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I am having paint issues appear on 8 month old, Glasurit paint such as cracks in the paint on my roof and dimples in the body work that were not there when I first received the car. I recorded a video to show you and wanted to get your advice on what the best way to fix this would be. Going back to the paint shop that painted my car is not an option.

I was hoping somebody with paint knowledge can give me some advice as to how to fix this issue at least temporarily. There is still primer underneath which is promising however there was a little bit of rain that came today and the person to taste in at nights worries me. I have tape the crack for now. But it seems to have grown everyday since I've taped it and it is definitely appearing to be spreading in a circular pattern.I have a clear coat pen that I can cover the whole with but I don't think that would do much.

is there anyway to patch this issue or what I need to repaint the whole roof of the car. Thank you

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Did you have a bodywork problem in that spot? I've seen that happen when shops use a lot of bondo on it.

Can you possibly take high res pictures of all the defects? It helps to put your finger in the finish/defect and focus on it or use a manual focus if your camera has one.

Sadly for cracks like that at least from what I see there is no fix other than to paint the whole roof. You could try to sand and blend but those jobs usually show up with time.

Marks that were not there and you can see them now can be sanding marks now that the paint has settled you can see them. That happens form using way too coarse grit and the bubbles could be that they used too much clear coat and it out gassed through a thicker layer of it.

BTW beautiful color!

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we really need to see footage of the original

condition of those 'problem' areas, then it will

be obvious what what was not treated and cleaned

up properly BEFORE the prep steps prior to painting.

Unfortunatly - that needs to go back down to

bare metel and start over. If not - it will be more

of the same in a few months. Don't bother with

taping it down - the damage/cause is too deep.

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the person to taste in at nights worries me.

Oooh, that would worry me, too!

It's a bit hard to see from the video, but it looks like you have some significant

shrinkage and adhesion failure going on.

If you see primer underneath, it's a failure between coats. And usually

that type of failure would be the shop waiting too long to recoat between

coats, failing to properly prep the previous coat, or using 2 incompatible systems. Oh, or mixing one or more pots of material incorrectly.

Then the coat above's shrinking, the coat underneath's not, so the upper

coats are shrinking and delaminating from the coat you see underneath

that's doing OK. It should go back to the shop that did it- this is a warrantable

thing. And they'll know what to do to fix it, hopefully, as they'll know what

system(s) they used in the first place.

Barring that, another shop MIGHT be willing to try, but (understandably)

won't be able to stand behind their work, as the layers under what they're

applying can fail, wrecking the whole mess.

If I had inherited this, I'd probably take a razor blade and scrape off

the flakes, spray it with some cheap bomb can to seal the primer,

(high build primer's porous and epoxy primer's not UV- resistant)

wait and see how much more pops up. If it's stable after these few

episodes, then it might be worth fixing. If more cracks keep forming, it's

strip and repaint time.



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you know I wish I could take it back to the shop and have them redo it because you're right this type of thing is clearly a paint problem in should be warrantyable However for me to be able to get the shop to be fair with the situatio I had to take them to court. after being awarded a settlement I have been waiting to see the money come back in full so that I could take it to another shop to start again.

there are noticeable amount of dents that seems to be reappearing.

CD. the car did require bodywork for it to be straight which is why was taken to a body shop.however I have to asume that the amount of cars with bondo and paint have to outweigh the amount of cars that have issues.

thanks again

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I know how you feel I actually have to sue a bodyshop as well they sanded the edges of my windshield! and they did bad prep you can see scratches through the clear and runs, etc etc.

But the problem is that's so much paper work and so much time to do it I just can't find the time to sue the bas***ds. Guess this is how they get away with this sort of things.

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It looks like whoever prepped this car for paint did a shitty job, one of the reasons we refuse to paint anything prepped by somebody else. Assuming that you have enough clear coat, the roof will protected, it just looks bad. There is no way to correct this unless you get to the bottom of the problem, which is most likely the bodywork. The sand scratches as somebody else pointed out are caused by coarse sandpaper that the filler couldn't fill, they appear again after the paint cures. It is possible sometimes to color sand an polish to reduce some of it, but that is the least of your problems. The problem is more evident on your top panels, but more than likely exists all over your car. It really needs to let it sit and like CD says, look at the in process pictures to see where you have to concentrate.

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It looks like they used 1 k primer surfacer heavily to level those bad spots and it is shrinking badly almost like it was lacquer primer surfacer. They sell lacquer primer surfacer in spray cans at the Dupont paint store in Santa Rosa. It dries fast and saves time mixing up 2 stage and the clerks say they sell a lot, but it is a bad idea to use it because it shrinks a lot and for a long time.

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I am painting a 61 Corvair convertible. The owner started sanding it and gouged it so badly that I had to take it to bare metal. It had filler everywhere some places it was an inch thick many places it was applied over the paint. The car had 5 or 6 coats of paint and that many at least of primer. All that body filler for all those years and no cracks like that. It looks to me like there was a round dent there and they put filler in and it wasn't level when they checked it with guide coat so they put maybe several coats of high build 1k primer and just kept sanding and spraying until the round low spot was level but full of a thick coat of 1k primer. Now it is shrinking and pulling the top coat towards the center and cracking it in a circle. They may have done that all over the car. That is my guess anyway.

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Based on your story of having to sue the paint shop you already know that they did something wrong. At this point what they did wrong doesn't matter because the only way to fix it is to strip it off and do it properly.

As Toby said, improper mix, shrinkage, applied too heavy, not allowed to cure long enough, all of the above.

I am guessing they either did it real fast and this is what you got or they were taking forever and were tired of hearing you nag them so they rushed it out the door to get you off their backs.

Either way you get paint jobs fast, good and cheap, but you have to pick two.

You will undoubtedly end up finding more things pop up as time goes on.

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I'm not sure its the same shop. it was not united auto body il tell you that, I think if was them I wouldn't be bitching :)

the shop I went ti doesn't have its own paint booth. DON'T GO TO.A SHOP WITHOUT A PAINTBOOTH OR DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

this shop didn't, and I fear that's where these problems stem.

if I don't get my settlement back, il be attending the Brisbane show as is and will be happy to show my car off.

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