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  1. Yep; our two are 11 and 7, and the hope is that one of them will be the next caretaker - but only after I can't drive it anymore!
  2. Very close indeed! 1678338. Congrats to you too, and props for making it a family celebration! -Dave
  3. Tomorrow, according to BMW Archives, is the Orange Car's 50th birthday - even though the door jamb sticker says it was built in December 1970. My dad bought it new, and about 1984 sold it to Roy Hopkins, a former student. Roy sold it back to my dad in 1997, and my dad passed it along to me a few months before his death in 2002. I've put about 45,000 of the car's 153,000 miles on it in the past 18 years. So, to celebrate, it got 4.5 quarts of fresh Pennzoil (the only brand that has been in the engine since its first change) and a bath. Then I drove it - unfortunately to winter storage. But tomorrow brings rain, then snow, so it was time. Here's to many more years of '02 fun! My dad with the car in July 1972 My dad and I at our own 02-02-02 celebration in the backyard Today, at 50 (the car; I'm not quite there yet!) -Dave
  4. Those gauges look familiar. Mk7 Golf? -Dave
  5. That's great. Thanks for finding a low-cost option! But speaking of long-term, that little hose after the heater valve looks awfully original, given those hose clamps... 😳 ...says the guy who just replaced his 48-year-old original one a couple of years ago. -Dave
  6. 🖐️ Ooh! Ooh! I do! I do! And our van is still rusting. Granted, it's 10 years old. And I probably don't rinse the underside as often as I should, out of a desire not to turn our driveway into an ice rink. And we have "passive heating" in our garage (the walls between the house and garage aren't insulated), so the cars thaw overnight. But it's still annoying. And by the way, you should definitely doubt my knowledge of modern de-icing compounds! The older I get, the more I know that I know far less than I think I know... -Dave
  7. But Steve, it certainly seems that what is being used on the roads today is much more corrosive than the rock salt used in the late '70s and early '80s. The salts used today (at least in Western PA/Northeast OH) are magnesium and other compounds that may be effective at much lower temperatures than NaCl, but they eat away even modern cars like crazy (despite their much-superior factory rustproofing measures). The new treatments' ability to keep water liquid at lower temperatures may, in fact, contribute to this: at 20 degrees or so, rock salt detritus would freeze to a relatively inert solid, whereas the newer salts would still be a more reactive liquid. But I don't know; my dad was the chemistry teacher, not I. At any rate, I would only take my '02 out on salted roads if it were an absolute emergency. A winter beater is a lot cheaper than bodywork! -Dave
  8. Have fun, everyone! I'll not be able to make it either - I'm not on FB so didn't know about it before, but that really wouldn't have changed anything. Hopefully 2021 will have more '02ing! -Dave
  9. You and Jenna have been continually in my prayers since that day, Rob. I was thinking of you off and on in the weeks before seeing this - guess there was a reason! Glad to be able to do something small in a material way too. -Dave
  10. Wow! When I was in high school, my Boy Scout troop went up to Haliburton Scout Reserve near there two summers in a row. It was some of the most beautiful camping of my life, and some of the best scouting memories. Thanks for bringing them back to my mind! Hope your time there was just as good. -Dave
  11. Toby, you are right that the Lynx is in fact split, and it's split 1&4/2&3, as you describe. -Dave
  12. @AustrianVespaGuy, you are of course right about my faulty math. Square units require squaring? There's a reason I was an English major! And thanks for the analysis of the effect of the "split" Lynx intake. I claim even less understanding of fluid dynamics than I do of math. More carb = more vroom (to a point). And my single-barrel Solex peashooter is slow. That's about as much as I ken. -Dave
  13. @AustrianVespaGuy, I have a Lynx/45DCOE setup waiting to go on my otherwise stock-engined 2002, and if I recall correctly, I set it up with 34 chokes. My thinking was that those chokes give a cross section of about 213 square mm, and when both barrels of a 32/36 downdraft are engaged, by my math that works out to... 213 square mm. And I figured it wouldn't be nearly as over-carbed as a 38/38 downdraft on a stock engine. But I really know less than nothing about any of this... -Dave
  14. I'm willing to bet the "gray plastic" lights are actually dull chrome. The lenses are actually clear plastic with plating on the inside. It oxidizes and dulls with age. -Dave
  15. Cross-referencing that Bosch rotor number is what led me to the more common Bosch number 04008 above, with the application list. The 10-digit number doesn't seem to be as commonly used, at least stateside. And I'm not sure that one would find that cap and rotor paired together in a kit; I don't think they're a matched set for any car from the factory. It would have been a lot easier for all of us if 123Tune had engineered the distributor to use both cap and rotor from a common vehicle with Bosch electrics (i.e., "replace with cap and rotor for a 1970 VW Beetle")--but then they couldn't sell them direct at a markup... -Dave
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