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  1. You were also cooler than me in HS. After 6 transmission rebuilds primarily from me and my brother practicing J-turns and neutral-drop burnouts, the shop that kept throwing clutch-packs into it refused to do any further repairs. The 626 was replaced by a 96 Ford Ranger 4cylinder 1-wheel-wonder (open diff) we called the 'Danger Ranger' because it was awesome at drifting, did spectacular burnouts, offroaded decently well, and handled jumps over railroad tracks like a champ. Drove that all through college over 300k miles till my parents sold it to my moms flamboyant hairdresser. Which was replaced by a minivan... That also did great burnouts, and was perfectly stealth for transporting too many friends too and from the bar with all the seats outa' the back. I swear I eventually had cool cars....before the 2002.
  2. I wish I was as cool as your brother in HS. I drove a 91 Mazda 626 that threw a transmission gear out the side of the case doing reverse donuts with 5 friends in the car.
  3. Well, given the car is German, sourcing it in Europe coulda' been easier :)
  4. But holy asking price, Batman!!! https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/bmw-1600-ti-2002-ti-turbo-02er-e10-oldtimer/1271249724-216-16538
  5. We had a gorgeous sunny day, so Brunhilde came back out to play for one more weekend. Hit some fun twisties as well as cracked the highest I’ve dared to push the car/motor-which is coming up on 5k Km’s since I built it. 180 KPH sustained for a good long while, and 185 top and felt like there was still some room to pull. These little vehicles truly were made for the autobahn. Gunna miss the sound of side-drafts at WOT too. BRAP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @zinz I'm perpetually jealous of anyone with a clean set of Borranis. Especially if they're widened. Buh.
  7. Pretty sure his ride-height is non-functional, as @evil02 mentions. I think for me it's the amount of tuck front and rear, and also those wheels are just a great match as well with the car. It just looks rad. I still want an 02 with air suspension so I can park-hard, lay frame, and chuckle with how comically good an 02 looks slammed. But then actually drive the thing.
  8. Dunno. I tried the thread-delete last night on my rear seats, and they just fell apart. Dunno why the OP would ever want to attempt such a thing.
  9. As long as you don't make it any higher, I approve. That stance is epic.
  10. Dumped a bottle of fuel stabilizer in, topped up the tank with premium, and put Brunhilde into winter storage.
  11. Absolutely terrible... but it can't take long for that hood to show back up again. Hopefully the 02 crowd keeps a vigilant eye out. I'm guessing the guy wasn't dumb enough to include his license plate in the image of his truck, or at least enough to identify the truck by? Can the guy you got the hood from get a description of the vehicle/bad hombre?
  12. OH man, @ray_. That took me back to my artschool days. haha. Thanks for that!
  13. I'm confused. I keep seeing this thread getting bumped up, but have never read it, and 5 pages is waaay to deep for me to care about. But I'm here now and I've got this spoon. And it's great for stirring things. Like pots.

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