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  1. Need a pic of the original tii or 1600ti air box installation . Thanks . Also looking for a spare mounting bracket. Thanks
  2. when I did the stick on trim I bought 4 new seam covers and did this. You need to snip the back sides off where they slide on to the oem trim , then massage them to the contour of the stick on trim, then I used 3m adheasive to just glue them on. OEM trim is so fragile. Doesnt take much to ding.
  3. have a blow out at that speed. in any car
  4. I opened it for him. He said he needed to check the power steering belt and master cylinder resevoir. I'm like , cool.
  5. got the 02 inspected yesterday. Came out of the office and cought the kid trying to slam shut my hood. Even after yelling stop he still tried a couple of more times. Grrrrr
  6. I always said pink for tight blue for real tight red for real f**king tight LOL
  7. I reported it to ebay on the basis of fraud. Its not "restored" and its not a tii. Would hate to see somebody get burned.
  8. Really ? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/70-BMW-2002tii-2002-tii-Coupe-Manual-2-0-4spd-ti-NO-RESERVE-MUST-SELL-nr-/261162630620?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item3cce817ddc
  9. nick, I might still have a new set in box if interested.
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