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  1. wegweiser

    1968 1600

    Y'all have kept me entertained and laughing....and that white car? I'd probably lay down damn close to $12k for it, if I had the cash and it was local. I'd rather pay $12k for an honest car than $12k for shiny fresh paint and "unknown" things about to bloom, beneath it. I swore that if I ever found an 02 built on my birthday (12/03/68) I'd sell drugs and ride around in limos filled with dirty old creepy businessmen, to earn the cash to afford restoring it. This comment may come back to haunt me.
  2. If any of you personally know Peter (tisalover) could you kindly ask him to check his dang FAQ message INBOX? I've replied to his message AND replied to his regular style e mails but apparently they get lost or missed on his end. I worry that he's under the impression that I'm blowing him off, and if I can't reach him, I'll have to drive 5 hours to his home and stalk him until I can hand him a paper copy of my responses! Peter!!!! I miss you! Come back!
  3. wegweiser

    Genuine Weber, me thinks not...

    If only I had a nickel for every time I was discontented and popped the stop off to give it an extra tug...
  4. wegweiser

    Genuine Weber, me thinks not...

    I'd love to hear details on that. Have you narrowed it down to one specific flaw or function? At idle or across the board?
  5. wegweiser

    Genuine Weber, me thinks not...

    Interco has been involved with / distributed Webers since forever...and hasn't always had the bad reputation for producing the junk they have now. It's sad to see the decline.They've been around for a LONG time. Here's some snapshots of a sweet repair / special tool manual from 1980. Things are sexier in Italian. And those special tools? **SWOON!** I collect weird stuff. It comes in handy!
  6. wegweiser

    WTB: Wiper switch for ‘73 tii

    The part number you provided is for the three speed (not two speed) switch (ie: interval wipers - a rare option on pre 74 Euro 02 cars and std on E3s and E9 coupes) If you're searching for the common TWO speed switch, the part number was 61 31 1 357 065 and at one point superseded to/from 61 31 1 351 197. Hope this helps!
  7. wegweiser

    Genuine Weber, me thinks not...

    Having installed what I believe to have been counterfeit Webers on a Typ 4 / 914 / VW bus motor, I found them "ok"... but before you even install them on the car, throw the floats in the trash and install Genuine Weber ones. After that, you might be OK. These...and others just as crappy were found on ebay and supplied to me by my customer. The money they saved was spent at $120 per hour for me to troubleshoot their brand new carbs. Let's just say it was more than an hour, and leave it at that. Buyer beware. Get the good stuff or the old stuff, if the old stuff isn't completely worn out trash. EDIT: GREAT LINK to that blog - thanks!!!
  8. wegweiser

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    This is Andrej G, yes? It's good to see your name again in the 02 fold! Still have the Screaming Yellow Zonker, I see!
  9. wegweiser

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    Ha! "realoem" = not the real deal. Loads of holes and incorrect information on that site. I trust it about 50% of the time. For anything older than 1992, it's dangerous and can be costly. If you use it to order a tii fuel tank, you will spend $1200 and receive the wrong part, for instance! That would sting. I double check every 2002 part number with old books and microfiche. Because accuracy and knowledge matter. The internet is a great source for information...except when it's not. Part number for tii specific resonator: 18 12 1 245 265 tii specific rear muffler (oval cross section) 18 12 1 108 739 List price for both, total: $428.00 +/-
  10. wegweiser

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    FIXED IT! ***HUGE*** thank you!
  11. Now that I'm back with Maximillian Importing, I've been exhaustively researching high demand parts in an effort to keep parts flowing for all of us 2002 owners. Checking quantities, cost structures, and all manner of details on the bits we all need. With that said, (and with the permission of the administrators) I'll be offering a few internet specials from time to time here and the Facebook 2002 page. My goal is to NEVER carelessly spam my 2002 family on these pages. It's just not worth it. I've worked too hard and built too many 2002 friendships over the last 30 years, to start being "that parts sales jerk" now. JANUARY SPECIAL: Front and rear GENUINE BMW tii mufflers/resonators. Both pieces for $299.00 plus shipping. Fits **ALL** 2002s from 1968-1975 with side exit system. Rear muffler has correct tii "oval" cross section. It's what I run on my own cars after messing around with a bunch of other systems that didn't make the cut. I even ran this system on my old 2.2 S14 crank dual carb'd stroker motor. I like letting the intake do the talking. Basic (HJS brand) exhaust mounting kit available for an additional $20.00. These contain nuts, bolts, rubber hangers, nylon hanger inserts, and gaskets to mount the system. Why GENUINE BMW? It fits. Flows GREAT, lasts virtually forever, and never needs readjustment. Tired of hearing your exhaust go *tink tink tink* against the underside of your car every time you start or shut it off? This will fix it. To order or to inquire about shipping estimates, please e mail Saul at classicbmwparts@gmail.com. For questions regarding this system or any other 2002 parts, you can always reach me at the same email address. Stay warm! The weekend is just a coupe days away! Currently the Genuine BMW exhaust tips are NLA, but you can order an Ansa brand one for about $10.00 by asking for part number 82 11 9 413 970. Cheers! It's good to be reunited with my parts books!
  12. wegweiser

    WTB, Linx or Dual 45-40 intake

    First - a few questions. Are you still on the fence between single and dual DCOE carbs? Why? What is your end goal. The two options are VASTLY different, with respect to the finished outcome of your project. Why not the Cannon intakes? Just curious. I've used several different brands over the years and have only had issues with the one piece manifolds inhibiting installation of the top-mount linkage pictured (the only linkage I will install, by the way - as it's reliable, easy to adjust, and stays adjusted for looooong periods of time. ) On the one pc manifolds, the center "bridge" is in the way of the bellcrank levers with this kit. That's my only problem with those. Top mount linkage shown...works GREAT and rarely needs re-adjustment. The internal choices you make on your motor will determine which carb set-up is best. If I'm only using one carb, the 38/38 or 40/40 DOWNDRAFT units would be my choice. If I'm going for BLING....I'm going ALL IN and I want FOUR throttle plates! Depending on your build, 40mm DCOEs may yield better results than simply "choking down" a set of 45s. I've used both on the same engine, and the characteristics of throttle response and high rpm performance, even when swapping internal bits to compensate, was dramatic. Some good...some bad...
  13. wegweiser

    My baby loves being rich.

    I love the fact that hotrodding has evolved the way it has. What former WWII bomber pilots were doing with cars in the 50s, using aircraft parts, YOU GUYS are now doing using computers and sensors. That.Is.So.Cool. Much of it is alien and a completely different language to me, but it's fascinating. *goes and hugs the springs inside his distributor*
  14. wegweiser

    Ring Choice: Mahle/BMW NOS, Deves, ???

    Greek eh? That explains the intentional extra "k" in skeptical. Sneaky!
  15. wegweiser

    Ring Choice: Mahle/BMW NOS, Deves, ???

    The short answer: If it were MY engine? I'd use the BMW/Mahle supplied ones you have, but check all clearances and ring gaps before final assembly. I'd do that with ANY piston and ANY ring combination, no matter where they were made or even if I paid $4000 for them from the collection of a BMW Motorsport engineer.