works. It was a bit tough to work with as when I stretched it to fit in the cap, I ripped the first one. I would have thought this stuff would have been a bit more sturdy. If it doesn't work, I guess I'll go the buy a new cap and steal the gasket route.
  9. mataku527

    Oil Viscosity

    I have been just using Mobil 1. Anyone got a recommendation for zinc additive to put in?
  10. mataku527

    Fuel spilling from driver side

    I don't know why I keep mixing it up, but it's actually on the driver/left side. I really hope the tank is alright that that it's some sort of crack in the return line instead.
  11. mataku527

    Fuel spilling from driver side

    I'll have to look closer into this. It was leaking from the driver side by the back wheel. Sounds like my return line is not capped at the tank. I just wasn't sure what was going on and this is the first time I've had this issue.
  12. I just filled my fuel tank, it was close to empty and took 9.5 gallons. Right afterwards, I noticed steady trickling of fuel coming from the driver side by the tire. Did I just overfill it?, it there a hose that disconnected?
  13. mataku527

    Spam On the Site

    I turned off notifications and are still getting emails. bah!
  14. mataku527

    Spam On the Site

    Yah, thanks for getting ahead of this. It seems it is bypassing or there is something wrong with the notification settings as well. I changed mine from new topics once they are posted to daily but am still getting them instantly
  15. mataku527

    oil catch can

    Interesting information about the scrubber and why it is useful. Will definitely place one, though not sure I'll have a stand for it.