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What are You listening to right now?


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I started with Chris Isaac, then Crystal Method, then some Cure- because, alphabetical order.  And stiffer motor mounts and back to the big, sexy brakes.  The stock ones with new pads and rotors are fine, but not nearly as nice as big Wilwood opposers with floating rotors... Even if it does mean 16's.

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'76, totally stock. Completely.

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2 hours ago, irdave said:

Even if it does mean 16's.

Whatcha talkin bad bout 6-teens fo bro… ( I’ve only ever run dat - foist the Hocks, then the Eps.  Lol)


Tho I’ve been tempted by some 13s, which should ackshully fit over my Turbo set-up. But tyres…


Oh yeah, to keep OT, the new Thrice is quite nice!

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Where we goin’? … I’ll drive…
There are some who call me... Tom too         v i s i o n a u t i k s.com   

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Been thinking of Papa lately...


Heard this song many years ago and the clip was a low quality video, but Andy McKee was such a great finger picking player.  Just found this version...shot in a random hotel room playing with Trevor Gordon Hall  (Trevor has a ToneWood attachment on the back of his guitar to give that big room delay... very cool piece of equipment for an acoustic player)



Here's what the ToneWood is all about... it vibrates the back of the guitar body, modulating with/against the string vibrations to delay how the soundwaves exit the guitar...ingenious, really.  



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'69 Granada... long, long ago  

'71 Manila..such a great car

'67 Granada 2000CS...way cool

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