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  1. BMW has offered us crazy discounts on ALL available accessories (mostly for newer cars, but this works!) If you're interested in one of these, I can offer them for $40 each plus a few bucks in shipping. E mail me if you like. classic[email protected] Paul Wegweiser (the new/old classic parts guy at....) Maximillian Importing Co Mobile: 412 585 2067
  2. Originally they have some adhesive on them (a yellow trim adhesive akin to the 3M yellow stuff) but I only use a TINY amount of adhesive on them, when replacing them. Since they're no longer $9 seals, I like knowing that I can remove them if required without damaging them in the future.
  3. Are you looking for the handles or the actual regulator assemblies? Let me know and I'll see what I can find in Europe for you. Cheers! Paul Wegweiser Maximillian Importing Co [email protected] www.maximillianblog.com
  4. Interesting insight in to the Euro Delivery program! Oh it's definitely Bristol. Verified by engine bay paint decal, uncovered / cleaned hood and engine bay paint, and by BMW's own archives.
  5. A few mysteries about this car. Seller said his dad brought it in, yet the BMW archives say Hoffman. Build date July 14 1969 per archives. VIN: 1667250. US spec car with rear threaded parcel shelf seatbelt mounts - that surprised me. Metal vapor pipe from filler neck to floor (not blue plastic and no vapor tank). Interior was partially changed to tan by owner, as the carpet is still salt/pepper and a spare used tan carpet came with the car. I'm virtually certain this car would have had black or navy/black interior when new. Car has a dogleg 5 speed in it (I shit you not). Haven't yet checked for LSD rear end though. Stock original suspension and engine throughout. Single barrel Solex, etc. clear glass and no rear window defroster interesting glue pattern / witness marks from narrower type hood insulation pads More details to follow in the blog entries next week!
  6. If you decide to go with Genuine BMW seals, I'm offering them all at very competitive prices, as follows: ALL PARTS ARE GENUINE BMW and NEW: door gaskets, each $265.00 front or rear windshield seal $125.00 each vertical "B pillar" 1/4 window seals, each $28.00 rear 1/4 window main seals, each $64.00 Loads of other seals available, but this will give you some idea of expected cost to use the "good stuff". E mail or call if I can help! [email protected] 412 585 2067 direct mobile line Paul Wegweiser Maximillian Importing Co Classic Specialist since 1985
  7. Well... I gone and dunnit again. A 1969 2002 that's been in storage for 25+ years. Follow along and please subscribe to the blog so that you can watch the resurrection insanity without having to actually smell it! (trust me... you DON'T want to smell it!) Link Here: https://www.maximillianblog.com/blog/i-have-a-new-2002-barn-find-project Have a great 4th of July Holiday ALL! Paul Wegweiser Maximillian Importing Classic Specialist 412 585 2067 direct Mobile Nr.
  8. We offer nice reproduction ones but there are some small issues that keep them from being concours quality. Feel free to e mail me or call me and I can fill you in on the details! 2 pc set about $229.00 and in stock. E mail: [email protected] Direct mobile extension: 412 585 2067 Paul Wegweiser Maximillian Importing Co
  9. We have access to the last remaining 7 (SEVEN) *E12 casting* cylinder heads from BMW. Offering them at blow-out prices to the tribe here! Heads come with guides and valve seats and are otherwise completely bare, NEW genuine BMW castings. Cost is $999.00 plus shipping. If interested, shoot an e mail or call me direct! Ask us about all other internal M10 engine parts, also! From OEM chains, eccentrics, rocker arms, to valves... ! My direct mobile extension: 412 585 2067 E mail: [email protected] Paul Wegweiser Maximillian Importing Co
  10. We sell them all day long for $7.75. can drop ship today to you from an Atlanta GA warehouse. Paul Maximillian Importing Co.
  11. For anyone seeking the new chrome ones, they're available and we offer them for $29.00 each. I like the chrome ones way more than the old raw brass ones, when I'm going for that "finishing touch" under the hood. :-) [email protected] www.bimmer.com
  12. Check out the "McMaster-Carr" online catalog. That place is an AMAZING resource for rods, fasteners, spacers, sheeting, insulation, cables, and anything else you need to build a space ship or boat or time machine! WARNING: You may spend hours geeking out on all the millions of things they offer.
  13. All the bits to freshen up your cylinder head at EXCEPTIONAL prices now! Here's a sample few - follow this fancy high tech link thingy! https://www.maximillianblog.com/blog/get-your-head-right Direct order and classic tech line: 412 585 2067. E MAIL: [email protected]
  14. I was raised on Zap Comix, Freak Brothers, Bode, Moscoso, Spain, McWilliams, and others. I'll take that as high praise indeed! It's nice to actually USE my Art degree once in a while! It's a pleasure to make these illustrations for folks!

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