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  1. 0257 hoped you sealed that stud so oil doesn't leak through or you will get more practice on re and re,ing the stud
  2. Where are you located? I have a full ( 5 ) set that are powdercoated black on the webs but still need the outside edge polished. Shipping may be expensive depending on where you are Thanks, Rick
  3. I know that I should know this but who was selling the new euro flat style frt signal lites? and who is doing the rear LED set ups? Hitiing a blank wall tonite trying to remember who Must be old age Thanks, Rick
  4. Yes great stuff I use it on polished aluminum trim after fixing dents and sanding down the original anodizing tried an old piece and left it outside in shitty weather conditions for a year and was still shiny but you have to use a special polish that contains no acids ( most polished have some acid in their mixtures, it is what helps to clean the top layer off to polish , not needed with Everbrite ) once your part is polished, just wipe it on and let dry Thanks, Rick
  5. Hi Mike Here in Canada, I get them at Princess Auto which is like your Harbor Freight You need a special tool to tighten them up I use aluminum ones , once they have been put in, they hold tighter than anything else Hell, I use them on a Sports racer that I crew on to hold all sorts of things to the sheet metal and there are way more vibration and banging issues there than on a street 2002 McMaster Carr has them and I think Bel meltric carries them as well, I believe Use stainless screws so you can buff those up to look like chrome , use a little bit of Everbright solution on the screws afterwards and they will keep a nice shine for 2-3 years My actual tool is qute expensive,ade by POP that contains both std and metric adapters The rivnuts come in aluminum, steel or even in a gold color look Thanks, Rick
  6. OK one word, ok, sorry two words Riv nuts
  7. My first step would be to fix the throttle set up small simple things fix bigger problems
  8. Not just the rubber bushings but better look at the steel insert that go inside the rubber bushings as well Thanks, Rick
  9. Bolts are measured by the diameter of the shaft, not the head, length is measured from the bottom side of the head NOT including the head and by the pitch of the thread Thanks, Rick
  10. Make your new shop as big as you possibly can because whatever size you think will work now, later, you will wish you had more room Thanks, Rick
  11. Take it and throw it away, this was BMW's idea of sound proofing Thanks, Rick
  12. The profile's for the 2 different colors are the same, Yes bumpers with overiders do have the shim but only the ones with overiders
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