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  1. My understanding is that you can now (maybe) get a vintage plate. They need something 50K to pre-order or else they won't go through with the production.
  2. Great video of an install. As an aide, toe shoes give me the willies and I find them visually disturbing. Luckily, that's off set by the attractive automobile in the corner of the garage. Good job!
  3. They musta' had a California prototype from the BMW factory, right? ;-) I'm sure the producers figured an old looking car is an old looking car and it was "close enough" for their shoot.
  4. Although, looking at the other pics in that album, it seems to me those are images captured in the morning. Morning light against this color... ...could end up looking similar as the photo in question. Color and light is always interpreted by the human brain interestingly when in different context. There are numerous optical illusions that illustrate this phenomenon: Believe it or not, the center brown cube on the top is the exact same color as the yellow cube in the center, on the shadow side.
  5. Photos that are shot late afternoon tend to be significantly warmer in hue, if that helps.
  6. http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/2013/0112/Disable-Java-Here-s-how-after-US-agency-warns-of-software-vulnerability.
  7. Yeah, but the user can also avoid the problem here (and everywhere else on the net) with a few easy steps.
  8. Oracle bought Sun, but that doesn't really matter. You don't have to nuke Java from your OS, You can just disable Java for web-browsing: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/12/19/java-7-update-10-introduces-important-new-security-controls/ Consider Firefox as a browser. Lots of good/easy-to-use security and ad blocking add-ons for that app.
  9. It's actually completely safe if you avoid the problem. Again, just disable Java. While you're at it, also install an ad blocker. I use AdBlockPlus and Ghostery. If you browse the web and then automatically save a lot of your passwords through your browser, you've put ALL that info at risk because of this malicious Java exploitation. Online banking with an automatic password login and you've been bopping around here lately ignoring the warnings? Consider yourself vulnerable. Go change your passwords just to be safe. In addition to all that, Oracle is a lousy company and will NOT effectively fix the problem anytime soon. Java has been compromised and is more worthless now than it used to be. Java is used mostly for ad tracking, and why allow that to happen anyway? Just turn it off. http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/08/30/how-turn-off-java-browser/ Here's another metaphor: You probably work under the hood on your car. Do the same with your PC, browser, and browser "add-ons". If you do this, the rest of your browsing on the commercial net becomes a lot smoother and pleasant as well. Get in there and make things run like they're supposed to. Drain the old fluids, put in some fresh stuff. Adjust the carbs, check the valves. Take off the emission controls so the thing can breathe like it should.
  10. The Java exploit is all over the net, not just here. It's so bad the Feds even recommend turning off Java in your browser. Java is made by Oracle. Oracle is the AMC of software developers, if that gives you any perspective. Don't browse the net with Java anyway, you really don't miss it much.
  11. I spent an entire morning cleaning up my 96 Pontiac I sold for less than 1K, kinda amazing a seller of such a rare car wouldn't bother.
  12. I'm not the most mechanically inclined; never pulled a head, for instance. (will soon, though) But the term "blown" engine, for me, implies that it got, you know, "blown-up" Like, kaboom. Race cars have spectacular explosions when that happens, but they're wound pretty tightly to begin with. On a lesser scale, my neighbor's mini bike blew one summer. It was obvious. If the engine stopped without forewarning clanking, banging, pinging, or rumbling, seems like it would mean no spark for some reason. Good luck.
  13. Nope, you got that right. A high end camera or a low-end camera, at the end of the day it's just a tool. Just as an awesome garage with a lousy mechanic in it can't accomplish much, so too with other things. Give a corse bristled brush to Klimt and you'll get something cool. Give it to me and you'd be lucky to get recognizable smiley face. A talented cinematographer with a VHS camera from the 1980's can still make an image that'll impress you more than a neophyte with a $50,000 Sony or Red cam. This isn't meant to discourage anything creative. The ideas here sound fun and should absolutely be attempted. One of my fav YouTube videos is a nice red 2002 with simple GoPro hanging off the side of the door --during a nice soft light day. Looks great. I just have a peeve about cameras these days 'kuz they're incredible, cheap, and lots of folks think it's just the gear that makes the image... but it's not, so I rant sometimes. Sorry!
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