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  1. It's a sunroof car so if the floors are rusty the frame rails probably are too, on cars with a sunroof the drains for the sunroof drain into the frame rails and cause them to rust from the inside out. I am guessing if water was leaking into the car it was also draining into the rails. I would check the condition of the frame rails before pulling the trigger on this one.
  2. The guy that was originally doing the repop and swapping in euro lenses to US frames was breaking out the old lenses and installing the new ones right out of the mold while they were still soft and flexing them into place then allowing them to cool and harden. As said above you cannot separate the two without destroying one and there is no real way to reassemble them if you have a good frame and a good lens.
  3. SENTRI = Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection essentially you have a background check, an interview with CBP, and register your car with the program. This allows you to use the SENTRI lanes at the border which take about 10-15 minutes as opposed to 1-5 hours at San Ysidro. SENTRI is included with Global Entry which I have found to be worth every penny the first time you return from an international flight to a crowded airport, just last week I avoided a 3 hour line at customs coming into Dulles, there was one other person in line ahead of me in the Global Entry line.
  4. I re-wired mine to remind me when I leave my headlights on. If the key is turned off and the headlights are on it will buzz when I open the door. It only took two times that I left my lights on at work to decide I needed this (though it is a good way to find out which co-workers carry jumper cables)
  5. All of us here have wished that at one time or another. Pretty common on these cars, when you fix it weld in a reinforcement plate, it will crack again if you just weld up the crack.
  6. This one haha. $159!!!! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006K8WEMI/ref=psdc_15708921_t4_B07PFC9X17
  7. Distributor housing has 3 places it could and frequently does leak, the gasket, the special sealing washer, and the o-ring. I would closely inspect all of those. Also the rear main seal usually starts to leak slowly and you may be one of the few that actually catches it early, most people don't notice until they see a puddle.
  8. Or in your case, the tan colored sheathing. My 74 had tan colored smog harness as opposed to the blue most other cars had, not sure why because I have seen other 74's with blue harnesses.
  9. This is what a '74 looks like with the charcoal canister still intact
  10. I have done it in the past with no issues, I don't see an issue especially if you didn't remove the head, actually Subaru says to do exactly this with new head bolts, you torque them to get the initial stretch and then back them off and do the whole sequence again. I only speak from my own experience, if Toby says I am wrong then listen to him.
  11. The rubber parts inside the shifter are a snug fit when new but get sloppy when old. Replacing the "cap" (p/n:25111205441) and "rubber ring" (p/n:23411666133) should tighten it up. They can be tight to assemble, do not use grease or silicone to make it easier or you will have the same problem you have now.
  12. I never cared for the bypass wire from the starter (if you connect it wrong it will backfeed and fry your resistor wire) so before I went to the blue coil I had created my own bypass circuit with a relay and it worked like a charm (even though in San Diego I never really needed it, it never gets cold here)
  13. All I ever get is: "Cute Car!" to which I respond "Thanks" "What year?" "it's a 74" "You want to sell it? " "Nope, and there is a long line ahead of you" I get asked this one alot, people seem to think I don't know what I have and that I am just driving an old car.
  14. You can get key extractors, they come in a few different designs but I have had the best luck with the spiral one on smaller locks. Like this: https://www.easykeys.com/700_HPC_EZ-5_Spiral_Broken_Key_Extractor.aspx?shoppingproductad=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwgabeBRBuEiwACD4R5mm0JAb_PJM56kf1RWihdgciMptPG7H-GoEq2xZHxjsvrPuu0Qt8fxoCCugQAvD_BwE

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