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  1. or you can type "show me your console" in the search bar and you'll see several threads and gobs of pictures of consoles
  2. if it were me, I'd probably use a pad sander and chamfer the edges
  3. my 67 1600-2 had Vredesteins but not sure if the original owner had bought them as replacements
  4. Great thread! So I've got these 1600 hub caps which are scuffed and banged up. Any advice on how to rescue them or if it's even possible?
  5. Well, as I said, it's marginally useful. With standard database search functions it would be fun/cool/useful to be able to find/locate all the 1968 Granada's, or cars in New Mexico, or 1974 tii's, etc. Anyway, I thought mine were in there, but they were not, so I'll be adding 3 entries. Thanks all!
  6. maybe it's me, but when I went to the FAQ registry to look up whether my cars were registered, there didn't seem to be any way to search for my car other than brute force paging through 16 pages of posts. A database without search capability is of limited usefulness. Did I miss something?
  7. I don't know, why not donate the $200 to the FAQ, the place that made this all possible
  8. Wow, nicely done. Great pictures and writeup. Love the craftsmanship and like-factory finished look.
  9. Yes! I thought there was a clip to hold the hose to the valve cover but I just couldn't remember what style clip and where on the valve cover it was attached to. Thank you!
  10. Searching through the cobwebs of my brain, my gut reaction is it took a more or less direct path from the cannister to the air cleaner and not a circuitous torturous long path. Probably doesn't help you that much but that was a long time ago ...
  11. I'm not close to my car now, and I yanked my stuff out years ago. But IIRC there's an engine compartment sticker that diagrams the entire emission controls system and clearly shows the carbon cannister hose routing. Surely someone here has that diagram???
  12. I like the idea. Since we're not bound by purist considerations, I say pick the most ultimate favorite color and paint both car and bike to match.
  13. Hodgepodge, I've got a 74. Your first guess is correct: mounted in that spot in front of the washer bottle. Definitely NOT under the battery.
  14. 1. replace front pads 2. replace rear shoes

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