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  1. Rogers tii has new ones they are the same as the 74-76 2002 fine spline output trans
  2. I have both the white connectors and the terminals that go in them, also have the black sheathing, and the cold start valve boot I am out of the 2 eared temp sensor boots at the moment Only thing that I don't have is the black plastic terminal that fits into the relay PM me for info Thanks, Rick
  3. No should not have any in there. Your carbs sure shake a lot even though it is in warm up stage should not b e that much, check float levels, needle and seat, no more than about 3.5 lbs of fuel pressure All the shaking may cause that Think about it, those poor floats trying to maintain a level fuel level while it is shaking around like that would be difficult at best Check those things and try doing some more carb adj especially paying attention to even/ equal throttle plates
  4. OK from memory, the top 2 2 wire connectors are under the rear seat right side, should be a clear connector into the harness for the fuel pump I think the power and ground came up thru a grommet, hooked into the main harness for power, ground was picked up in the back rear corner by a screw The other connection is under the dash by the steering column can't remmber the color of the connector block, white I think
  5. Bell housing bolt right where it is sitting
  6. Try either Mcmaster Carr or Belmetric They have a captive nut but not 100% as the original
  7. Agree with Arizona02 low batteries can do that to a starter not enough to fully engage the starter but enough to keep it locked into ring gear The ring gear once spinning fast enough also helps to kick the starter gear out
  8. Not much that you can do from outside other than making everything on the shifter platform is good Looks like it will have to come out could be worn reverse shifter fork, worn out detent springs or just a bad gear Really it was an NOS box? Never saw a brand new factory box, most boxes sold from a dealer were rebuilt boxes , sorry reconditioned.
  9. I have never seen one, not sure if you really need it not that many electrical parts on a 2002 Look at a new car , they do it for them but there is probably 100 times more components and not always in the right place either
  10. If you can't find the other springs which are just soft straight springs for the vent window you can use some foam cut in a circle to put there, not original but works out just the same
  11. Did you have to trim the R frame rail for header clearance? Looks a little tight on one of the tubes. what original trans is this ZF based on? Looks like the early 2800CS ZF boxes Could you have used a bell housing from a 2800 CS that would bolt up to the trans? Not sure if they have the same bolt pattern What are the ratio's in the ZF? Can't wait until you get it out to the track and run it Good luck with it Rick
  12. Drop me a line at [email protected] and I can send you some pictures of what I have. thanks, Rick
  13. New ones are not that expensive but if not, I have a few used ones with different patinas Let me know PM me Thanks, Rick

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