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Broke down need help near clarion on way to Vintage


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I'm at oreillys auto parts 556 riverside drive, Asheville NC if anyone is nearby and can help I'm trying to install my 123tune as I am not getting spark and my distributor cap in broke. Just replaced fuel pump and filter.  Call if you can walk me through the install. Thanks!!!


Vintage or bust ---we'll sort of busted at the moment.






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Accellerator linkage?
Mine popped off the other day. The little bent metal piece splayed open under WOT and the pedal went floppy. Zip tie to keep if from splaying was the fix. 

I thought this might be the case as well - but while press the pedal and watch the carb the linkage was still moving. Unless it's something else.

The car had been stuttering for the last hr of my 7 hr drive south. I replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter at a gas station.

Is there a fuel pump in the tank (like the e30? Could it have failed or be clogged?
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Nope, shouldn't be an in-tank pump. 


Maybe an in-trunk electric pump, depends on your setup.


Did you replace the mechanical pump? Or replace with an in-line electric (if so, what model and where did you mount it?) If it's an electric model, are you sure it's the right PSI/Volume?


Did replacing your fuel filter help solve the issue, at least for a little while? It could be you're stirring up sediment in the tank.


Like what's been mentioned in some other posts of people having issues, your fuel level sending unit in the tank typically has a metal mesh filter on the bottom, which could collect gunk over time and cause intermitted issues. Did you check that? 


That little mesh filter sometimes can pop-off in the tank too, which could allow your pump to suck up gunk and clog your pump, or any down-stream filters, jets, etc. I run a filter ahead of the electric pump in my trunk, and then a Malpassi "Filter King" filter/pressure regulator before the carbs. 



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Stoopid easy. Un-plug the electrical connectors on the sending unit, un-do the fuel line and have something like a spare bolt ready to plug it so fuel doesn't come draining out, (have paper towels ready, and for god sakes don't be smoking a cigarette. You're going to inevitably spill fuel depending on how full your tank is), twist it to the left, and slowly lift the sending unit from the tank. 


It's a long steel tube that will be partially filled with fuel, so slowly lift it out so it has time to drain. on the bottom is a mesh metal filter that snaps into the base. 


It might not be the culprit, but it's an easy check to to do. 


Also... If the tube or the mesh is missing, it could be a good reason why something down-stream is getting clogged. 

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When the engine is running, are there any bubbles in the clear fuel filter? How full is the clear filter?


To check the mesh screen you have to pull the sending unit from the tank. Fairly easy. Remove the right side trunk board. Remove the wires from the top of the sending unit. Pull the fuel line from the sending unit. Have rags or paper towels ready to soak up any fuel spills. Turn the sending unit counter clockwise about 1/4 turn (there is a key way that must be aligned ) slowly pull the sending unit. There are small vent holes near the bottom of the unit to drain the fuel before completely withdrawing it from the tank... otherwise it spills fuel all over the trunk. 


Inspect the bottom of the sending unit. Many times the mesh screen is missing altogether... You will see one small hole. That is the pickup tube that goes straight to top nipple. Blow trough the nipple to see if it's clogged. 


When you remove the fuel line from the sending unit... Is there a plastic sleeve on the nipple? Is it brown and cracked? If so, remove the fuel line from the white, plastic fuel line in the trunk and cut a 1" piece of the plastic line to replace that sleeve. 


That rubber fuel line and connections in the trunk must be snug and tight. This goes for the fuel lines under the hood from fire wall to pump. Any loose connection will suck air and cause problems like stumbling. 


Hope this helps



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You could try checking to see if there is anything coming out of the pump. Disable your ign so there is no spark.  Get a small clear pop bottle, remove the inlet hose to the carb, stick it in the pop bottle. Get someone to carnk the engine for 30 sec.  This can give you a few things to check


1) see if there is any fuel coming at all and if so, how much

2) once done , you can look at the fuel in the bottle, hold up to light and slightly shake to it and see how clear it is

3) you can calculate fuel volume by working out how much in the bottle for the 30 sec


This is for quick looks to be able to narrow your diagnosis,   and if you have a decent amount of fuel and it is clear, the next thing would be to pop the top off the carb and have a look inside for crap, start blowing jets and passage ways out.


Good Luck, Rick

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