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  1. Amigo, If you haven't located the grommets yet, I have a pair I'd send you for the cost of postage from 30606. chamoix
  2. In the 80's while in school over in Ithaca I worked as a flagman at the Glen. Got in for free, trackside seating, and a radio so you could hear what was going on everywhere on the track. Only down side was in order to work the big events, you had to do minor ones as well, so I spent some weekends watching doctors, dentists, and stock brokers from NY driving their Porches around the circuit.
  3. Still looking? I've got a spare M10 in North Gorgia (Athens). I bought it from a Forum member in Ashville who was doing an engine swap. He said it ran when pulled, but I have never heard it do so. Just been on an engine stand in the basement and rotated once in a while. I don't remember what year it is from, but it does not have the mount for the mechanical fuel pump, so probably a tii.
  4. Nice build ! Hey! I'm going to be in Guayaquil next week! Staying at the airport Holiday Inn. I get down a couple times a year to do food safety inspections on shrimp and tilapia processing plants.
  5. Just crossing the Ballard Bridge at 1:23 pm heading into Seattle and was followed by a really pretty silver/blue square tail in very nice shape. Had to turn into Fisherman's Terminal or I would have tried to follow. Anyone here? In town for a few days from Georgia to do an audit on a seafood processing plant here.
  6. I have a spare M10 engine and I'm out in Athens. Bought it from a FAQ member who said it was running when he pulled it for a swap. Also have a 4spd trans and drive shaft. Just knowing they are close by may allow you to consider cars without them or needing to be replaced.
  7. Have you priced the spacers to widen the calipers. A year or so ago when I was going through this same process, the only place I could find them was W&N and they were like $600! Luckily I had bought a set of E21 calipers from a forum member that had them so I split them open and moved the spacers to the tii calipers and it worked fine.
  8. Sorry for your troubles. Where are you located? I have two hoods outside of Atlanta GA.
  9. Here is a shot of the overriders on my base '73 which came off the line in mid April of 1973...
  10. I upgraded the front brakes on my base 73 to Tii struts with IE vented, slotted, and cross drilled disks and Tii calipers with spacers to widen them and am very happy with the improved braking. Particularly when there is the need for a panic stop. The stock set up was never as good as what I have now.
  11. I bought a new Redline Weber 32/36 and had similar problems plus hard starting. Messed with it for over a year and could never get it running right. Just for fun one day I put my old one (also a 32/36) back on and it ran perfectly. I put all the jets from the old one into the new one and reinstalled it and all the bad symptoms came back. Chalked it up to poor quality on the new one and threw it on the shelf for parts. As pointed out here many times, just because it is new doesn't mean it's good.
  12. - That looks like an original distributor, and it has points, not an electronic ignitor. - You don't need to disconnect the cap to clean the contacts. Just make sure the ignition is off and use some fine sandpaper. -The ring on the top of the front struts was originally under the fender to raise the height of the car to meet federal standards for bumper height. Very common to move them to the top to improve the stance of the car. -Your choke is not electric. It is a water choke. As the coolant temp running through it rises it opens the choke plates. -The rusty bolt on the water block doesn't hurt anything but the fact that it is rusty probably means something nearby is leaking. You can change it if the appearance bothers you. - To clean a carb remove it from the car, disassemble, get some carb cleaner from an auto parts store and make sure everything inside is gunk free. Run a fine wire through all of the jets. Make sure the floats are in good shape. Might as well get a rebuild kit with new gaskets. Yours is an original Solex carb. A common upgrade is to replace it with a Webber 32/36. New they are about $200 and you can find them used on this Forum's parts for sale section from time to time. Some folks run two fuel filters, but one where yours is located is more common. They are disposable, so don't bother with trying to clean, just pick up a new one at the parts store.
  13. I've got a bare pair I'll never use, but I am in Georgia. Would send them to you for cost of shipping. No hardware or frames, just the bare glass. I suppose if I wrapped them up in multiple layers of bubble wrap they might survive the trip. Email me if interested. jdaniels (AT) uga (DOT) edu
  14. Just to put a period on this one, I have had the front wheel off 4 or 5 times trying to diagnose this and was just about to pull the whole strut when I reread your above replies. The one thing I hadn't done was check the insert retaing nut on top of the tube and that was the problem. Wasn't even finger tight. How do the get loose? Anyway, Toby nailed another one. Thanks all.
  15. I bought an engine, trans, and drive shaft for $100 from a running car that the owner was prepping for an engine swap. Mine is fine, but figured it never hurts to have a backup. Said he just wanted them out of the way and to go to a good home.

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