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  1. I'm going to start investigating an E-conversion for Brunhilde. Looks like you're going down the same route, too :) The goal would be to retain the driving feel of the car, so I'd like to keep a manual transmission and use an adapter plate to go from the electric motor to my existing 4-speed to save money in the beginning. However, a 5 speed or even something newer (more robust, available, and cheaper) could be a possibility down the line. The nice thing about electrics, as you likely know, is you can easily dial up/down the power through programming relative to the amount of batteries/current. I'm looking at sourcing used/salvaged Tesla packs, and aiming to be in the 250-300hp range eventually... so breaking stuff is not only a possibility, it's a probability. But I want to ease into, and work up to that over time. There's plenty that needs to be done to accommodate. This also means that the side-draft motor will likely be up for sale. Or will just go on a stand in my living room to remember the good-ol-days.
  2. I might have a pair of unicorns as well, but I'm in Germany. How cold of weather are you thinking you'll be driving your car? A good starter, proper timing, and a few check valves and my Italian DCOE choke-less setup fires up on a chilly day just fine.
  3. 2002Scoob

    Timing chain tensioner

    You're welcome Especially with a fresh rebuild, there's lots in there that need to be worn into tolerance. Valves to valve-seats, Eccentrics to valve stems, rockers to cam-lobes. I should get myself a .006 gauge and give that a try to see if it makes a difference.
  4. 2002Scoob

    Timing chain tensioner

    @PaulTWinterton , my old eccentrics when I had my head before the final rebuilt were pretty well worn, and out of round. Replacing them helped out a ton in the smoothness category. I set to .008, as that's just the smallest feeler gauge I've got. I've gotten pretty darn good at setting valve lash, and can run through my head in less than 10 minutes. I use a round bicycle spoke with a small 90 degree bend at the end of it, and it makes for a great little tension-bar. I found that using something rigid to adjust the eccentrics applied too inconsistent a load on the feeler gauge, whereas the spoke flex allows a level of damping/finer motor control. I'd be curious as to just how often others adjust or check their clearances. Whenever i start to notice the smoothness of my idle start to go south, the first thing I do is valves, and that seems to work. With my freshly built motor I had to adjust them at 250k, 500km, and then 1000km, and have been checking them every 1000-1500 km. It's crazy how minute tolerances and evenness across the valves makes for a smooth running motor.
  5. 2002Scoob

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    WHOA WHOA WHOA WOAH WOAH! What? I just stumbled across this thread. I've had high hopes that someday when I move back to Santa Cruz from Germany I could bring Brunhilde back with me. She's a 74. All this points to that I'm completely effed in trying to do so. I ignorantly assumed that because it's a pre-76 I shouldn't have to worry about SMOG compliance... This changes everything.... Would Jenvy side-drafts, EFI and a Catalytic converter be enough?? Looks like I should start saving for that Electric conversion instead... Or sell it here, and hope I get enough to buy a decent one for the same money back home. What a drag...
  6. 2002Scoob

    02 Prices / Values

    that thing is a peach... and one hellova' restoration. I dunno... If I had boatloads of money, I'd prefer to be paying 45-50 for it... but to someone with a bigger boat, maybe 60 is just fine.
  7. Ahhhh, ok. So it was that Autoloc piece. Thanks @MikeWooldridge I might try some home-brew 3D printed solution with some contact switches and limit sensors to keep the cost down... spending 200 bucks on door switches feels a tad excessive at the moment.
  8. Off topic, but what's that mount/brace at the bottom right of the lower timing cover? I've never seen that before. Such a purty motor!
  9. Meh. I'm Ok with it. I'm tall with long arms, and that's kinda keeping in-spirit with the original functionality, no? haha
  10. @thinksound_mike Unfortunately I've already filled that space on Brunhilde with toggle switches for amps, fuel pumps, and the like :/ I do really like that location. Hindsight, and all. haha.
  11. I found this from another topic, but haven't found any mention of a kit that does so. @MikeWooldridge, where ya at, buddy? https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/156143-power-windows/
  12. The arm-rest is a possible way to go if I added one, but i'm looking for that all original look, but with modern functionality. I haven't disassembled my doors yet, but it seems like maintaining a manual window crank would mean that to roll them up or down, the handles would free-spin with them. I much like the idea of having the handles remain, but pull up and the windows go up. Push down, and they go down. I believe the SPAL kit others have used has the arms removed and replaced with covers, so I guess you can remove them to manually crank in case of a failure?
  13. Hi all, as the title suggests, if you've modded your windows to use the factory crank-arm as the up-down switch, I want to know how. Not satisfied with my conquering the TUV, Brunhilde decided to put me in my place to let me know who's running the show. The other day when cranking the passenger window up by reaching over from the driver's seat, the window got to the top, then then handle made a light 'pop' and free-spun... Then throughout the day the window sloooowly inched down, and I was able to again crank it back up where it stayed.... I'mnot going to mess with it any further till it's fixed. My thought is to make my winter project converting to power windows, and I'd like to re-use the factory cranks as the switches for that stock look. In searching, I've seen a few mentions of people who've done it, but nothing definitive on how and with what parts. Cheers! -Scoob
  14. 2002Scoob

    300° BMW Motorsport cam

    Ireland HD rockers, and from your photos the back-side of the lobes have barely any wear pattern. How does the rest of the lobe faces look? If they're as blemish free as the back, it looks like it's been barely run, if at all. She sure is dirty, thou.