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  1. I'm ordering coffee from him tomorrow (true story!)
  2. I got one on the way, it appears. Thanks all who responded! Paul
  3. Hi All! I'm looking for a gently used brake fluid reservoir cap and float/strainer. (will buy entire reservoir if the price is right) I need a float that won't fill with brake fluid and prefer a cap with blue center on i. I need the cap because I drilled mine out to make a home-brew pressure bleeder once I realized the float was junk. (See how this escalated quickly?) Hoping for reasonable old-school pricing and always open to barter if I have stuff you need, in exchange. I could buy a brand new BMW one, but I'd like to keep the car looking original under the hood w blue center/black cap type. Paypal ready. Thanks! Paul Photo for attention.
  4. I believe USA 1970 (or MAYBE USA 1971) is when the wiring became fully wrapped without gaps. FYI: My unmolested 69 project car (build date July 1969), "Lilly" has very different wiring routing near the battery than any other 2002 I've ever seen. (Note long wire from battery clamp to alternator just visible in the corner of this photo... it doesn't route the same way as any later (71-76) cars that I've seen. Car is US Spec but Euro delivery... so it has some other hybrid US/Euro oddities that were surprising to me. I have re-created the spaced wrap style using the OEM tape we sell, after using a razor to slice it narrower (6-7mm +/-) .
  5. Available new for $34.00. BMW has 55 of them left.
  6. I think TiSA cars had factory BMW intake manifolds (not USA made CANNON ones) and different linkage. The carbs might be the same, depending on the drilling of the progression holes. Are they 40 or 45s? I like those air horns!
  7. I use these pistons on my tii that sees 20,000+ miles of use per year. I drive it long, high speed distances (YES: 3000 mile road trips, 700 mile road trips, etc) traveling from the East coast of the USA to the West coast. I generally cruise at 4800 rpm in conditions of occasional extreme heat, and when in California...have been forced to fill up with 89/91 Octane US - though I use only 93 Octane during my day-to-day local use fo the car. I have found the pistons to be VERY easy to live with, as long as I'm mindful of ignition timing settings - on a tii, maximum ignition advance of no more than 32 degrees BTDC at rpms above 3500. With carbs, you can probably eek out a bit more. I've used an Air Fuel ratio gauge to monitor my high rpm mixtures and these have been perfectly happy. These pistons are indeed a full ONE mm ABOVE std bore. (BMW uses increments of .25mm in overbores) so yes... machine work will be required - and I HIGHLY encourage ANYONE that plans on boring to ANY brand/size piston - that you bring all the pistons to the machine shop BEFORE any work is performed. That ensures that no mistakes will be made. Many of the lesser brand pistons vary in precise diameter, and must be bored to match each piston to its respective bore. Not an issue with Mahle pistons, but it never hurts to play it safe! These pistons mean that if you endure a rebuild later on, you must have the block sleeved, as additional boring is NOT recommended after full 90mm piston use. I rolled the dice on my own numbers-matching early tii and I have ZERO regrets. In a worst case scenario, I'd have my block sleeved, in order to rebuild it with pistons, years from now, if needed...but that's not very likely. They're among the best investments I;ve made in my car - the other was having the distributor rebuilt and properly re-curved to original tii spec. Hope this helps - and fee free to ask more questions! Shipping to you is no problem....although the pistons might arrive upside down! 😄 Cheers! Paul
  8. I'm about to send out our Winter Parts Specials newsletter! If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, shoot me an e mail to classicbmwparts@gmail.com ! This month, featuring M10 rebuild specials! And don't forget to visit our blog for more good stuff! www.maximillianblog.com
  9. I can offer you a new cable for $49.00 and we're working on fuel sending units right now! I hope to have the senders as either new or fully rebuilt (fresh plated materials, etc) within the next month! Cable requires 48-72 hours to deliver, depending on location. If that suits your budget, shoot us an e mail: classicbmwparts@gmail.com I just installed a brand new one in my project car... and it made the car feel like a real, viable vehicle again! (It's the little things!) 🙂 Paul
  10. I have two sets of 10:1 Mahle ORIGINAL pistons in a 90.00mm size remaining at the sale price of $525.00. These fit ONLY 121 and 121TI heads and include wrist pins and rings. IMHO - you won't find a better piston for serious street or even mild competition use. I run them in my own tii and friggin' LOVE them! Genuine OEM Mahle. Get them while you can! E mail me for details: classicbmwparts@gmail.com Seriously.... if you have a 121 head....THESE are the ones to get. I run street fuels in mine and have had ZERO issues with them over the last 40,000+ miles.
  11. I can still offer brand new Genuine BMW E12 cylinder heads. FAQ price is $999.00 (about 50 bucks off our website price) if needed! Easily shipped within 24 hours to your door. E mail if interested! classicbmwparts@gmail.com My direct mobile line: 412 585 2067 Cheers! Paul
  12. I just ordered and installed 6 new ones on my own car. http://www.bmwmobiletradition-online.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2213&mospid=47140&btnr=32_0969&hg=32&fg=05
  13. LOVE IT. The anticipation is almost better than the "finished" product. Enjoy it all!
  14. I experienced exactly this in my tii last year (mid/late November). Cruising AFRs went from 13-14ish to 15ish. Adjusted linkage / verboten screw accordingly...then set it back in April/May. YMMV.
  15. To me at least - that crank sprocket looks a little worn. The teeth should have a flat spot at the top of each, and yours look fairly pointy. Might be the photo...might be my eyes... but if the cam or crank sprocket have sharp, pointy teeth... consider replacing them. cam sprockets used to be $39 all day long, but the price of them has skyrocketed. You should be able to find a decent used cam sprocket for about $20-40 IMHO. Crank sprockets (because they're a royal PITA to remove) should be replaced with new when possible / practical in my opinion. Timing chain / tension rail / guide rail parts are super cheap.... if I'm that deep, I always replace them with new parts. Oil pumps however...now that they're bonkers money...well.... it depends.
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