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  1. Had this listed on FB market place 49 weeks ago. will take it apart for you
  2. Drop the parts on the desk with the measurement written down for flange to flange finished length. Picked them up balanced, painted, and perfect length both times.
  3. Tom, I wasn't going to jump to conclusions but this looks like an IE unit. Not a Bosch, Not a pertronix. If so, the parts inside are proprietary, and the refurbishment of the unit only IE can answer. @Harvanj call IE about you question or tag them here to this thread if indeed it is one of their distributors Daron
  4. After fitting a new throttle cable, I synced the carbs, oiled up new filters and am going for a ride
  5. I have not seen as part number for the front. Perhaps due to the clearance of the crank gear. Some people have used a quick sleeve.
  6. the only way to be sure the seal is seated square is to press it fully into the housing. there is no way to press it further in than the old seal. you will need the shim to offset the new seal to sit in a different position. might as well just do it now if you question it than speculate for $13.
  7. Such an old man, get with the times ya sissy
  8. Did you just invite Ray to this conversation?
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