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  1. Yeah... when it's my scrawny arse under the car (on my back) installing them... I want to make sure I don't have to do it twice... and on a customer's car... totally NOT worth guessing! Peace Out!
  2. I have TWO to get rid of... no idea how good or bad they are... but $150 for both and if you can get UPS to pick them up from my place near Pittsburgh, and they're YOURS. Might not be worth the gamble... but they're just in my way, right now. Cheers - and Happy Holidays, Steve! Paul
  3. Good Morning Paul,

    I was looking at "Fletcher's" parts wanted post regarding his need for an interior passenger door upper chrome trim (on door card) piece. 

    So...you can get these bits?  Could you please advise part number how much they are? I may need to order one for a tii restoration.

    Thanks so much.


    Gary in Enumclaw, Washington

    gprotto at comcast dot net


  4. We keep the inner horizontal stuff in stock - and the trim can also be purchased - e mail me for details if you're looking for new bits. Inner felt link here: https://www.max2002store.com/product-page/2002-cs-inner-door-felt-strip Cheers! Paul
  5. PAIR of NOS (never installed, never used) rather TALL (deep) K&N air filter assemblies for DCOE carbs. Genuine K&N assemblies still in factory fresh boxes/packaging. Not the cheap stuff. 4.5" tall (way too tall to clear a stock non tii brake booster) but might clear on cars with a tii booster or other cars besides 2002s! Price is for both and INCLUDES USPS Flat rate Priority Mail postage from my home. $90.00 / pair. I've seen these for sale from $80-95 each, so I think my asking price is fair, yes? These are from my personal stash e mail me directly for faster response time! [email protected]
  6. Shoot me an e mail through one of our websites... those grommets and small bits are easy and completely affordable. I'm sure I can work out a package deal for you on it all. We've specialized in 2002 parts for over 30 years.... they're our passion. www.max2002store.com www.maximillianblog.com
  7. +1 for Hal's stuff! It works GREAT!!!!!! Highly recommended! Paul
  8. Tired of companies only discounting the junk nobody really wants? Me too. I've discounted dozens of prices on items people actually NEED for their 2002s and other models on our new express storefront site. If you'd like to be on our mailing list for Black Friday Specials, please e mail me at **** [email protected] **** and I'll make sure you get in on the bargains! Our new store site: www.max2002store.com gift ideas, repair parts, restoration parts, newly release reproduction parts.... and even more GREAT stuff on the way in January! In the meantime - HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us - to all of YOU! We wouldn't be here without you! Paul @ Maximillian Importing Co
  9. Lower Genuine BMW black knee-level trim kits are back! Just need the door pieces? We have those too! Webstore with all kinds of high demand 02 goodies! : www.max2002store.com Trim kits: https://www.max2002store.com/product-page/2002-lower-black-trim-kit-with-clips-1972-1973 Door trim (we have left and right!) https://www.max2002store.com/product-page/2002-right-lower-door-trim Coming next month: DOORS, ROCKER PANELS, AFFORDABLE CONTROL ARMS, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! Cheers! Paul
  10. Is this MISSING from your wiring harness? That's not a commonly "lost" part on a 2002!
  11. We'll have them in stock in December... no assembly required (includes tire centering post already welded on.) Anticipated price: $349.00 plus maybe $30-40 in shipping. They are going to be BEAUTIFUL! For parts updates - subscribe to the blog and webstore at these links, to stay up to date on them: www.max2002store.com www.maximillianblog.com
  12. https://www.max2002store.com/product-page/2002-trunk-lock-with-keys If you don't trust another 40 year old unit - we have 'em! Comes with two fresh keys. New. Cheers! Paul
  13. We're offering it for $389.00 for 6 pcs INCLUDING all the clips and fasteners... and INCLUDING SHIPPING! Where do you get the $600 price from? I'm confused! That is WRONG.
  14. Genuine BMW Lower black knee-level trim its NOW IN STOCK! Even the long awaited door trim pieces (available separately, if needed)! Need more information? Visit our new online 2002 storefront! Kit price includes all fasteners, clips AND FREE SHIPPING within the USA!!! We are super excited to have these again! Specializing in 2002s since 1987 ...and in it for the long haul! Click here for details - and to see other high demand, long awaited - and newly available parts: www.max2002store.com Cheers! Paul
  15. Just out of curiosity... was this one of those cheap eBay "maybe not a genuine Weber" carbs? I've had mixed results with those - last time it was a defective float in an IDF on a VW bus. Paul
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