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  1. Piano top piston domes will hit the E21 head, not the valves. The lower the dome the less noticeable the interference is. Just because it is that way doesnt make it correct. You can clearance the head with a dremel where the impact is.
  2. While you have the access, why don't you remove the carburetor water choke nipple with the plugged hose on the side of the block and put in a plug bolt.
  3. I anticipate some clearance. Pic borrowed for reference
  4. Maybe this is why the previous owner died while the car was dissassembled in the midst of a tear down. Thx Tom.
  5. Just f....ing shit up. Someones got to be a hack and keep Barney in perspective 😆
  6. Except the cam lock slots would be on the top
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