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  1. Thanks for that explanation. I was sure something had changed, and I blamed ethanol, but then I learned that ethanol actually has a higher vapor point than gasoline. I don't suppose there's any additive that can raise the vapor point of our fuel, is there? -Dave
  2. My car wants to run like your car when it grows up.
  3. Thanks, Ray. I'm chasing the same thing. If it's warm and I leave the car sit for more than 10 minutes but less than a couple hours, the carb fuel bowl will have mostly boiled/siphoned into the intake, and the pump is sucking air. The hard starts and especially the stalling after the carb runs dry are getting really old. I want to use a metal line under the car, though, to do it right with the electric pump - and my car didn't come with a return line, so I've gotta run a new one. That's what I keep putting off... -Dave
  4. Faffed about a bit with the fuel system, procrastinating on installing the electric pump setup I've got ready to go. Thought I'd give the mechanical pump one more chance. Turns out a pack of 10 generic clear plastic fuel filters off eBay for $7 are not the highest quality. Who knew? The metal end cap detached from the filter media inside - not a lot of filtering going on, and it was probably hurting fuel flow. I just removed the filter from before the mechanical pump, since there wasn't one there from the factory, the pump has a screen, and I wanted to see if leaving it off helped the vapor lock problems. And I added a fuel pressure regulator between the pump and carb, in case I was getting too much pressure there. We'll see. But continuing Operation "Only Original Twice," I did get the 13x5 Opel Kadett wheels swapped back on the car with cheapo "Epic Tour" 185/70s. On a test drive in the neighborhood, they didn't seem too horrible. I still like my 14" 2000CS wheels a lot, but I'm enjoying the more original look for now. -Dave
  5. Installed my NOS Hella rear fog lamp. Tucks very nicely under the Amco bar. I've been wanting to do this for years, since following another Roundie in heavy rain and realizing the only thing I could see through the spray was the rear fog light. -Dave
  6. That's completely fair. I don't think it's horrible, but the clear filter does get a little crud in it now and again. Nowhere near as bad as my dad's '54 GMC. Twenty years ago, it died on me when I was taking my then-fiancee on a drive in the country. Turned out the glass filter (metal screen) before the fuel pump was packed full of rust from the tank. I cleaned out its tank, but considering the truck's been sitting for more than a dozen years now, it probably needs it again... -Dave
  7. Not the worst idea for safety if you have passengers back there; whiplash ain't fun. Would seriously cut into rear visibility, though, so it's a tradeoff. I wonder how they secured the posts. I actually added rear headrests to my E30 sedan using the factory hardware kit, though I sold it before the kids got big enough that the headrests were needed... In other news, looks like the driver had some serious back sweat! 🥵 -Dave
  8. So somewhat OT, but what do you recommend if adding a low-pressure electric pump to a carbed car? No inlet screen AFAIK. I have a largeish inline paper filter to use between the tank and pump (I know my tank has some junk in it that gets past the tank screen), but I can't find a screen-based inline filter as easily as paper ones. -Dave
  9. @Pinaman, very classic look with the gold basketweaves on the blue (Riviera? Atlantik?). I'm a fan. -Dave
  10. The trunk floor board over my gas tank was originally held down by small screws. I have had to pull it several times, so those screws now live in a plastic bag tucked under the board next to the gas tank. Early 1971, so before the trunk side boards. -Dave
  11. So you fixed it. Just wear gloves in the winter! 😉 Seriously, since you've isolated the source, I'd suggest looking for other antenna mounts that could be swapped out for yours. What's the style of it? -Dave
  12. So when I was home for lunch I pulled the driver's door switch and dug around inside the door jamb to find the other end of the buzzer ground wire, wrapped in old cloth electrical tape. And like an idiot I reconnected it. You guys aren't kidding - it's like an asthmatic miniature nanny goat in heat! Then I went to leave to go back to work. And I got to listen to that sound the whole time I pushed the car back into the garage after the carb float bowl ran dry and the car wouldn't restart. Now I have another project! 😕 -Dave
  13. Well, I programed out the seat belt chime on both my E46 and my current GTI. I always wear the seat belt, so the sound just annoys me when I'm doing some work with the ignition on or moving the car in my driveway. I agree with that. On my '02 (early' 71) the headlights DON'T go off with the ignition. Easy to forget and leave them on. It'd probably be pretty easy to wire the buzzer up that way: hot from the headlight switch, ground running thru the driver's door switch. Hmm... -Dave
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