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  1. adawil2002 looks like you did a " little " more black than stock on yours.
  2. my $ .01 worth paint them black If I remember the 73 and earlier cars did not use the plastic inserts for the grills, they used a metal u shaped speed nuts, the plastic inserts were for the 74 and up cars
  3. I wonder if it is Glyptol it is the same paint that is used on electrical motors I have used it to paint the inside of blocks. It is oil resistant and is used to both seal the inside of the block and allow oil to drain off the inside of the block back to the sump easier
  4. I think this tube only came out on the later cars, early E9's used the same thing, although they were for a 6 cyl but easy to cut down to 4 Try the E9 site, they come up there as well once in a while Thanks, Rick
  5. As far as Canada went ( I worked at that dealership for a few years before moving on , wouldn't pay enough ) was the last privately owned dist in the world. The dealership started out as both a Mazda and BMW dealer and then dropped Mazda and went wholly BMW. The same family owned the dealership and the dist. The distribution center was a ways from the dealer( across town to the southern part of the city at the south end of Granville St. on SW Marine drive. After a while the western dist bought out the east ( not sure who ran it before that ) Pretty good deal for them, having the premier dealership in the west as well as the parts and car dist making money at both ends. The family went on to also open another dealership in Richmond, BC Each of the son's were the general managers of the dealerships. One is still alive, unfortunately the one son ( the one that I worked for ) passed away a few years ago. He was a pretty good guy for a GM. Heino and Jochim Neumann BMW then stepped in and bought the dist out as they did not want any private dist anymore Was at the dist building a few times, picking up cars or parts once in a while. My memory sucks for actual dates but talking about this makes me want to go out to the Richmond dealership and sit down with the one son , Jochim, and see if he could remember some more info and dates I think that most of this happened in the late 70's Thanks, Rick
  6. No do not do that, set them at .010 thou Better to check to make sure that the rockers and rocker shaft is not worn causing looseness. Especially with dual springs Question to ask, are you setting the valves when they are in the right place to adjust? Just before doing the adjustment, remove the circlip ( don't lose it ) and slide the rocker over to check rocker shaft wear, if it is ok, put the circlip back in and adjust your valves. If not ok, bigger problem. Remember, these engines do not run real quiet, there will be some, should be, some rocker noise
  7. Go to at least .008 not .006 at all, I would run .010 with a shrick cam That tight right now is your problem, performance cams like more clearance, gives better valve overlap. It should sound like a loud sewing machine nice and even
  8. I have everything that you need if you cannot get it elsewhere. Release brg, correct pilot shaft brg, rear main seal, output shaft seal, shifter seals. lock plate and rear output shaft housing gasket. I keep all this stuff in stock PM if interested all brand new Thanks, Rick
  9. Are there any good used speedos out there? Getting desperate let me know Thanks, Rick
  10. stephers


    What an goof I am, Sorry, this post is from 2014!!!
  11. stephers


    Do you still have the 69? Can you email me pictures [email protected] Thanks, Rick
  12. Mike Looking for a good speedo 72=73 Got anything? Thanks, Rick
  13. Still looking Thanks, Rick
  14. Looking for a good 72-73 style speedo both mileage counters must be working and quiet Please PM me Thanks, Rick
  15. Clean out the crack, heat it up to cherry red and braze cast iron. Have done lots like this over the years and the brazing ( not welding ) works well

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