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Cylinder Hone Size What Do I Need


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I think I used a 3.5" ball hone on my tii engine (89.47mm pistons)



Not shown is my extensive taping and drop cloth done for each cylinder (oil pan was off).  I put a rag down into the bore just above the crankshaft with the journal about 90 degrees from TDC to catch the grit.  I also got one of the bore brushes from the same company as the hone.  When doing this I was surprised at the amount of grit that you need to remove from each bore after honing.  


Bore size


New rings


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I would like to point out that digital calipers are good for plus or minus .001" and most likely a lot worse.

For accurate measurements use a micrometer.

You are correct.  I would not do what I did again.  The use of a snap type bore gauge and digital calipers is not very accurate. So far the engine work I performed in 2009/2010 has worked out fine.

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