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  1. nbristow01

    Need clips for top of door cards

    Thanks. I was able to get 10 from an FAQ guy
  2. Looking for the slug pin and clip. This is the main pin and clip that is the pivot point where it attaches to body of car. I attached a Max pic and it is items 3 and 5
  3. nbristow01

    73 Gas Tanks and Sending Unit

    If available I will take it...I am in Dallas
  4. nbristow01

    intake cleaned and ready to go

    Le Bump
  5. I will take it. Please message me your PayPal info
  6. nbristow01

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Thanks for the tips. I plan to glue this in today then install the front subframe
  7. nbristow01

    intake cleaned and ready to go

    el bumpo
  8. nbristow01

    Firewall insulation fitment

  9. nbristow01

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Did you spray adhesive the entire pad or just certain sections? I have never installed one of these so open to any input
  10. nbristow01

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Man thanks. I did not think it would go up anymore but it did Looks like good to go Thank!
  11. nbristow01

    Firewall insulation fitment

    I did not see on his site.
  12. nbristow01

    Firewall insulation fitment

    that looks better
  13. This is original BMW. Not sure how it is supposed to fit new. The is stuff had mostly crumbled away. This piece, on passenger side, extends beyond the edge of the area where the tunnel meets the firewall. On driver side it will not match up with wing/firewall conture. Just eas curious what the fitment is supposed to look like
  14. nbristow01

    intake cleaned and ready to go

    Was media blasted and painted high temp silver. As clean as they can get 100 plus shipping
  15. nbristow01

    New in box 38/38 Weber Carb

    250 plus shipping. Never installed, in fact...the box was opened for the first time for these photos. I decided to go dual 40 DCOE side-drafts so no need for this carb 250 plus shipping