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Ok, This May Sound Personal, What Do We All Look Lilke


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Since we all now know who F Bomb and Blunt look like, how about a pic of each of us next to our girlfriend, mistress, lover, spouse etc (i.e. our '02).

Would make it easier for us to recognize everyone at Mid-America.

Just a thought.


The question is not that we broke a few rules or took certain liberties with our female guests.

We did ;)

Charlie don't surf!!

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Wont be at MidAm, but here's me and the girl 2 years ago. No pictures since :P



'76 2002 in Malaga (110k Original, 2nd Owner, sat for 20 years and now a toy)
'86 Chevy K20 (6.2 Turbo Diesel build) & '46 Chevy 2 Ton Dump Truck
'74 Suzuki TS185, '68 BSA A65 Lightning (garage find), '74 BMW R90S US Spec #2

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Won't be there either, but you might see me in Brisbane in May.




- 1970 Colorado 2002, 1982 323i, 1972 Porsche 914, 1956 Porsche 356A Coupe replica, 2003 Mini Cooper S


- 1980 320is Turbo, 1972 Malaga 2002tii, 1973 Polaris 2002tii, 1973 Sahara 2002, 1981 Alpina C1 2.3, 1989 M3, 1984 Hardy & Beck 327S

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Me and Celeste at our first Mid America Fest in 2010. Not sure who snapped this picture - maybe Bo Black or Keith Kreeger.

I'm next to the car BIH (beer in hand). Looks like I'm either explaining why I have the wrong mirror on the car or some road crap I washed off from the 1,250+ mile trip.

I still think this was the best trip I've been on so far since I've owned the car. Need to venture farther West...


Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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Clay Weiland changing oil pans at Marshall's house. Not too long after this, I let the jack down - it slipped off the subframe and dented the newly installed oil pan. Yes - my bad. Lesson learned: let the car owner mess with the jack and stand back.


Here's Marshall Lytle during the wrestling match with Clay's oil pan swap


Grice in his OSHA-approved footwear while we dismantled Clay's '76


Jay Swift re-wiring Clay's '67 1600 just prior to a V@V trip


Earl and Bill yucking it up at V@V 2010 (Hey - you can't park here if you have dual Mikuni's)


More to be added as I feel like it...

Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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Me, WilliamGGruff and DUDONLY.


Looks like one of you better have cat like reflexes.

1995 Toyota Landcruiser

1975 2002A

1989 Dodge Raider (sold)

1974 Toyota Landcruiser (very sadly sold)

1994 BMW 530i (sold)

1992 BMW 325i (sold)

1970 2002 auto sunroof (sold)

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Looks like one of you better have cat like reflexes.

We were actually raising the subframe, engine and transmission into my 1600, not lowering the car.

Come to think of it, I have done two engine/trans/subframe removals and replacements in that car and it's always been from the underside; never from the top.

1967 1600-2 - M42 - 1521145          Follow my project at www.TX02.blogspot.com          E30 DD Project Blog


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