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  1. Yeah that ad pops up in my feed every once in awhile. I notice that the price has dropped $6k.
  2. I have an e30 battery cable for sale if you are thinking about relocating your battery to either the trunk or the under the back seat. Positive cable measures approx 11-1/2' and the negative is about 6". Local sale has preference as I'd rather not ship. Thanks for looking!
  3. nomalt

    e30 325is

    I forgot to add to what I liked about the 325is: A/C! Of course I also said that the car is not perfect. I will like the car even more after I get the A/C fixed. haha
  4. I went for the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71Rs. Love'm. Full transparency: I live in California and the '02 has been regulated to a weekend car nowadays.
  5. My battery tray rusted all the way through so I had the option to either weld in a new one or move the battery. I wasn't entirely comfortable placing the battery under the back seat and the TEP option is a pretty common mod, so I opted for that. I don't regret it at all, but what I really like is the optional battery cut off switch. Peace of mind knowing my car will more than likely be there when I come back for it after parking. Yeah, a bit paranoid. As others have mentioned, unless your car is 100% stock, I wouldn't worry about it losing value.
  6. nomalt

    e30 325is

    Thanks to all those who replied. After looking for awhile, I picked up an 87 325is about a month ago. I was looking for a couple of things: 1) Nice Driver condition, not a +10k showcar and not a beater 2) Stock as possible 3) Manual transmission 4) Alpine White w/ a tan interior 5) 1990 or 1991 when they had airbags 6) 325i or 325is; an "is" would have been a plus but not a deal breaker. So the car I purchased didn't hit all the marks but still happy with the new addition. What I really like: 1) 6 cylinder power - and I don't have to put in premium gas. (My 2002 knocks like crazy if I don't use premium due to the enlarged pistons.) 2) While talking about gassing up: I can fill up the tank at full speed and not have to worry about gas spilling out the side when it is full! 3) Electric everything - just like a modern car! Locks! Sunroof! Side Mirrors! 4) Doesn't smell like exhaust when I drive 5) Cabin is pretty much air tight, not like my noisy '02 6) Doesn't burn oil unlike my '02 However, don't get me wrong, the car is far from perfect. Suspension has all been but neglected. The stance is odd due to the fact is has lowering springs in the front and stock springs in the back (kinda has a 'dragster' stance). Mice have gnawed at some the engine wiring. It is completely missing the front air dam. Timing belt was way past it's deadline, and that was the first thing I had done to the car. I spent 4 hours trying to clean just one of the wheels because there was so much brake dust that was caked on and pitted the wheels. Only 3 more to go! But so far it has been a blast to drive and own!!
  7. nomalt

    e30 325is

    Hey guys, Thinking about picking up an e30. Anyone have both a 2002 and a 325...specifically 325is. What are the pros and cons of the e30? Thanks if you have the time! mal
  8. Just rec'd in the mail today how Bimmer Magazine will stop publishing. April 2017 will be the last issue. Too bad as I always looked forward to each new magazine.
  9. I know you are going to A1, but I'd like to throw in my 2 cents for Casey Motorsports. I drive 80 miles from Sunnyvale to have them work on my car and for me, it is well worth it. He has customers come up from LA and there are always 2002s in the shop, usually 4 or 5. My guess is that since it is a small 2 person shop with a great reputation, he may get overwhelmed with work and phone calls. He is a great guy who has a real passion for his work. He is not intentionally trying to piss you off! haha
  10. I don't always agree w you Esty, but I do agree w you on this.
  11. I switched from an automatic to a 5/speed last year. And while some people love their automatics, the swap was, hands down, the best thing I've ever done to the car! Better reliability, better gas mileage and much more fun to drive. Just my 2 cents.
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