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  1. Hello, I would like rotors and hubs minus arp studs. Let me know if still available.
  2. Hello I have some 4.5x13 steel wheels that will need some clean up. Free if you want them.
  3. 2002john


  4. Hello, If front nose is still available, I can pick up tomorrow
  5. Hi Ryan, Just wondering where you are getting wheels widen at? And do you have all the dimensions on which way you would widen? And one more question are you going to 6"wide. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello looking for 2 standard front hubs, in Bay Area, CA
  7. depending how you are jumping to get a start, cheap insurance is to buy a new ground strap body/block type
  8. Just wondering will stock steel wheels fit on stock rotor/hub and 78 and up 320i calipers
  9. I would like to purchase tobacco passenger side armrest. Please advise on payment type requested
  10. Will this fit early cars, I am in Bay area if this is not spoken for I am interested if this will fit early cars. Let me know
  11. Ray, what is inside to inside drilled hole measurement? I need 15" wheelbase if you can get decks printed with 15" wheelbase i would like two of turbo. Thanks, John
  12. FYI how do we get info in "Links" updated? I was emailing Curts wife for an upgraded radiator, she forwarded to Mark my request
  13. Thanks guys, Jrhone I was able to contact with your info and drop off with Mark. I will have a recored triple radiator in few days...
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