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  1. And you will need to fab a mount setup to the bulkhead. The lens buckets are typically e3 buckets.
  2. They are marked from the factory. The shaft has a line etched and the pitman arm has one cast.
  3. Usually the E21 head has to have a pretty good 1/4" nibble carved into it to clear the euro dome tii pistons. doesn't help on the power making.
  4. Piston diameter looks for 90mm bore. Would be helpful to list this without having to squint at the picture of the box.
  5. I might be incorrect, but a few of the front lines with standard brake boosters get really tight if you swap over to a Ti/Tii brake booster because of the extended length. There might be some longer lines for these
  6. As stated 323 TO for 228 320 TO for 215 Has to do with pressure plate standoff profile from flywheel. Nothing to do with tranny
  7. Gordon, I had the same thing going from Momo to Personal. Something different in the ground. Im convinced its because I don't have a ground strap across my steering guibo but I can be wrong. I just made a second ground in the hub and all works well. Daron
  8. The elring style is the old style you need. They don't "snap" fit like the new style they press on and sit above the lip a bit.
  9. Just budget an engine rebuild and call it good. You don't know what you don't know and you won't know until you do.
  10. No step on the flywheel, is the 6 bolt crank spec for the pressure plate different?
  11. Where is the tensioner piston that the spring became bent ?
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