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Wiper relay electronic replacement?

Flamingo 5

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If you have a modell 71 roundie (257-8-9XXX VIN) or any squarelight, you already have an electronic relay for the wipers that also includes the wash/wipe feature.  It's the black box up under the dash, next to the turn signal relay and near the hood release handle. 


What you don't have (unless it's a '75 or '76) is a delay feature for the wipers, so they can be set to give a stroke every 5 or so seconds.  Squarelights are pre-wired for this feature; you only need to find the three position wiper stalk and a 7 terminal relay--those can be scrounged from an E21 as well as a 75 or 76 2002.



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Mike, I believe that 74 tii's also were pre wired for the delayed wipers although the control box was not fitted, I might be wrong as I'm a old fart and I have CRM ( can't remember shit ) at times.

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6 hours ago, Conserv said:

I’m guessing that Gary (West Palm 2002) may intend this for his very early 1968 model (September 1967).







If that's the case, then there's no relay to replace, at least in the wiper circuit. Early '02s control the wipers' low and high speed entirely within the dash switch and wiper motor, with no relay. There is a relay for the washers, to activate the wipers and keep them running for a bit after the windshield washer is used (by means of the right-hand column stalk), but it is not involved in regular wiper operation. 


It is possible on the early cars to wire in an aftermarket intermittent-wiper relay using a three-position heater switch, but it requires some additional wiring (and a relay) to get the same functionality built into the factory wiper switch--it's a more complicated switch than a simple off-low-high setup.


BTW, I recently found that a Mopar "ignition time delay relay" appears to be a suitable replacement for that NLA "can" mounted on the passenger's firewall for the washers--though it's still an electromechanical relay with a bimetallic strip, not an electronic unit.



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