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  1. Yes the 4 speeds are the same as well as the diff pinion nut is the same as well Thanks, Rick
  2. Mike Those pictures look like an ad for look alike Panasports Everybody's got'em Wish I was there but it was another sanding day Thanks, Rick
  3. " Cat back " ? when did 2002's run cats?
  4. Still available original looking linkage
  5. 1 barrel or 2? I have a restored very nice powder coated one with new mounts for a 1 barrel for sale Thanks, Rick
  6. These are an old set of TRW Sabelt 6 point seatbelts OK for autocross, not for race daysAll there except missing one side of the sub mount belt and the attachment bracket has been cut was thinking about rewelding the bit back in and getting that piece rechromed but I have way too many other things on the go at this time The center lock works good and all pieces lock in and release without any issuesAsking 60.00 US plus shipping for them
  7. Sound like an internal problem need antenna hooked up to get AM but not needed for FM ( not the best sound but it will work that way ) Thanks, Rick
  8. Right on, good stuff make sure that you get the acid free polish as well
  9. It is a liquid that can be brushed or wiped on, flows nicely https://www.everbritecoatings.com/ Thanks, Rick
  10. David I have tried the Por 15 Glisten and found that it left little bubbles after I applied it, did not like that look. Now I use a product called Everbrite Works great, leaves that polished aluminum trim nice and shiny and well protected ( at least for a year, that is how long that I have used it for, did a wrecked piece and have left it outside to see how it held up very good ) Thanks, Rick
  11. Yes , there is right along the entire length of the fender where it bolts to the body I also put some along the bottom frt seam where it attaches to the frt nose Thanks, Rick
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