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  1. My car is a 1970. I installed a 75 harness since I have upgraded a lot on the car. On later cars there is a bracket spot welded to the fender to hang the relays. Since car is a 1970 I don’t have this. Just curious how others have found ways to hang then and clean area up i know they sell the relays that have a mount tab on back, and may get that type if I can find no solution for these relays
  2. I have an interest. Can you pm me price? also is the vinyl brittle? On still fairly compliant?
  3. Will it work with bottom of a 3 piece? If it does I am interested
  4. I am looking for a dash. Can you PM or text pics to 214-574-5766? serious buyer
  5. Have a 1970 so prefer 3 piece but, at this point I will buy a 1,2 or 3 in good shape. Let me know what you have...dash will be in Walter!!
  6. I did that with this one bit it is so brittle it crumbles when even light touches Rest of dash is decent-ish.
  7. My gauge section, of my 3 piece is toast. I am looking for either another piece to replace it or will consider buying a whole 3 piece in decent shape pic is the part I need if I can’t get a whole dash
  8. I can get a new one form WN for that price with shipping. I will have to pass
  9. Great. How much with shipping to 6933 Robin Willow Dr Dallas Texas 75248
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