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Hey guys, 


So, I have an issue and need some new direction on how to fix my issue. please, and thank you in advance.


When I turn the key, I receive very little power, and sometimes no power, to ANYTHING in the entire car. when the key reaches the "farht" position, nothing happens.


The battery is ruled out. 

I am recieving 12.4 amps from the battery. and 13.5 from the alternator when running. 


The reason I believe it is the ignition switch is: When I jump start it, It will run like a top. (Except the other day it died on low rpms but thats for another topic) 


I have checked all the wires and everything seems to be in order. It must be the ignition switch.


My question is... do I need to get a whole new ignition assembly, or is there something within the switch that I could check out?




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If you look on the back side of your ignition switch, you'll see that the electrical portion (brown bakelite) is a separate and replaceable part from the mechanical (key lock) portion.  Disconnect the battery and mark all the wires back there to make sure you replace 'em on the proper terminal.  Then remove the electrical switch.  You can try cleaning it with electrical contact cleaner, but you probably need a new one. 


Installation is easy, so long as you marked the wires!  I'm sure Blunt has the switches.



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As above, clean, replace, tighten all of your battery cables and fittings.  Battery post fittings may look good, but can have crap inbetween.  When you jump, you bypass the battery post crap.  Some cheap cables can have corrosion inside the covering.  The ground strap from your battery box to the engine might also be frayed or rotten.  Clean and tighten cables to/from starter to battery and also to the engine block.


If it is your ignition switch, you can usually tell by looking at the connectors.  You'll see that they are burnt from shorting.  If the connections are clean it's likely your switch is ok.

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