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  1. His FAQ handle is Halboyles, he replied on this thread down on page 4, go to his avatar and send him a PM.
  2. I don't see how you could hurt it. I would certainly want to know if it ran better after installing all the new parts. If you think you may have a headgasket leak, check Ray's thread on the Bar's Leak stop. It may be worth a shot?
  3. Did it run any better with the standard spark plugs? You replaced the distributor cap? How about the rotor? From what I see in the videos, I'm assuming you can't get it out on the road and blow it out (Italian Tuneup) ? +1 with Jim here... Great videos here to check and repair your AFM (also instructions on how to richen/lean the mixture near the end of the second video...perhaps your car would benefit from that, being at high elevation)
  4. Works in my car... 😁 (this was right after installing the 3.91 and tuning up the sidedrafts) I don't drive like this anymore...usually
  5. Press fit for the win. It also helps if your clock still might need adjusting (runs too fast/slow). I installed mine years ago without the bracket and it never gets loose. Ed
  6. Maybe read here? 4 speed versus 5 speed but similar internals up front. Hope this isn’t the problem, but if so, it can be repaired. Ed
  7. You had the throttle wide open while cranking?
  8. Are those platinum plugs? Try a standard electrode plug and see if it runs better. I’m no M20 expert, but the M10, M20, and M30 engines don’t have the high output electronic ignition systems that the platinum plugs are designed for. I’ve seen many times here, where folks complain of poor running only to pull the Platinum plugs to find them very sooty. I think it’s certainly worth the time to replace them. Maybe others can suggest, but does the NGK BP6ES work in an M20? edit... search of the electric internets found that the M20 likes an NGK ZGR5A, or a Bosch WR8LC. I’d bet either of these will work well. Ed
  9. The NK is different from a 2002 as to where the engine and transmission sits. On my 2000CS the horseshoe bracket is working beautifully. On my 2002, I installed new hangers. Is it better than installing new hangers? No, but it is a viable solution for those who don't want to go the route of installing new hangers (welding, or drilling). My $0.02
  10. We modified this horseshoe bracket from a design sent to me for an NK sedan. This one uses much shorter arms. At the time I didn’t want to modify the car too much from original. I can testify that the whole engine transmission assembly was well-balanced and the bracket is under very little load in a static environment. Here’s a picture as we were mocking it up. We had it up in the air after the 5000 mile journey to O-Fest and beyond. Everything was tight and unstressed, as best we could see. I’ll keep an eye on the original hangers over the years.
  11. The 2000C's driveshaft will certainly be different; it is two-piece and splined in the rear portion. You only need to remove material from the front of the driveshaft. Install the transmission, then measure from the back of the transmission to the center support bearing. Have your driveshaft shop remove the difference from the front portion and weld the new 3-prong flange on to make the total length meet your measurement (back of transmission to center support bearing). ...I measured the total length and though we measured many times, it was still too long by a bit. We measured from the CSB to the back of the transmission and went in perfectly. Ed
  12. I do like a nice bridge backdrop Ed
  13. It's actually had two makeovers in it's lifetime; I hope I can keep it looking this good for the rest of mine. Dear Mr Zinsmeyer,Thank you for your email.The BMW 2000 CS VIN 1107357 was manufactured on May 23rd, 1967 and delivered on May 30th, 1967 to the BMW dealer Will in Worms. The original colour was Granada, paint code 023.We hope this information is helpful for you.Yours sincerely,Julia Oberndörfer--BMW GroupJulia OberndörferArchiv, Sammlung, Classic Brand Management AK-50Historischer InformationsdienstMoosacher Straße 6680809 MünchenPostanschrift:80788 MünchenTel: +49-89-382-68281Fax: +49-89-382-24765Mail: [email protected]: http://www.bmwgroup.com
  14. Yes, I put a 5 speed in my ‘67. I used a modified horseshoe bracket and Blunt’s shifter platform. Very solid. Ed Z
  15. My first... a ‘69 in about ‘86?? Ed
  16. Thanks for the heads up. Not sure I’ve got those, but I’ll check. Ed
  17. zinz

    MidAm Bound

    MidAm Bound
  18. zinz


    Gazz... your wheel picture shows the lip is bent just near the wheel weight. Not horrible, but perhaps a bargaining chip in negotiations Here's the 5.5" Turbo wheel in the database
  19. zinz


    The Wheels database shows a 4.5” and a 5” Lemmerz wheel. Is there an ET number stamped on the set you are looking at?
  20. yes folks typically chop a piece out of the middle and overlap along one of the pleats/ribs. Ed
  21. Don’t drill holes in them. The fluid in them is under pressure and nasty. (edit... sorry didn't see the fine print of the OP...carry on) There are many old threads on how to do this, you might try searching them. Ed
  22. I see you aren’t getting a lot of response, and I can’t help you much, either. I would suggest you call the good guys at Classic Daily. They’ve done this swap numerous times; I’m certain they can help you. Ed Z
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