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My neighbor said that my car probably has a bit too much valve noise.

I've watched a few 2002 videos on youtube from folks that have well tuned engines and it's true, mine's got some 'clack' to it.

Valve adjustment seems like a big ordeal to me, but maybe not.

The steps don't seem too daunting in the maintenance manual. I also saw some info in the FAQ. Would you recommend I give it a go or is it best left up to the pros?

Part of the idea of owning this car was to try the mechanical things a little more involved than changing spark plugs and coolant fluid, so I feel obligated to keep my self-promises!

Any advice? Thanks!

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Mine is excessively noisy too. I've had the car 12 years and I know it has never been this "ticky" before. I spent 3 hours trying to adjust mine a few weeks ago and it didn't help at all! I'm pretty good at working on cars, but valves are something I have never been good at. There is a real "feel" to it and just like most skills, I think you have to do it a lot to get good at it. I'd say give it a go, but be prepared to take it to someone if your not satisfied with the result.

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Head over to Filippi's ..... order a giant pizza with everything. It is easier (and faster) to adjust the valves than to eat all that pizza.

Whenever I adjust the valves, I do it at the same time as a tune-up AND on a cold engine. I pull the plugs, then clean & gap 'em. Then you can rotate the engine by pushing on the fan, this allows for setting points gap after cleaning. Do not re-install the plugs.

With plugs out, you can now easily rotate the cam for adjusting the valves. Rotate the cam so that a cam lobe is on the "other side" from the rocker arm. You'll discover that 2 rockers thusly align, so you can adjust 2 valves per lobe movement. I make a quick paper list of which valves have been adjusted, no use doing 'em twice.

As for actual lash, I use 0.006" as the minimum, and 0.008" for the maximum.

Then re-install plugs and you are good to go.



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Guest Anonymous

Guess I have been doin it wrong for 15 years, I do both valves, in and out on one cylinder with both lobes pointing down, every step by step I have read says u can only do one valve per turn? Both valves have full play at the point I adjust, please please enlighten my ways

Now to fuzzy, dive in, its easy, been adjustin valves for 15 years on the o2s, read all the great tips u will get here then keep this in mind, with lobes pointin straight down, grab the rocker by the adjustin nutz, pull up and down, if the noise is clank clank clank its too loose, if it is click click click, its about right, and if it dont make noise its too tight, better loose than tight, I threw away the feeler 10 years ago and been thinkin like a German ever since, its like I work at McDonalds, Im lovin it.

Dave Miller


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yep, when the cam is rotated so that one lobe/rocker is positioned for adjustment, there is another lobe/rocker "somewhere on another cylinder" that is also positioned for adjustment. Thus one positioning gets you 2 valves for adjusting.

Makes it quick & easy .... then it's pizza time !!



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Yeah, you only need 2 full revs of the crank to do all 8

"the right way"

with the lobe pointed exactly away from the lash pad on the rocker.

There are ways to 'cheat' a bit and do it in fewer moves.

I have had better luck with the lobe 180 degrees away from the pad, tho.


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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Fozz - it only takes 17 minutes to adjust valves

it only takes 20 minutes to change the oil and filter

it only takes 8 minutes to adjust the rear brakes

it only takes 38 minutes to flush the brake/clutch fluid

all it requires is a repair manual, read it, own a few

special tools, practice and a will to get out and get under

Happy NEW year

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Use 2 feeler gauges. 0.007 and a 0.008.

Set the valve lash using the 0.007 so that the 0.007 can move but with some resistance. Then try insert the 0.008. If you cannot insert the 0.008 you are good to go. If you can insert the 0.008, the lash is wrong.

Put a piece of masking tape on the fender and write down



Then adjust all valves who have their lobes point down and mark them off the masking tape. Then crank the engine for a second and then adjust all valves where the lobe is now point down. repeat until all valves are correctly set.

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