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  1. The floods were crazy... Heck just the amount of rain an cool temperatures we've been having this summer while the other side of the globe is smashing records for heat, drought, and fires on a nearly daily basis.... Ugh. Climate change is real, peeps. We were spared here in Freiburg, but I took a ride out to the Rhine on Sunday and they had all the flow gates down with the river raging full-tilt. Impressive. Hope everyone, BMW enthusiasts, friends, family, and common-folk alike are doing OK. Really tragic.
  2. Media blasting would do the trick. Wonder if that high-pressure dry ice method would work, and not require major cleanup/bodywork? https://petrolicious.com/articles/cleaning-a-classic-car-with-dry-ice-is-actually-a-thing
  3. Off topic, but I don't recommend doing cocaine off such a dirty surface. But hey, you do you, man....
  4. Those little Solstace's were no slouch, especially the GXP versions with the turbo'd 2.4. They made 260hp. I'd assume there's a fair bit of aftermarket available too. Nice work!
  5. Metric vs. Standard measurement gauges? Were ya a decimal point off in your setting?
  6. Yah, me too. But I kinda feel there's two different approaches to EV restorations.... There's those that want a similar feel to driving as before, ie rowing gears, but with a greener powerplant and not too much, or very little modification to the original structure. And those like us, who perhaps are fine to eschew the old ways and go for big modern power and best possible packaging- Originality be damned. As for red interiors... It does work on some cars, just not sure it works here. It's a bit too bright of a red, and with the green exterior it's hard to not think it a Christmas-car. Now... if it were a bit darker of a red, with a graphite/charcoal metallic exterior... That could be pretty hot. BMW has pulled that combo off on a few cars well... E46 M3's come to mind.
  7. I also LOVE that color. Red interior is maybe a bit much.... I'd go tobacco leather myself.
  8. Crack-free dash... straight lookin' panels from the picture quality. And one of my fav. casual colors on an 02. Pull that denim jacket outa the closet you've been ashamed of, don some Wayfarers, and go for a long drive to contemplate next steps. (maybe a euro bumper conversion) I vote keep
  9. #threadofthemonth Common Mike, why ya holding out?? Normally I'd say Resistance if Futile... but it's not. Its voltage divided by current.
  10. https://silodrome.com/alfa-romeo-v6-engine-coffee-table/
  11. Yah Buddy!!! Those were limited edition kits of the "Twizy F1" Concept Renault did. Every once-in-a-while one will go up for sale and they're usually around 30 grand. The F1 concept incorporated the KERS system from the actual F1 car and REALLY boogied! Mine is currently software tuned, and I'd call it 'sporty' for what it is acceleration wise. It's now slouch thou, and will go 110kph. I also recently put bigger wheels and wide sticky tires on it. I lost a few km's of range, but the grip is Hilariously good now, I'd LOVE to take it to a Gokart Track and see what it'll do. Mine even has lightweight sliding Lexan windows. Cuz Racecar Fun fact- The Twizy chassis/geo/tuning was all done by the Renault Sport Tuning arm. With central driving position, below hub-center batteries, and rear-motor RWD, even stock are an absolute hoot.
  12. I know... But the motor would look that much more fantastic on a display stand with those headers in my garage when I finally become rich and can afford to EV convert. I drove my car maybe 500km last year, and so far have only warmed it up around the block and changed the oil this year now that I have a Renault Twizy thou! Holding off on Battery prices to come down, and Germany's laws to catch up to where it doesn't cost 30 grand just to seek testing/approval for road-worthiness of EV conversions. Or I sell it and buy a used Tesla... one of many options I'm pondering.
  13. Whew. You and me both, brutha. Bullet, dodged. I saw the '4 left' post on Insta and contemplated which organs were least necessary... then the one immediately after said 'sold out' and my kidney's/credit card let out a sigh of relief.
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