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  1. yeewiz

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    1. replace front pads 2. replace rear shoes
  2. yeewiz

    Saw A Great Product.

    ^^^ probably what I would do. might even try a shower curtain if I needed more thickness. might even use something like this 😄
  3. yeewiz

    Post windshield removal cleanup

    You may want to watch this, it's a 3 part video taken at the Vintage at the Vineyard 2008 event: Two of us, who had never did this before, followed the video and were able to install successfully. I will admit it took us 2 tries to get the windshield in, and 2 tries to get the lock strip in. Good luck!
  4. yeewiz

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    what specific calipers and rotors are used? what specific machining is needed for the rotors?
  5. yeewiz

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    are you selling this bracket?
  6. nice mounting and presentation 👍. is that the car color?
  7. if the insulators aren't crumbling or disintegrating, and structurally sound other than cracked, I would heat shrink the insulator and, say, 1" of the insulated wire(s) leading to it. less destruction, i.e., not removing cracked plastic, means less chance of propagating more unintended damage. the heat shrinked package then makes for a neat, high quality fix.
  8. if you still need to straighten the emblem along the entire length more consistently, place the emblem between 2 pieces of flat wood, drill holes where the pins of the emblem can fit freely, then clamp the wood-emblem-wood sandwich with as many clamps as necessary along the entire length to achieve the straightness you need
  9. yeewiz

    Scale Model 1600

    ok, you left me no choice, had to add another yellow lab and sahara shot sorry for the hijack
  10. yeewiz

    New Video: ICON Weekend 2019

    Nice video, thanks for making it!
  11. yeewiz

    Under dash speakers

    just one thought, you're going to lose about 1.5"-2" of space from the intrusion so if you have big wide feet you might feel some constraint
  12. yeewiz

    Under dash speakers

    well, if you're not dead set on under the dash, here's a kick panel option. No 2002s were harmed in the installation of these panels, i.e., no cutting necessary for the 6" speakers, other than 2 screw holes. I think someone here sells these fiberglass panels. I painted mine satin black but I believe others have carpeted theirs. And I think Esty had carpet pieces for these.
  13. yeewiz

    2002 Beauty Shots

    love that second Hagerty shot. Speaking of Hagerty, here's one of 3 shots I had to submit to Hagerty when I signed up.
  14. yeewiz

    MM 245

    sorry, late to the party. I admit it. I'm away from my records so I have to do this from memory. I bought the Ultimate version and Conversion kit as I wasn't interested in close ratios. Is it what I expected? Yes. I don't have any complaints. It works great and does what I want it to do without any drama. Would I do it again? Sure, but I wouldn't just blindly purchase it without doing the required research and cost/labor/value/time/logistics/benefit analysis I did the last time. Hope this helps!