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  1. Yes they would fit and shipping is right around 50 dollars, I do have a pending sale right now so I will let you know tomorrow thanks
  2. I used them with a stock motor and with a 292 cam and header, they work with both but was a little better with the stock set up, unless you don’t mind a few pops here and there at idle But off idle was fine
  3. Dellorto DHLA 40 carburetors With Bmw intake manafolds, solid style linkage, electronic fuel pump, fuel pump block off plate, new gaskets for intake and carbs, and a carb synchronizer tool. will also throw in a crusty but usable water hose outlet that will be needed, will also need to find a lower bypass hose from a 320i or just make one as I did. Also needs air filters. Carbs were pulled from my 02 about 6 months ago and were working fine, they had been rebuild before I installed them about 3 years ago, they have approximately 2000 miles on them. buyer to pay shipping and PayPal fees, box will be about 20 lbs email zip for a shipping quote. Thanks Jim
  4. looking for a stock downdraft manifold for my 1974 02 doing some work on my sidedrafts want one to use during the down time let me know price with shipping to zip 30265 Thanks Jim
  5. how much for the stock intake and is that a solex carb on it? Thanks Jim
  6. Yes a have a header, and carbs were rebuilt before I installed them
  7. I just installed a set of 40 DHLA's on my 74 o2 with a 292 cam here are the spec's of the carb's 30 Venturis 7848.3 aux Venturi 60 idle jets 140 main jets 7772.11 emulsion tubes 42 pump jets 200 air correct tubes I put in a wideband gauge around 11 at idle 12-13 at cruise around 14 at wot i am getting some popping at idle and I not happy with power at upper rpms, I have searched quite a bit and from every thing I see my choke s at a little small at 30 but some recommend 32 some 34 and some 36 also not sure about the idle jet and main jet, they should be close but? any help would be welcome! Thanks, Jim
  8. http://parts.bmwofsouthatlanta.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=249648&ukey_make=980&ukey_model=13499&modelYear=1974&ukey_category=17306&ukey_driveLine=6494&ukey_trimLevel=11924 I havent either but it says qty per car 8, so it must be per half? check the link if it works
  9. Does anyone know where they sell this size, I can only find 1 place and thats BMW they want 13 bucks each My motor is a factory replacement motor and it had 1st over on mains and 3rd over on conn rods will have to find a new crank if I cant find bearings? Thanks Jim
  10. what size ball hone or dingleberry hone size do I need looks like they have them in 89mm and 95mm the motor has not been bored out so so it should be close to 88.97 stock dont know if the 89 will do it or if the 95 is 2 big? Thanks Jim
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