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  1. so, what's inside a USB 123?

    I gotta be with Ray and others on this one, the USB plug on a several hundred dollar unit should be robust enough to handle being plugged and unplugged and even a bit manhandled hundreds, if not thousands of times IMO. If my 5 dollar USB power brick can do it, this thing should too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. so, what's inside a USB 123?

    Maybe it’s a bit heavy topping wise, but the star of the other night was a white asparagus, chicken, shallot, artichoke, and Schwarzwald Schinken pie. I still want a hotter oven thou... and that was next-day dough, so not as bubbly and stretchy as the usual 3-4 day dough. Bummer to hear that about 123.... they also quoted me 125 to replace my board if I had in fact had an overvoltage issue that fried it (wasn’t the case). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. so, what's inside a USB 123?

    Nice bubble action!!! I started messing with white-sauce pies the last few weeks. Oh the possibilities!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ran When Parked.

    Hey Guys! Ya, sorry, I've been slacking on car-stuff and busting on other things. I'll have an update beginning of next week hopefully. I'm headed to Milan tomorrow for Salone del Mobile, and then a Roger Waters concert in Bologna for my Birthday this weekend- the big 33. Regretfully, Brunhilde won't be coming with me, which was the original plan. I got back the Dizzy yesterday from 123 after they threw it on their test equipment and confirmed it to be fully functional, so dizzy is not the issue. Right now I'm leaning on the factory wiring and/or grounds being the actual culprit. All of my investigation has been centered around the understanding that those were fine, so it had to be the dizzy... but the fact that 123 has confirmed that isn't the case, I'm afraid there isn't much more that it could be. I plan to do as Simeon suggested, and hardwire the dizzy directly to the battery. At that point it SHOULD work. If it doesn't. Well.... F#@K. But it should At that point, reconnect the ground and the positive leads and see which one is the culprit. Thanks for all the feedback and support!! Haha, then there's that. They're actually running fantastically once warmed up, minus the temperamental cold start. I'm leaning towards that just being their Italian nature . Jetting I had pretty close for the 32 chokes. But what I actually want to do is to throw the 34's in and take it back ASAP to the guy that tuned them before on the old motor, Kugler Motorsports in Bavaria, and have him spend some proper time tuning and dialing it in. The magic that guy did in a matter of hours was night and day, and was utterly professional/helpful.
  5. When I re-did my suspension a few years back I had one loosen up on me while descending Mount Blanc, was a little un-nerving. Pulled over about a 1/3rd of the way down confused about what could be clunking, and it turned out to be the gland nut. Using a long screw-driver and a mallet I tapped that puppy tight, and hasn't made a sound since! -J
  6. You're getting Liters and Quarts mixed up. Oil Capacity is 4.25 Liters, or 4.5 Quarts.
  7. Oil Viscosity

    Intresting enough, here in Europe the only Mobil 1 15w50 (and often times 20w50) is almost always marketed as a 4-stroke motorcycle oil.... Finding 20w50 labeled as normal car oil is nary impossible.
  8. Ran When Parked.

    Does she run??? It's tempting, but i'd have to cut the sleeves off all my t-shirts and grow a mullet. I'm thinking it has to be something to do with the factory wiring, or the quality of the grounds... Like was mentioned before, perhaps sitting in a damp cold garage contributed to corrosion somewhere. I'm going to start with grounds-cleaning to confirm bare-metal-to-bare-metal connections at both the block and body, and if THAT doesn't work, perhaps solder up a custom ground-strap. I think I can make a much higher-quality solution for less than a replacement ground strap... they're almost 40 euro from W&N. Beyond that... I'm probably should have just offloaded this whole ordeal to a mechanic to be done with it... I'm unfortunately at an impasse where I have less money than time (and I have no time, which is why this has taken so long to figure out), and with a looming TUV inspection that's also likely going to cost a pretty penny, so I've gotta be saving my pennies.
  9. Oil Viscosity

    I order mine and Mahle filters direct from Amazon, and I love the vintage 5l tin cans it comes in!
  10. Ran When Parked.

    Officially Stumped.... Just got off the phone with the 123 guys, they hooked it up to a tester and it had zero issues-said that they let it run for half an hour and it threw spark without fail. So the fault is not the Dizzy, which leaves me completely baffled. What could I be missing? Coil is good Dizzy good Plugs are New Everything appears to be getting juice...grounds appear good Tried a variety of plug/wire combinations All I can think to do is re-make the ground-strap from battery to block and body and hope for the best. Open to suggestions... -J
  11. #1 I think is to your thermostat on the water divider at the top/front of the motor, next to your alternator. It's the only 90 degree electrical connection in that area I can think of while sitting at my desk at work... That big spring at the bottom is doing exactly what it should, but is typically fitted through a hole in the firewall just under that lip, not over the top of the lip. I don't have any reference photos, but can take ya one if someone doesn't beat me to it. I'm clueless about your middle photos... I know that wiring harness, but forget what it did... I yanked it out when I went to sidedrafts.
  12. Oil Viscosity

    Ahh. The good ol' oil debate Jr, which Castrol were you using? I've been on the Castrol Classic 20w50 train for a while and seems to be just dandy.
  13. Ran When Parked.

    Oh heyo all [emoji4] Digging deeper today. I rigged together this little test setup for proofing the regulator. Having an adjustable power supply available is a wonderful thing! I hooked everything up properly, and it would appear that the old hacked up regulator is still functioning fine. I started at 10 volts and slowly climbed up to 17, and the regulator reliably cut out at just north of 14.0 volts, and returned to delivering power just below that. The rolling-shutter/framerate latency issue makes the 2nd image hard to read, but it’s at 14.11 I know it’s been a long thread and a long solve, but I figure this could help somebody out in the future with troubleshooting. It’s been a good little learning experience, and also helps to document where I’ve been for my own use and reference as well. Dizzy is at 123 today hopefully, look forward to seeing what they come back with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Front lower timing cover. Front accessories pulley is also different. Alternator mounting positon/bracketry too? As Ray mentions, the oil-filter housing has the provision for a banjo style oil line on the Tii for the KF, carb'd 02 does not. edit- above are the things I noticed that were different. Block is the same, internals the same, pistons had a higher compression ratio. My recent build I used a tii block/pistons and everything else from my original motor bolted right up to make it a carb'd motor. I used my original crank and rods too.
  15. Ran When Parked.

    Hmmmm. I wondered how long it would be till I found the next ‘what the hell, previous owner/assembler’ find would happen. This rates right up there with the tin-snipped choke on the original Solex Carb that came on my car when I bought it. Who knows, maybe it’s fine... the solex carb actually ran OK for a good long while like that... but it is most definitely suspicious. Either way, we’ve got a power supply and everything I need to test it like the above video to find out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk