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  1. Uh.... Blue or black? You should prolly spend a little time lookin at that for a while before checkin' for blow-by or worn valve guides. :)
  2. while they used to not be, I'd consider my 40DCOE's turn-key. Even with the choke-delete. Fired it up over the weekend on a -2c morning on the first crank. The recipe I've found for that is proper advance down-low, waiting for the bowls to fill, just a few dabs of the pedal before cranking, and when she fires be ready to catch it with the gas-pedal to stabilise the RPM's till things warm up.
  3. I joined into that Keith Franck mess for a bit, and didn't get much in the way of clear assistance as to what I should actually try. It's also unfortunately not 'forum' based, instead it's this spammy mess that just inundates your inbox with emails that you're supposed to reply to to make threads or get answers instead of going to an actual website/forum. I dunno. Whatever he's doing product wise seems pretty rad, but his method of reaching out to people technology wise is in-line with the days you used to have to put your home-phone's receiver on a modem box to connect to the internet. I dropped out because I couldn't take all the junk that was destroying my inbox. If anyone figures something out and has insight to recommend I'd draft off ya, but trying to get to the right answers or info was just downright frustrating.
  4. Yah.... But you get DCOE's for the Sexy-peal. For some reason(s) a single DCOE just doesn't tickle the fun-buttons like Twin DCOE's. Ya might as well do the 38/38 if you're considering that direction, if ya ask me. But that's just me. -Thinks his side-drafts are a pain and absolutely love/hates them. Brap noises.
  5. GS!!! Ha! They're from the little German town I live in now sadly I haven't been able to track down any remaining history or legacy left, but I haven't really looked. Very cool car!
  6. Nah, you're in the right place, he just decided his original story was no longer worth telling, and edited or deleted all his posts...
  7. Waaaaaait. My suspicions are now up. Why delete an entire series of post explaining your issue after the fact?? Has your story changed?
  8. Found out why I gave up on the 50f9 today. That sucker is LEAN LEAN LEAN 55f8 is still fat-fat-fat. Le sigh. Parkin' her for winter here soon anyway. It'll be the Jeff of 2021's problem then.
  9. Uff. Terrible news on so many fronts. Hope you're feeling better, and you track down your 02!
  10. I've got a lil' bit of that in the form of fixed camber plates, but nothing too aggressive. Again, it's nothing to complain about, just enough that if someone wanted to dump time and money down the rabbit hole to make something better that I might consider a few years down the road... go for it! TIll then, I'm happy with my occasional forearm workout when I do drive the car I parallel parked twice tonight and did a few multi-point turns tonight survived!
  11. Sounds like a ground issue to me. But your horn- you should check your connections on your new wheel/hub to the horn hub-ring. since ya messed around there. It might not work now, but if that ring has shifted or fallen outa' its seat in the steering column (speaking from experience here) and decides to shift some more... there's the possibility it will all of a sudden work very, VERY well. And with a constant and surprising stamina that will freak both you and other drivers out till you can pull over and figure out which fuse to yank so you can drive home without turn-signals. Or, ya get the less scary, but more entertaining version where it will just ever so subtly 'beep' at you when turning a specific corner radius, to where when you're driving around town, you're unsure if someone honked at you... or you're just hearing things.
  12. Not that I wouldn't mind lighter steering... but I run a 350 Momo Concave with a 195-15 performance tires and feel it is very much manageable, ya softies. a 350mm wheel in proportional look and feel to me is just perfect in an 02 interior. I would DEFINITELY appreciate a quicker ratio thou, and a tighter overall feel. My box has been refreshed, runs grease, and my entire front end is poly, and I still think it could be more direct. So if all that could be had with a light steering feel with a 350mm wheel... stoked.
  13. Well, at the rate that '02 dashes like to crack in the sun, I guess it's not surprising. Still wonder why he state's it's an original interior, when the facts are literally looking you in the face. haha. Guess it's more common than I thought, but this was my first one I've found browsing.
  14. note, the seller states that the interior is in good, original condition.... 🙄
  15. Went down the Rabbit-Hole of German Ebay-Klien for a bit... Because boredom. Besides the fact that he's asking 17 grand for a very odd 02... What the heck is going on with that dash? I can't say I've seen too many dash-swaps on 02's. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/bmw-02-2002-oldtimer/1540215672-216-1334?simcid=722da6ba-af01-40d4-8873-c11ac88e9776 And it's hard to see, but it doesn't look like there's an AC compressor in there, but maybe? Bizarre. Anyhoo. Carry-on.
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