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  1. brain overloaded ..... great story

    I was darned near shocked with how easily it was to get mine out and in. I started pulling stuff apart early in the AM, and by noon the front subframe/engine was on the ground. Yes, there was a bit of prep-work before-hand (getting underneath and disconnecting all the wiring/shift linkage/hoses. But once that stuff is free, out she goes! Going in was also a pretty easy affair. With more experience, proper tools, and a second set of hands I can see how masters make such miracles
  2. Custom Air Ride Article

    I've been eyeballing Air Lift Performance and their product, decent pricing, and I think if you're competent at fab work it's easily doable. The fact that you can bluetooth sync and raise/lower with your phone is kiiiinda trick. haha. And air-ride suspension has come a long way, I've been in a few bagged cars that handled and drove great. There's also something to say about ultimate security in that if it's resting on frame blocks, It's damn near impossible to tow or drive off in
  3. Custom Air Ride Article

    100% YES. I've thought about this as well. What company are you thinking to use?
  4. Valve cover gasket.

    in the V8 hotrod world there's a company that makes some incredibly lovely, extra thick rubber or silicone (for material compression/sealing) steel reinforced valve cover gaskets. The sets I've seen are red, and are maybe 4-5mm thick. They not only look killer, but seem incredibly functional in sealing/compression/reuse. I'd be curious who makes them, I'd love a similar part for our cars given the regular disassembly for valve adjustments/general poking/prodding.
  5. How does the shift lever fit together?

    They do indeed break down/wobble and contribute to the shift-knob spinning/sloppy feel. I removed the cir-clips and filled mine with flexible epoxy, and re-assembled. Doesn't spin, shifts are much more direct/positive/ doesn't feel like a hotdog down a hallway.
  6. quick release on 2002

    The QR doesn't spline to the shaft, It mounts via a standard bolt circle (a-la-MOMO, that's how PKCHOPP and NCBIMMA have theirs. You need a hub adapter to go underneath it, hence why NRG sells shorty hubs (but not for our cars) Edit- I think Sparco or other brands actually do, or require welding.
  7. quick release on 2002

    Sure. Gunna take some tricky machining or problem solving thou, and at least on my 74 the base of the steering wheel is a casting, which doesn't lend itself well... But I don't see why not. I guess the bigger question is why? Perhaps make a splined adapter-to-Momo interface to go from the steering shaft to the QR, then an adapter from Momo Interface back to splined end to attach to your factory wheel, that way you don't have to modify your stocker. If you had a spare steering shaft, you cut cut the end off and weld matching plates to the end of the steering shaft, and the end of the nub you just removed.
  8. what springs are these?

    Best way I’ve found is to go around a corner at speed. Works like a charm -J Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I'm just gunna leave this here...

    This makes me love it EVEN MORE.
  10. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1957-bmw-isetta-9/
  11. New project acquired - 1968 1600

    Killer find. This will be an excellent project!
  12. OE and aftermarket Steering wheel questions

    Great advice. ^^^^^^^
  13. OE and aftermarket Steering wheel questions

    I'm running a 350mm wheel with BBS RS001's and 195 tires. Yes, it's a bit heavy at low speeds and parking, but not unmanageable by any means. a 320 is much heavier, but if you tell yourself to just man-the-eff-up, you can do that too.
  14. quick release on 2002

    That 100% looks like a MOMO style hub. I think there's some confusion here. The hub is what goes from the splined interface of the steering shaft (which varies model to model, mfg. to mfg) to a standardized circular bolt pattern, which I feel IS the momo bolt-circle. The QR hub bolts to that standardized bolt circle, and your wheel bolts to it. This would explain how NCBIMMA's NRG QR hub is functioning. He's got a standard MOMO hub with the NRG QR bolted to it, and the wheel to the QR. I think the only debate is if this will push the wheel too close to the driver by having the length of the MOMO hub+the QR+the wheel dish. I've got 2 wheels I'd like to swap between- a 350mm MOMO concave, and a 320 MOMO Prototipo. The concave is, well, much more concave, and is my go-to wheel. My concern would be the additional 40-50mm or whatever the length of the QR could push it too close to myself, or look a bit off. Added to the project list- make a spacer to simulate the length of the NRG hub.... EDIT- It looks as though NCBIMMA's wheel is even more concave than my concave... and doesn't look too strange. And, if he's 5.5 (I'm 6'3) this doesn't look too concerning. It's just a little bit farther to reach from the wheel to the shifter... but mine's a street car, I'm not tracking it anyway.