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  1. I would do a thorough check of the car. Looks good from here but im not sure if the current owner only lowered it as I wouldnt assume the orignial owner had this many stickers on the car when it sat for 30 years. Good luck
  2. Price:: 300 Location: : San Jose, CA Selling a hard to find, Bellino / BMW gas can AKA Jerry Can that fits into your spare tires wheel well in the trunk. This cool little gas can stores an extra 6 liters (1.5 gallons) which is good to keep in the car for those long trips in the mountains. These are hard to find in a 13" size (smallest they came) and these were an extra option for late model 2002's and early e21's. I imported this from German Ebay a few years ago but I could use the money to Please email me at [email protected] I can ship from San Jose CA or ship (paypal will be required) Price is $300 or Best Offer (please feel free to make offers)
  3. Im selling my prized BMW Jerry gan (gas can) that fits snuggly into the spare tires rim and allows you to store an extra 6 liters of gas. This is a rare option to find in a 13". I had this inported from germany in a parts purchase i made. Considering these are hard to find, im looking to get $250 for this. Shipping is extra and is from San Jose California. if interested, please email me at [email protected] Note picture is not of the original can, il post those tonight when i get the can out of storage. I can email pics upon interest.
  4. Hello Looking for the Bosch SR440X starter to install in my 71. Figured id see if someone had a spare to sell. I am located in Santa Clara, California and can pay paypal ASAP. Please email me at: [email protected] if you have one for sale. Thank you, Location: Santa Clara, CA, USA
  5. Found some "Driving School Pedals" on German Ebay for the 2002. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Fahrschulpedale-BMW-1502-2002-ti-tii-turbo-/271361025690?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item3f2e60a69a These would be cool to install in a beater and do some "teamwork" racing with one guy on the wheel and another on the gas.
  6. Yeah that kinda bugged me out too. Sounds like they never drove one.
  7. Oh good catch, and I thought I found something new.... I did a search before posting and nothing came up, strange. Oh well since I can't delete this, enjoy being reminded that our cars are worth a lot more then previously thought. I'll keep the video for those who haven't seen it.
  8. Looks like posting on my tablet screwed upnthe post. Here is the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkVKBkdZ_cY&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  9. I was watching Mecum Anaheim 2013 and caught a 1971 200w (non tii or ti) sell for 27k.... I shot a video of the auctuon for historical refernce. I am quite shoked by how the orices have sky rocketed. I understand this auction may nkt be a representaion of the market but is good for reference. ive posted the video online. this was recorded soley for historical reference and the original telecast is property of its respective owners. video: what do you guys think?
  10. A car I bought had had its underdash panels cut out to attach "5 speakers which works out quite nicley. You wont see them unless youre looking. I also reused the factory "mono speaker/radio" and made it accomodate a modern single DIN radio. NICE CAR though, didint know he was into 02's.
  11. Hello, I am selling a slighly used Ireland Engineering Resonator. Its stainless steel. I bought this for my exhaust system but went a slightly different route with the exhaust note. I installed this, rode for 200 miles and took it off for a differnet one. This is still very nice, chrome is clean without any dents or scratches. I prefer Bay Area sale for 50 bucks or best offer. I really want to sell it so if you think you want it, make me an offer. I am located in Santa Clara California. This will weld right up to any 2" pipes (i think thats what it was). Thank you for looking. Please email [email protected]
  12. This will be cross-posted in Nor Cal forum but I also wanted to ask here in case someone moved away from the Bay Area that knew of a place to rebuild 2002 diff's. I have a 3:91 off a 1976 2002 and I was gonna see if i should rebuild it before installing into my 2002 with the 5speed swap I planned. I haven't ran the diff to hear if there's noises but it turns freely. I know its tough to gauge pricing but if anyone can quote me what they paid last, that would help me immensely. Thanks in advance,
  13. So today I am working on my car and a few small kids from across the street come over to ask me about what im doing. Their curiosity is flattering but they might be a little annoying with their barrage of questions. Nevertheless I carry on installing my exhaust manifold while explaining what im doing. Out of the 5 kids, two had those metal scooters (razors) with them, the little kid (no more than 5) got an atta-boy for laying his scooter down on the sidewalk and hangs out on my side of the car looking over into the engine bay, their friend, an older kid who is about 11 is hanging out across from me when I realize that his scooter is resting firmly against my fender as he is flailing about .... Once I realized it, it was too late, the damage was done... I walk over to find a couple nice scratches. I proceed to tell the kid how uncool it was of him to do that but there's only so much i can say to an 11 year old. This was the same kid that was telling me about how he doesnt like cars but he likes toys like his goped that goes 120 miles per hour, I think I might be doing a motor swap to a goped soon.... Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about how Ive never had a random kid ask me to help fix my car like I did when i was younger, these kids didint exactly help me with my car but I realized that Moral of the story is dont let kids next to your car without giving them a NO METAL explanation like the TSA would. g
  14. I've got a older brake booster on my car and needs to replace it. My brakes are a little harder to press. Does anyone have one they can part with. Ideally a tested working one is ideal as I want to install it and go. I'm in Santa Clara California. Thank you
  15. I'm needing to replace my broken headlight high beam switch. Does anyone have one they can ship to me in Santa Clara California? Please email [email protected]
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