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  1. Michael, I do not use PWM and the fan has only one speed. I don't mind if it cycles on and off. I do not have AC. I do not have any cooling problems and the fan hardly ever runs if the car is moving at all. However, I live near Seattle and the temperature hardly ever goes past 90 degrees. The Fan has been reliable, but I don't drive the car very much. I hope this helps.
  2. Is the surface that the OD of the bushings rub against, smooth?
  3. Here is my solution. I like to keep things as simple as possible, and that's not always easy for me. This installation requires 2 holes to be drilled where the bottom of the strut mounts. No other modifications to the car are needed. The upper ball joint is at an angle and clamps to an existing slot in the hood.
  4. Quote: Alloy flexes more in tension than steel and steel flexes more than cold rolled seamless tube used in certified roll cages, alloy brace = show brace. The modulus of elasticity of steel alloys, from low carbon cold rolled to high carbon tool steels, ranges no more than about 5%; with tool steels, for example Chrome-Molybdenum (4130 and 4340) being the stiffest by only a very small margin. Click on https://www.amesweb.info/Materials/Modulus-of-Elasticity-Metals.aspx and scroll down to Steel Alloys.
  5. Here is an article that explains the difference between narrow and wide band O2 sensors. https://www.aa1car.com/library/wraf.htm
  6. Allbim: How's this measurement with the hose work to test injector leakage? Use the hose like a stethoscope. Just to clarify, I am talking about air leakage between the injector(s) and the manifold. There should be an o-ring.
  7. Although I see no indication of leakage, I notice that the gaskets are compressed a lot at the bottom, but not on top. It looks like someone tightened the bottom fasteners very hard first, and then the top. Did you try to determine if there is air leaking past the injectors? My way of doing this is is to listen with a small diameter hose. You cannot just measure the output voltage of a narrow band oxygen sensor because it consists of on-of 5 volt pulses.
  8. Changing to a MAF setup to fix the problem makes no sense. These engines ran just fine with the original setup. Are you using an aftermarket ECU that you can tune?
  9. Here is a link to lots of info about the T5 . https://www.hotrod.com/articles/0610rc-t5-transmission/
  10. "The coefficient of friction is what it is". Oh how I wish it were that simple. Yes, it pretty much is what it is when you have 2 solid surfaces in contact with each other. Even then you have a difference between static and dynamic friction. Everything changes when you have an elastomer like rubber INTERLOCKING with a rough surface. Your graph, while true, does not relate to this phenomenon; it simply illustrates the difference between rolling and sliding friction.
  11. Theoretically, a wider tire will allow you to use lower air pressure and that would give you a larger contact patch. The coefficient of friction increases as the pressure at he contact patch decreases. Formula one tires are inflated to just a little over 20 PSI. Of course they are very light cars (1616 Lbs minimum).
  12. Consider yourself lucky. Now you can go around corners at the limit of adhesion at a much safer speed and you have a much better chance of survival when things go wrong.
  13. The S14 crank uses a different damper and I'm sure BMW has a reason for that. Cutting the snout will not let you use that damper. Machining the timing cover to accept the larger S14 seal takes 30 minutes or less on a CNC mill.
  14. Quote: fried coil is different than "zero power anywhere". I'd start with the terminals at the battery and the ground to the body/engine. this style clamp is notoriously crappy I misunderstood. I was thinking of zero power to the wheels. Anyway, It wouldn't hurt to check some voltages; staring at the battery. You don't even need a volt meter. A cheap trouble-light from HF will do.
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