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  1. nbristow01

    Diff ID

    Thanks Toby, I have an early diff so may search for a standard later 02. The idea of 3.91 with a 4 speed for a 6 hour drive is painful. May only be 300 RPM difference but that is actually quite a bit when you are in the car for hours. Next summer I may look for a good 5 speed and do a swap like my last car. My goal now is get this can completed and to MidAmerica...5 speed swap can wait
  2. nbristow01

    Diff ID

    Mike, now that I think of it, you are right!
  3. nbristow01

    Diff ID

    I run 205/50/15 tires on front and rear (not that front matters for this) I think I would prefer to stay with the 3.64 1600 diff. It seems in pretty good shape and spins smooth. Now to figure out which CV shafts go with what. Car came with 6. 2 in good shape, 2 in fair shape and 2 in crap shape. The 1600 diff has thinner CV mount flanges that are not threaded. I assume this is just nuts and bolts. The E21 has threaded flanges and thicker. The 6 CV shafts, 4 are same length and 2 are longer, so I assume the ones that are longer would have been for the POs E21 diff conversion Good news is the 2 CVs in great shape seem to fit perfect with the 1600 diff. (I am mocking up on ground) By the way, sorry for the questions.....this car came 90% taken apart and the parts where in bboxes mixed with E21 parts...so its a mix of all kinds of stuff in the boxes
  4. nbristow01

    Diff ID

    Thanks for the info! The original one from the car, the `1600 shows 11 40 SO 3:64. The E21 numbers are 11 43 so 3:91ish I see no S on the E21 case. When I turn one flange the other spins in opposite direction so would seem to indicate a non LSD. Car came with a spare set of CV shafts the guy said fitted the diff that came with it...the E21 Not sure what to do at this point. I will be running a 4 speed, the motor is bring built with 9.5 JE pistons, 292 cam, has a 1.8 head (i got pistons to match it) I would think the original early diff may not be up to the task of the added power and more spirited driving. Relly think the E21 diff, with the 3.91, may be damn high up in the RPM range on road trip to Eureka Springs. Also I have no interest in an LSD. Did not have one in my last 02, which had a modded motor, and it was fine. Looks like I may need to source a regular, later, 02 diff Thanks tons guys and gals
  5. nbristow01

    Diff ID

    My car is a 1970 2002. The diff that came in it differs from what I had in my 1974 2002. My current car was an automatic so maybe this is why it differs. The one that was ion the car has thinner flanges where the CVs mount and, in general, seems to be less robust overall. Car also came with a second diff which I plan to use, which I think is from an E21? Great to know what they both are. I have feeble search skills and found ten billion threads on diffs. After a blinding amount of looking I decided to ask directly.
  6. nbristow01

    Neue Klasse steering wheel

    Got mine from him as well. He is exceptional
  7. nbristow01

    Well, may have been scammed by RSherwood

    Yep. Last convo with him was last weekend and he promised to ship by Wednesday then called and said he couldn’t get it done until Friday”today” to get me tracking info. He has vanished again and won’t respond. I even offer to help cover some additional on shipping if it is more than he expected
  8. nbristow01

    Well, may have been scammed by RSherwood

    Forgot to mention, it is not just me. My friend also paid for parts form him at beginning of December and still has not received his parts
  9. nbristow01

    Well, may have been scammed by RSherwood

    I paid him in 3 December and he said he would get them cut and shipped that weekend. 6 weeks later still no parts. If he was not ready to get them shipped he should not have reached out to me to offer his parts. He was quick to take 950 bucks. If he had told me it would take him this long I would have purchased elsewhere mad it stands I am out 950 and have a project at a dead standstill for over a month now it’s simple. Parts or refund me. That is all I want. If he refuses both then I already have the civil part ready to go
  10. nbristow01

    A few interior bits

    I am looking for the black plastic cover for the door handle....I need one. Also, need the plastic cover for one of the window winding handles Lastly, I need one knob, with center cap, for the front wing glass winder
  11. nbristow01

    Knee crash pad

    El Bumpo
  12. nbristow01

    Pedal box for automatic

    Le bump
  13. nbristow01

    Well, may have been scammed by RSherwood

    Update, spoke with RSherwood this past weekend. Said he was in a motorcycle wreck which delayed him. Has refused to refund my money so I can just buy elsewhere...it's been 6 weeks so I feel I have been patient enough. We had an agreement, in writing in the FAQ messages that I was buying the tail lights, deck lid and the rear quarter for a package deal of 950 shipping included. He now states he wants me to pay additional for the shipping so now 950 is just for parts. I demanded a refund and he said IF he gives a refund it will only be for the decklid and he will keep the rest as a labor fee for removing the quarter off the car. I received the tail lights (after a lot of pushing) so asked for just 750 refund. That is me paying 200 for uses lights so more than fair I felt but he refuses. His final message was him stating he may cover some shipping and "Eat" the expense if it is not too much. Deadline to get me shipping info, tracking numbers etc, is tomorrow. I made the error of paying as FF with PayPal BUT I have my PayPal linked to my corporate credit card and we spend a lot here. The CC company said since they are linked they will file a claim against RSherwood (I have all his contact info)and pursue it as internet fraud. Additionally, our attorney specializes in collections and I will pursue RSherwood through the civil channels of the legal system. All I ever wanted was either my parts or a refund. What pisses me off is I am the guy that gives local guys free parts to help with their builds, always try to lend a hand or parts and then I get a guy that steals....just ashamed.
  14. nbristow01

    Rear Drum Backing plates for early 02

    Le bump
  15. nbristow01

    Trunk Lid Wanted - Seattle Area