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  1. Pics, or it didn’t happen 😃 Looking forward to seeing it. Congrats Ed Z
  2. Sure! Bring me: S14 long block CR 5 speed a couple of 3.91 LSDs QR steering box and a set of Borrani wheels Well... it is almost Christmas If you have time, the local Austin group can meet for dinner/lunch. Maybe Barney will give you a peek at Santa’s workshop? There is a huge Houston contingent as well. Ed
  3. What infuriated me? The SOB who left their shopping cart up against the nose of that Corvette! 😫 The CL ad...? Double facepalm Ed
  4. Beautiful work so far! Congratulations on what seems to be a very nice car. Helpful tip... in the pictures of the engine bay I noticed your #1 plug wire appears to be up against the metal bracket of the wiper washer bottle. Don’t let that happen... the engine vibrating will eventually wear through the wire and cause a misfire (ask me how I know). Same could be said for the long coil wire... that can be replaced with a much shorter wire to solve that problem. ...and the positive battery leads should not rub against the back of the alternator. Yikes... Looks great, though! Keep up the good work. Ed Z
  5. Parallelogramming... dreaded final stages of Instagramming. Talk to your friends, before it’s too late. Seriously, replace the floor in sections.
  6. The only way for YOU to know, is to get to a local BMW event and ask Coupe and 2002 owners about their cars, perhaps ask for a ride. You can only internet shop for so long...go experience them for yourself. I love my Coupe and I love my 2002; I'm not sure I'd part with either one at this point. Ed
  7. Best of both worlds...2000CS. First generation Coupe; 2002 drivetrain, lighter than an e9, gorgeous walnut and chrome interior, avant-garde styling. Ed Z ...totally unbiased opinion
  8. Money no object? My vote goes for a well built, e9 with a stout motor. I drove Steve A’s a few weeks ago...triple Weber’s and everything tight as a drum....one helluva nice car. Ed Z
  9. Great pictures, everyone. Looks like you got the attention of Autoweek, as well. 😎 https://autoweek.com/article/events/beautiful-bimmers-bedazzle-12th-annual-socal-vintage-bmw-meet Ed Z
  10. Great video! Marc’s Moment Motors is very similar business model. Marc brought their 2002 to Terry Sayther’s 02BerFest a couple weeks ago and gave us rides around Fredericksburg. The cars are very nicely completed and that torque will throw you back at every gear change. Ed Z
  11. ...I don't think I should say any more. But we are going to go look at it, shortly
  12. It won't travel far from it's current location... 😎 Ed Z ...not the buyer
  13. Maybe get one of those pine tree car air fresheners in "Old Car Smell" maybe they make one in "Horsehair" ?
  14. Marc gave rides to any and all interested at the event. The car uses the OEM transmission and rearend, so you get a similar driving experience as a normal 2002, where you can go through the gears; however, you don't need to push the clutch in at a stop. That was kinda weird... Marc showed how you could easily start off in 3rd gear and simply pull away with no clutch and never shift. Perfect for simply tooling around in downtown traffic. If you shift as normal, the car pulls hard. 2nd gear will plant you in the seat with the instant torque. That was fun. The other nice thing is they have dialed in some regenerative braking so you get this GRRRRRRR sound as you decelerate which provides some nice feedback. Is this for everyone? Maybe not. If you live downtown in a big city with short drives? It would easily fit the bill. The car is built to a high standard and looks very good. Ed Z
  15. That's Barney's Inka in the Super Clean judging area right in front of Bo's winning entry! That's Andrew's "Vern" with the driving lights! Ed
  16. Thanks everyone. It has been a labor of love and I am very happy how it all turned out. I drove it to the BMWCCA O-Fest last week and again this weekend at Terry Sayther's 02BerFest in the Texas Hill Country. I got home last night and ran the #s... 4560 miles in two weeks! I have some things to address, but nothing that kept me off the road. The cars runs beautifully and I look forward to many more miles ahead. I know Papa would be very proud. Ed Z
  17. Which plugs are you running? Pull the plugs and check color and condition. I agree with Dudeland, it sounds as if the firing order is incorrect, or a massive vacuum leak (make sure the oil dipstick is fully seated) Also, try pulling one plug wire at a time to see if it makes any difference in how the engine behaves. As also stated above, fuel level is very important for a DCOE. Ed
  18. The speedo reads high... 😕
  19. It was a stellar weekend with the finest folks and beautiful cars. Ed Z
  20. Obviously you will keep an eye on it. I suggest using an inspection mirror and a bright flashlight to look underneath everything. I regularly check all the carb body screws and mounts...we all know how an M10 will shake things loose. Good luck, hope you find it. Ed
  21. And we all know how a 2002 loves the salty, sea air... 😩
  22. Stayed the weekend in New Orleans with friends and drove with the local car club Sunday morning. Got home last night. 3516 miles, all told. Averaged 23 mpg with the best being 25.77. The car cruises easily at 80mph on open highways. To say I am pleased with how the car came out would be a vast understatement. It is awesome. Ed
  23. I did intend to put this over on the NK Discussion page, actually... The CS ran great. I didn’t have but about 15 miles on it before hitting the road, so it was a leap of faith. Minor issues popped up but I had tools and good friends to keep things rolling. (Driver’s door latch was finicky, lost a driver’s side wiper arm in Atlanta, and the ignition cylinder came out with the key on Day 4... all of these were overcome) I’m very pleased with how it came out. The car will cruise at 80 on the highway and still get about 23 mpg. (I put a 5 speed in it). No rest for the weary, Terry Sayther’s 02BerFest is in 4 days...gotta clean the car and change the oil...and try to find a wiper arm. Ed
  24. Drove with the local car club out of NOLA this morning. Wow... some seriously nice cars. Huge thanks to SteveA for setting me up with a great weekend of car culture. Got home tonight and tallied 3516 miles on the CS this week. Time for an oil change. Ed
  25. Drove with Steve and Don down in NOLA. Perfect morning
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