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  1. I don’t have a pic handy but it doesn’t look too high at all. As long as you use the stock 2002 motor mounts, you’ll be fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have two whole cars. San Martin, south bay.
  3. Thanks, I scrolled farther down the Festorics site and found all the prices after seeing your reply. Looks like only CCA members can buy tix. Is that correct? Thanks Bart
  4. I have been looking but can't find out if I need tickets to be a spectator at the Festorics. I'm assuming there is a cost for parking but what about general admission. The Festorics and CCA site are not clear. (Not a CCA member) Bart
  5. Based on your story of having to sue the paint shop you already know that they did something wrong. At this point what they did wrong doesn't matter because the only way to fix it is to strip it off and do it properly. As Toby said, improper mix, shrinkage, applied too heavy, not allowed to cure long enough, all of the above. I am guessing they either did it real fast and this is what you got or they were taking forever and were tired of hearing you nag them so they rushed it out the door to get you off their backs. Either way you get paint jobs fast, good and cheap, but you have to pick two. You will undoubtedly end up finding more things pop up as time goes on.
  6. Oh mah Gawd!!! Terrible, that's gonna take years and cost millions! The rest of the car is no doubt riddled with rust and is not safe. Call the exterminator to get all the rust bugs out!
  7. Are we looking at the same pic? All I see is a rust bubble on the lower edge of the fender, in the usual place. The rocker looks fine other than some chipped paint. Based on the picture posted above, the rust isn't in the rocker.
  8. The ad says "no rust" but then shows a picture of rust. ?? Not much info, no price listed in the ad.
  9. The spot shown doesn't look that bad from the outside. Doesn't look bad enough that there would be significant rust behind that spot. Without seeing more pix it's hard to say for sure but if it was just the outer skin rust repair and spot paint in that one area, it could be done in a day. The problem is the body schutz wouldn't match and the repair would have a different texture. Being on the lower rocker it's not such a big deal though. Cost would probably be a couple hundred bux.
  10. They fit into 12 foot U-haul trailers too. The tailgate doesn't close all the way though.
  11. Anyone that makes definitive blanket statements like that about others' knowledge of a specific vehicle is.... oh wait, never mind.
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