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  1. I was just going from memory maybe I am wrong, but the first 1973 car was 2763630,so if they made 2757 on Oct 24, 72 they would have had to make almost 900 more cars befor starting 1973 model year? Did they start model year and Calendar year at the same time. I will check on the old email from mobile traditions.
  2. My car is vin number 2763669 it is the 39th 1973 2002tii produced. It was assembled Oct 23, 1972. So they must have started assembly of 1973 model year about that date, depending on how many a day were produced. Ceylon, slick top beater, still working for a living.
  3. I would go with the single stage Glasurit because it will be a good rendition of the original Inka. You could get something not close with the water base two stage. The clear won't be peeling in 10 years. Someone mentioned single stage PPG Concepts fading, I painted two cars with it, one is about 7 years old and looks like the day it was painted Malaga and the other is Red and no fading there maybe they over reduced the paint. I paint a few cars and try to steer people to the two stage because it is easier for me. LOL I only use Dupont Chroma base now and it is very easy to paint. I have a friend that owned a body shop for years a real old timer and he loves the water base paints. I have seen so many different manufacturers versions of 2002 colors that when I paint my Ceylon car I will go with Glasurit. It is really what is important to you two stage will be easier to repair if needed.
  4. I have 75k on my 1970 Barracuda convertible through Grundy for a little less than $500 a year. You must have another car.
  5. I might have something you would be interested in. You can email me a [email protected]
  6. I am painting a 61 Corvair convertible. The owner started sanding it and gouged it so badly that I had to take it to bare metal. It had filler everywhere some places it was an inch thick many places it was applied over the paint. The car had 5 or 6 coats of paint and that many at least of primer. All that body filler for all those years and no cracks like that. It looks to me like there was a round dent there and they put filler in and it wasn't level when they checked it with guide coat so they put maybe several coats of high build 1k primer and just kept sanding and spraying until the round low spot was level but full of a thick coat of 1k primer. Now it is shrinking and pulling the top coat towards the center and cracking it in a circle. They may have done that all over the car. That is my guess anyway.
  7. It looks like they used 1 k primer surfacer heavily to level those bad spots and it is shrinking badly almost like it was lacquer primer surfacer. They sell lacquer primer surfacer in spray cans at the Dupont paint store in Santa Rosa. It dries fast and saves time mixing up 2 stage and the clerks say they sell a lot, but it is a bad idea to use it because it shrinks a lot and for a long time.
  8. With primer, abrasives tape and paint there is probably at least $150 in material, so that is very reasonable. I am painting a car now and the cost of material is brutal.
  9. Metallic colors are difficult to have matched. I have done a couple and in addition to the color they sometime use the wrong size or orientation on the metallic. Sometimes after painting a panel and it was a little off I would go back to the paint store and have them adjust the color. When I paint my Ceylon car I will get Glasurit paint even though that is going to be a pain since there is no dealer around here. I have seen many variations of the same stock colors at car show and some were not good. I used PPG Concept single stage on my sons Malaga car and it was dead on to the original color. I had some Ceylon mixed in Centari a few years ago and it wasn't anywhere close. My Ceylon car has at least 5 variations on Ceylon on it now and the is why I would just get Glasurit.
  10. I have a lot of Recaro seat parts, I probably have them. [email protected] Gmail.com
  11. I have one car with large aftermarket anti sway bars and stock springs and it only makes the ride a little more harsh is you hit a pot hole with only one front wheel, if you hit with both wheels at the same time there is no feedback. It is a big improvement in the handling. My other car has B&G spring and large anti sway bars and it is near perfect. My son's car has the H&R spring Bilstein Sports and big anti sway bars which is kind of the standard of suspension upgrades plus he has Ireland adjustable camber plates and the ride is not overly harsh I could drive it everyday no problem. He installed the camber plates because he had a slight tire rubbing problem, so he put a couple degrees of negative camber and it no longer rubs.
  12. I have 2762669 1973 2002tii Ceylon slick top and my son Shawn owns 2761767 1972 2002tii Malaga slick top
  13. good condition $400 plus shipping contact [email protected] I also have a couple of E21 Recaros the driver side is worn out the passenger side is nice so I would classify them as cores all plastic parts are included except the latch knobs on the upper sides. The adapters are on the seats. $150 I also have a complete sunroof with the metal panel the inside panel all the aluminum pieces in pretty good condition and both cables $200 contact me at the about email address for photos. Sorry no shipping on the seats. The differential is sold! I have an open 3.91 for $125
  14. Davo

    Recaro Seats Tan

    The seats were done at Bob's Custom Interior in Hayward Ca
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