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  1. Would be nice to have a picture of a bare long neck frame for the FAQ side by side with this one. I have pics from the other side as well.
  2. Hey guys was wondering if you can help me Id. if this subframe is shortneck or long neck? Need to purchase all the hardware to mount to it. I'm aware the differentials are different as well as the trailing arms I have all the matching stuff but bolts are terrible. I think it's shortneck "newer" style, but unsure.
  3. Kpeters


  4. Hey Guys, I'm currently at Dallas and will be staying here for a few days, would anyone happen to know if there are any 2002's or maybe E21's on wrecking yards in the zone? I know it's a tough call but thought I would as just in case there's any locals around here. Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot guys great community as usual!
  6. Hi fellow 02'ers I'm having a rich mixture problem on my 02 and was wondering if you have any recommendations for jets (main,idle and air) for and altitude of about 3,500ft. Also, what is this mixture enrichment hole that needs to be plugged that c.d. has spoken about several times? I don't want to plug the wrong one. And btw why should we plug that hole? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  7. As said before I also look at the chrome bumpers like jewelry but very nice one! I've seen countless pictures of accidents involving federalized bumpers on euro cars where the car is trashed and the bumpers are still nice and shiny lol. All those big bumpers are good for are very slow speed bumping into stuff.
  8. Hi we have em for $135 each, new.
  9. I'm restoring my 02 and will be repainting it this year, this information is priceless for me. Thanks a lot!
  10. Wow amazing initiative! It look perfect I would have gotten one for mine if it wasn't Euro.
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