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Brake Booster differences


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I bought this remanufactured booster for my 73 '02. When I received the booster it seems to be a different one due to the plastic elbow. Other than the elbow everything else is the same. Are they really the same? Does the plastic elbow goes over that nipple? How do I remove the palstic elbow from mine?

If not what is the workaround to use this booster in my car.


1973 Sahara

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THE PLASTIC RIGHT/ANGLE fitting is for routing the vacuum supply hose

you don't need no stinking fitting with that replacement

booster - just a hose clamp. BUT you'll find routing the hose

up and over to the intake manifold is now a challenge without

that original ANGLE. The correct vacuum booster supply

hose is special reinforced and cannot be bent to sharp

angles. So now you'll be forced to run double the length

hose to reach the intake do to the loss of the important

connection ANGLE fitting

the original white plactic angle fitting just prys

out of the rubber bushing - leaving a nice big hole.

NO BMW ( or M-Benz ) ever had that type of booster

with that straight metal fitting - all use rubber bushing

with right angle fitting, or a metal threaded fitting

for a hard plastic vacuum hose attachment - so your replacement

booster "is not for BMW"


see why the ANGLE is so important -=>

(same for carb & tii )


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C. D. used the term "pry" to remove the fitting. It is a "bayont" mount. Turn it counterclockwise a bit and it will then pull out. Prying on it will break it.

A radiator shop is a good place to take a leak.


I have no idea what I'm doing but I know I'm really good at it.

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Wow! I get to correct CD in a public forum. This is a rare occurrence!

Actually - MANY 2002s came from the factory with boosters that just had the straight metal tube fitted for the brake booster hose instead of the plastic elbow. The F Bomb's is like that, for instance.

If you mess with the plastic elbow for any reason - get a new seal ring for it. These seals, when damaged are the source of vacuum leaks (especially in cylinder 3 and 4) where the hose connects in the intake manifold.

Part number for the rubber O ring is 34 33 1 103 314

Paul Wegweiser

Wegweiser Classic BMW Services

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Thanks to Paul and CD for all the information.

In order to complete the installation I just went to a nearby junker and get the booster hose from a Ford Explorer that already had some bends that made easy to direct the hose to the intake.. Then install the check valve in the middle of the way.

Breaking of the car inproved but I still feel it hard to brake. Any reccomendation?



1973 Sahara

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..." breaking of the car improved -

but I still feel it hard to brake.

Any reccomendation?...."

- adjust the rear brake shoes

- inspect wear condition of rear shoes & drums

and moving parts for shoes

- replace the front pads/rotors/calipers

- replace all rubber brake hoses

'86 R65 650cc #6128390 22,000m
'64 R27 250cc #383851 18,000m
'11 FORD Transit #T058971 28,000m "Truckette"
'13 500 ABARTH #DT600282 6,666m "TAZIO"

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On CDs photo I noticed the chk valve is near the manifold. Does the position of the valve in relation to the booster makes a difference. Is there any specified location for the chk valve?

Thanks for all the information. I will be working on that during the weekend.

1973 Sahara

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48 minutes ago, Alex Benedek said:

i got two '02s and both have different boosters and none as any of those two ...  ?


OK, Alex, you're not giving us much to work with! ?


Where are you located? RHD cars use some funky dual-booster system. What years are your '02's? Early cars use a different style of booster. What sub-models are your '02's? The ti and tii sub-models use boosters that are longer but smaller in diameter than other sub-models.


So....we probably need more info and good photos before we can say, "Lookie there: that '02 has a brake booster from a '68 Pontiac..." ?






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1976 2002 Polaris, 2742541 (original owner)

1973 2002tii Inka, 2762757 (not-the-original owner)

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