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  1. stephers


    Found some locally Thanks everyone for looking
  2. stephers

    CAD Models

    But is that not the case to do anything well, the old saying, if its worth doing, it is worth doing it right
  3. stephers

    Window Help

    It's now all in different adjustments. I believe there is a posting on this, do a quick search Make sure that there is no back and forth play in the frt vertical slider between the rollers, loosen the bolts off and you can twist it a little to tighten things up
  4. stephers

    Window Help

    Recheck the pictures, the spring does not go between the washers, it goes between the reg arm and the large washer Then you install the reg to the window by pushing against the large washer up to the hole where the small washer goes thru and slides on the opposite side , you can sort of wiggle the arm so the window slider section goes between the 2 washers Makes sense?
  5. stephers

    Analyzers from the day

    Oh yeah, can't believe that this stuff is a museum. Used to use the dist machine at the BMW dealership that I worked at all the time to set up distributors, re set the timing curve, was a lot of fun. We also had the Sun tune up stuff as well, took almost as long to hook up everything as it was to do the test HAHA Had a big Allen 4 gas / full engine diagnostic set up at my own shop many years ago, cost over 40 grand back then, lot of money ( and was always having issues ) Just missed my old dealership that I used to work for, getting rid of their old sun dist machine, would love to find one again
  6. Yes it can, in most cases on older cards, the vinyl pretty much comes off on it's own. There are some tabs from the chrome tim that come thru the door panel that you have to straighten out so they come out smoothly Just pick all the staples out of the back carefully. Use the foam to give the old vinyl some ( for a lack of a better term ) springiness in the touch to the vinyl. Make sure that you use the proper springs behind the handles and the vent window knob Get new door panel clips, a few extra, for sure , you will screw a couple up Also use a strong plastic on the inner door frame before putting the door panel on Check your bottom door drains while the door panel is off As far as the chrome trim, do a search on here, many discussion ( as on other forums that I am on ) about this trim. I don't think that anyone has really come up with a really good replacement. I have a couple of sets of decent early Alfa Spider door panels that I am about to do the same thing to but the chrome trim sucks.
  7. stephers

    Ash tray

    very nice piece worth every penny, too bad I just restored mine
  8. stephers

    Complete Weber kit

    Great deal!!! The 3 45 are probably worth what you would pay in US dollars for the whole set up
  9. Why not get some 1/8 " board and cut the backing cards out yourself, get some light thin foam as backing for the vinyl and then all you have to get the upholsterer to do is the vinyl portion, then you glue them on your door cards. Wouldn't that cut your costs down? Nice looking car, my second 2002 was white as well
  10. stephers

    Alpina diff cover threading

    If it is not the filler plug hole maybe it is for an AN fitting for an oil cooler and pump? Don't know, have not used one of these yet.
  11. stephers

    CAD Models

    It does look pretty good but so many mistakes or parts missing. Wrong wheels for that era, belt molding missing on sides, frt turn signal housing chrome missing, chrome on side impact molding missing, looks like on the right rear, the impact molding runs right into the bumper. I would have to guess if you can do so much, why not get it right?
  12. stephers

    WTB Rear Tii wheel hubs

    PM sent
  13. stephers


    Great can you get some pictures of what you have of the box, there may be a couple of other things that I may need Thanks, Rick
  14. Very interesting, will keep an eye open to see how this works out Hope it does.