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  1. Good Morning Doza! I can send a brand new set to you for about $25.00 each as well. Feel free to e mail me or call my direct extension: 412 585 2067 Paul Wegweiser Maximillian Importing Co www.maximillianblog.com
  2. This was a HUGE hit as a door prize at MidAmerica ...and now I'm able to get a bunch more. These are all metal and awesome! Price is only $100.00 plus ground shipping to your door! Size: 21" long, 8" tall, 8" wide (when closed) Width open is a full 19" These things are fuggin' SUHWEEEET! I'll have one at The Vintage for y'all to touch and smell. They are PRETTY!!!! e mail me for more details, or to get your name on one. classicbmwparts@gmail.com Or call my direct extension: 412 585 2067
  3. The car I just bought (1969/70) has one of these, and I'm giving the mirror away to a friend with an earlier car, since this is a detail that doesn't matter much to me on this new project. I believe in Karma. It lasts longer than money.
  4. Oh believe me... I am ***VERY*** familiar with Bristol. And I think it's gorgeous! Especially on a stubby bumper early car. I saw the car had been painted silver (and was badly faded) but when I looked under the hood and saw glossy, beautiful Bristol under the dirt, I may or may not have squealed like a 9 year old girl. Total sleeper color. And indeed... it's cool to see so many manufacturers using muted grays lately (from Subaru to Audi, etc) Hope to have it home and washed for photographs next month. Then...it'll sit while I save up money for sheet metal and an air compressor.
  5. I'm a big fan of Bristol.... A quick google image search shows some square light cars re-painted in Bristol, though I don't think it was ever offered by BMW after 72 or so.
  6. Since there']s nothing I like more than muddying the waters, here's an (originally bristol) 1969/70 2002 I'm picking up. Car has been painted (exterior only) silver, but the engine bay paintwork is still gorgeous. Interior appears to be original to the car and is medium tan/black 2-tone (akin to what Malaga cars of the era had).... I wish it was black, however... tan and Bristol just don't look good together IMHO. Appears to have decent bones but will require substantial welding, which will be my next project, once I get it home next month. Car has about 97,000 miles (presumed original) and may have been off the road for as many as 30 years. (Carolina tags say "1981" on them.) Original owner since new. US version purchased in Germany by serviceman, I'm told by the late owner's son. Has swan neck mirror and titled as a '70....but I suspect it's a 68/69 car. Didn't think to write down the VIN. Should have it home and cleaned up next month. Also - be glad they haven't figured out how to convey smells via the internet. This one smells worse than any 2002 I have ever found / owned. The mice and I are going to have a little talk. Cheers from Pittsburgh PA!
  7. Shoot an e mail to me at classicbmwparts@gmail.com and I'll see what I can come up with. I may need to know your year / VIN on a few things, I suspect! Thanks! Paul
  8. Part number on the vertical B pillar seal is : 51 36 7 441 110 (same part number left and right)
  9. Yeah... I need door seals for my baby BADLY.... but I also need food and rent money! The struggle is real.
  10. If I could make the prices any lower, you BET I would! I believe we have the best prices in the entire country on these, but please correct me if I'm wrong! I need to know! Thanks! Paul
  11. Since being back with Maximillian Importing Co, I've been able to tweak some prices on the stuff we ALL want, but have been waiting for the right sale, to get. Here's what I've come up with for ya'! We're hauling arse and taking names on Genuine BMW body rubber seals! (all of it ships within 48 hours!) door seals, GENUINE BMW EACH $256.50 windshield seal, front GENUINE BMW $118.96 windshield seal, rear GENUINE BMW $115.51 trunk seal GENUINE BMW $47.81 vertical seals for B pillar GENUINE BMW $27.40 each left or right rear 1/4 glass seals, each GENUINE BMW $62.32 left or right front vent window seal, each GENUINE BMW $41.17 ***Or ALL of the above - KIT PRiCE $1049.00!*** In stock for immediate delivery to your door! Also available: Genuine BMW chrome lock strips for windshields $50.20 each E mail or call for details, or if you have any questions! e mail: classicbmwparts@gmail.com direct 2002 HOTLINE (that's MY mobile phone, folks!) 412 585 2067 www.maximillianblog.com www.bimmer.com 1.800.950.2002 Woot! is it Friday yet?
  12. I do have a question for those of you also in love with the CN36 Pirellis: Have any of you noticed increased road noise versus other more "modern" tires (especially at lower speeds)? Before I start swapping wheels to check this, I thought I'd ask. My car sounds as if it's got loud wheel bearings / differential / center support bearing noises, but everything thus far has checked out...so I'm HOPING it's just the tires. I don't recall (last autumn) any sudden increase in noise, but my memory is foggy. I've even gone as far as to replace the driveshaft support and guibo to eliminate it.... but it's still there. Please tell me it's just the tread making noise, and that I won't be replacing my rear bearings on the side of the highway this summer!
  13. Next time I need a set - You folks will be my FIRST call! I got a set in the US a few months ago, and I LOVE these tires/ tyres! I didn't realize how awful my previous Khumo tires were until installing the CN36s!
  14. Another sneaky source for trunk fuel smell is the rubber filler boot that goes to the quarter panel. If you haven't ever replaced it, try removing it and then stretching it with your fingers while you hold it upside down. You may find tiny hairline cracks in it - as I did in mine. The top looked perfect, but after hours of sleuthing, I found those hairline cracks to be the source of my vapor odor. Tip: The four screws that hold that filler boot clamping ring to the quarter panel are NOT symmetrical! Mark "top" with a piece of tape before you remove it. I've never had odor / vapor leak from the un-clamped factory hoses (BMW certainly didn't clamp them and when the hoses are in good condition, no clamps are needed on the vapor side of things)
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