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  1. They fit a narrow body -although my fenders were rolled. I used them on my 72tii with 185/70R13 tires.
  2. Downloads don't work for me, is there an alternate link? Thanks
  3. Thanks Steve !!! Missed you today at the DWA C&C in Santa Cruz. I thought you lived right around the corner....
  4. I decided to go to the DWA C&C in Santa Cruz this morning. Left at 5 a.m., met up with a group in the south bay, and joined the very spirited caravan to Santa Cruz. 10 2002 showed up to celebrate 02/02/2020 day !!! Just got back after 400 miles of fun...
  5. Hey we can own organize our own drive on 02/02. Just need to pick a good meeting place and people will show up....
  6. Selling a very good used M10 2.0. Used this as a temporary engine for about a year in my 1970 2002, while figuring out what to do with my other engine. Got my engine back, and swapped them out last weekend. Here are some specs. I bought it here on the FAQ about a year ago. Motor - Built and tuned by Gary Gerard out of Reno Nevada who owns Bavarian auto haus - 1974 M10 block - 1975 e12 head - Stock Mahle pistons - Stock cam - new rockers and shafts - new water pump - new cam/ oil pump chains and gears - head intake ports polished - Racetep oil pan baffle - spare oil pan without baffle included as well - Engine had 11k miles on it when I bought it in September 2018, I added about 8k, so less than 20k miles total - No leaks or oil consumption - Pictures in the car were taken last week, after months of driving. Didn't wipe anything clean. - I have a 38 Weber, rebuild kit and intake manifold that could be included for the right price Transmission - 245 5 speed Getrag, 3 piece from an E21 - leaks from the rear seal(s), but I have a complete reseal/gasket kit - Shifts smooth, no noises, synchros still good. Engine runs great, smooth throttle response, even with the 45 dual draft Webers. I would like to get $2,800 for everything, plus shipping. Call or message me if interested. 530-320-6087 Dieter
  7. I drive mine year round without a choke. And even here in northern CA it gets around 30 degrees in the winter. Have dual 45 Weber side drafts, with an electric fuel pump. I let the pump run a few seconds, pump the gas 2 or 3 times, and it always starts. Takes less than 10 seconds for the idle to stabilize.
  8. I did an engine swap last year, also without a lift. A few jack stands and jacks do the job. Just need to raise the car high enough, then drop everything - engine, suspension/subframe and transmission.
  9. Just to give you an idea, I am having a head built by Ireland Engineering right now. They start with a used 121 head, it will be totally reconditioned, with new everything and a 292 cam. It will go on my rebuilt 2.0 block, bored 40 over with high compression 10.0:1 Mahle pistons and dual 45 Weber sidedrafts. IE charges $1,800 for the head. I guess you can have a similar head done somewhere else for less. Since you don't know for sure who built the head, how many miles and the quality of the work, I would guess it's worth no more than maybe $1,000.
  10. These pictures are a few weeks old, when I picked up my tree in December.
  11. Ja, ich spreche Deutsch, habe alles verstanden...?
  12. Just had my Flofit seats redone, very happy with the outcome, and super comfortable. Basically the same as a Recaro LS.
  13. When I bought my 2002, it came with a modified box, to accommodate the clearance to the brake booster. I have since replaced it with some trumpets and individual Weber filters. If someone needs the box, I could make it available. Dieter
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