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  1. ok, so somehow I lost my keys one day. I now have my 76 2002 in my garage and have no key for it. what is the best move here? can I bring in a door lock from the car to a shop and have a key made? clueless and keyless...
  2. Ok so my exterior door handle somehow got loose at my last autoshop. I am trying to fix it this weekend before my kids rip the handle off and damage things. I want to pull the door apart and do some preventative maintenance (lube) and also fix the lock mechanism (its almost not working). Someone great posted a good summary of how to clean up and rehabilitate the door lock - (thank you). but I need help with the triangular small window knob. (see attachment). HOW DO I GET THIS OFF WITHOUT DESTROYING IT? I assume there is a nice way to pull this off? do take a plastic pry took and try to pull off the innner black circular piece?, pry on the outside white/silver ring? or pry the outside black ring around the white one? or somewhere else? thanks
  3. Ok, I am not really mechanically inclined. I wanted to lower the car by moving those spacer things from the top of the front springs/shocks and just put them on top of the body and thereby lower the front of the car by half inch. can I do this with just a 1/2 ton jack and some jack stands and loosening those nuts? Mike in MD
  4. don't do it. I had my dads car with good towers and same rust on bottom. went through too much money before pulling the plug. keep as parts car and get a shell from AZ or cali. good luck.
  5. Alan you are right, i thought that rubber thing was to try to replace the one which holds the shock rod thing in place within the car body. I will put that thing in tomorrow. tell me though, the washer goes on the shock rod first, then the rubber thing or the rubber thing then the washer... am I supposed to put a nut on it too? you are right it does move a bit on a couple bumps... thanks
  6. Ok let's say I am not a mechanic. so I put the car on a lift and replaced the rear springs and shocks. I used the lowering springs (1.5) inches from Ireland. after driving around for a month (not daily) I noticed my rear wheels look funny and I think i did something wrong. I notice that the bolts for the springs stick up too much in the trunk. and the wheels are knock-kneed if you look from behind (hard to see in the pics but clearer from a distance. what did I forget or not do when I replaced them? do the shocks have an upper washer and a lower washer that need to be enclosed with nuts? thanks
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