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  1. Ed, on the IE unit I was toying with, the base plate was different than the OE Bosch distributors, maybe they changed the base plate at some point but it was different enough. I may still have it, I'll check its compatibility later. What ever I was trying to do at the time I abandoned.
  2. IE distributor will not accept standard points and condensor or a pertronix unit. The distributor body architecture and the guts are proprietary. Other redundant information found elsewhere: traditional black and red coil are externally ballast resistance, blue coil has internal resistance, this may matter in regard to electronic/magnetic points replacement devices.
  3. Door handles with key and tumblers. Driver quality finish. 110 shipped CONUS +3% as paypal G&S.
  4. Yes, as far as those participating in this thread
  5. I considered a rebuild kit, but was more inclined to have the pump gone through since the car was in milk crates with an unknown disposition on the injection system. I was not considering backward engineering or playing catch up on years of experience that the typical reveared specialists in our midst have, in order to save thousands. My inquiry on the board was to get a consensus for the average/mean/typical lead time since ten months was outside my initial understanding of a timely manner for the servicing of the system since there was no contact initiated by the vendor suggesting an issue.
  6. Steering column with key and switch. 150ea. +3% paypal G&S. Shipped CONUS
  7. I have found that oil pan sealing seam becomes deformed from over tightened pan bolts. I make sure the valley between the two sealing seams is flat, and the pan will sit flat on a glass surface. I use the paper gasket. I use Gasgacinch applied to both mating surfaces. evenly snug in cross pattern till firm.

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