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  1. A tip for how I clayed mine- I wiped the piston tops with brake-clean to help the clay stick, and actually used Sculpy(spelling? The oven bake stuff). It’s firmer and not oil soluble like plasticine. I then applied a little bit of motor oil to the valves to keep the clay from sticking. Slice it through with an xacto knife, and use the depth-ing side of the caliper to measure your thickness. Btw, the Ireland cam gear isn’t an infinitely adjustable gear, which I feel Toby is alluding to, you’re stuck with the adjustment that it offers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. If it's a fair price, I'd say you couldn't go wrong. They're pretty well respected as a performance 02 shop/supplier. My motor is chocked full of Ireland-sourced parts, and I built it myself (first full motor build ever) and she's an absolute reliable ripper. I'm sure with more experienced hands at the wrenches who've done a few more of these motors than me and gone through R&D on allot of M10's to develop their product... you're in a good place to buy from 'em.
  3. Fixed! Man... That should not have bothered me as much as it did. but it did.
  4. *Ding Ding Ding!* Remove your valve-cover, put your car in 2nd gear, and roll it FORWARD till you see the mark on the end of the camshaft behind the cam-gear become lined up with the center of the oiler bar. Welcome to TDC. Stab in your dizzy, noting a general rotational position that you'd like the body to have for wires, vacuum advance lines, etc. The 2nd part is taking note where the rotor is facing (or where you would like it to face) so that it will be pointed at the #1 cyl. contact in your distributor cap. Make sure your wires are routed in the correct firing order around the cap. Lightly tighten the bolt so that the dizzy won't free-spin, but with a little finger-effort you can get it to rotate a few degrees. If all else is well.. that should be enough to get a sputter, or get it started. You can tweak the rotation of the distributor right or left once you do to get it to idle nice enough to check your actual timing with a timing light either using the mark/ball method on the flywheel, or my preferred crank-pulley method and a light with an advance feature. Tighten your bolt fully.
  5. But can it carry a Coconut?
  6. So much for good terms... who took my popcorn?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Oh... I also used the 1.8mm thicker head gasket, too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I forget what minimum spec. is for head machining... but mine was close to if not at it. With stock timing gear and a 292 camshaft, things were too close on the exhaust side with standard pianos to where I had some clearance issues. And I later went with euro Tii pistons which were an even worse case scenario. Solution? Custom faced down exhaust valves, and used an adjustable timing gear to gain the necessary clearance. Below is as good as it got with an Ireland adjustable cam gear. I’d be curious about what my actual compression numbers are given 9.5:1 pistons and a minimally planed head... to be safe I always run premium. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 2002Scoob

    electric fuel pump ( Carter ? )

    For reals. it's 10 minutes to install, costs maaaaaybe 40 euro, and will save your life. Or at least, keep your precious vehicle from going up in a ball of flame in the event of an accident. Otherwise it serves the very definition of 'just adding fuel to the fire'
  10. I was able to get at mine with some creative angles without dropping anything. It was indeed tight, though. Disclamer... I also have a MT in an auto trans-tunnel, so maybe you have less clearance than I do.
  11. I had the #18 also come loose once, sloppy floppy shifter feel, couldn't find gears, and it deteriorated FAST. Like, was fine in the morning, on the drive home was a mess. Tightening everything down back there fixed it right up.
  12. 2002Scoob

    electric fuel pump ( Carter ? )

    I'm not running a carter, but the in-line style you can get from Ireland. For pressure control/pre motor filtration I use a Malpassi Filter King Regulator with an in-line pressure sensor. and DO have some sort of safety cutoff! I purchased a Ford Inertial Cut-off switch off the internet. Wire it in-line to the power to the relay that turns on your fuel pump. In the event of an accident or fender-bender, the circuit is broken, but is easily reset by pressing a button on the top. From what I can tell it's just a large metal ball-bearing in a magnetic/light mechanical press-fit. When a large enough knock comes along, the ball-bearing dislodges and breaks the circuit.
  13. 2002Scoob

    Best fitting period wheels

    tooootally all personal preference. There's a ton of options out there. I'm a fan of widened Boranni steelies. Still hunting for a slightly rusty set to cut up and band to 7+
  14. 2002Scoob

    2002 Flex-Discs / Giubos are faulty

    Interesting... I guess there's some logic to the vibration absorption. Wonder if that's an inherent issue with having the 2 piece driveshaft, or a driveshaft balancing issue. Which gets me thinking... I'm familiar with the benefit of a lightweight DS with past cars, anybody go so far as to put alloy or carbon shafts in their 02? I almost pulled the trigger on a carbon one for my WRX before I took a job in Europe. Rotating mass reduction is definitely a thing!
  15. 2002Scoob


    Major bummer, but it looks fixable. As for the SUV driver... man what a $hitty human being. With all the rust (and rust-prone british cars) there should be plenty of great body shop options on the island to fix'r'right!