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  1. Did you have to trim the R frame rail for header clearance? Looks a little tight on one of the tubes. what original trans is this ZF based on? Looks like the early 2800CS ZF boxes Could you have used a bell housing from a 2800 CS that would bolt up to the trans? Not sure if they have the same bolt pattern What are the ratio's in the ZF? Can't wait until you get it out to the track and run it Good luck with it Rick
  2. Drop me a line at [email protected] and I can send you some pictures of what I have. thanks, Rick
  3. New ones are not that expensive but if not, I have a few used ones with different patinas Let me know PM me Thanks, Rick
  4. They are super tight, it does take a lot of initial tension to get it off, once it breaks free, it goes much easier. I have sometimes, when it is under high tension, give the end of the puller a good hit with a hammer to crack the pulley free Why are you replacing it? Are the gear teeth worn? or are you replacing it just because. Thanks, Rick
  5. Also. some of these switches were adjustable, look for a small hole on one of the flats of the switch that will be plugged with a plastic material. If you use a drill bit to clean out the plastic, you will find a small slotted screw in there that will give you a little bit of adjustment
  6. Why not try disconnecting the cold start valve when restarting at temp It is only the cold start that this controls Are you getting too much fuel on hot start? Must be getting some when cold start
  7. Pretty old post wish I could still find parts for those 2014 prices now
  8. yes 5 speed nuts are the same, this socket also fits the frt crank nut and the pinion nut As far as needed an impact socket, not really necessary unless you are doing this sort of work on a daily basis Think about it, how many times are you actually going to use this socket??
  9. Just went thru this, nice work done by the metal worker The one that I did about a year and a half ago was worse than that in each rear. I believe that this rear area around the subframe mounting bolts are by far the most complicated area of a 2002 to do frt fenders , rear shock towers even the frt of the rocker and lower A pillar area are easier to do than this area. Mine was rusty right thru to the other side of the mounting bolt and all around that structure as well as the rest.. To me when checking a 2002 for rust is the most important area in the car to check Good job
  10. Paul T Winterton made up a bunch of them, not sure if he has any left You also will need the rubber grommet that goes inside the loop, I believe that this is NLA as well
  11. Used lots of hepolite piston sets when I use to do lots of British stuff Decent pistons, never had any issues with them Used some in racing engines, really had to make sure of the weight balance on them
  12. Early ashtray dissembled and media blasted each part, then powder coated the ind parts Replaced frt face with new material, wrapped the handle in chrome wrap Outer chrome bezel, buffed and polished Looks terrific Asking $135.00 shipped in the CONUS nice piece
  13. Put a post in the wanted section for a pair of them Then you can weld them on Looks far more original

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