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  1. Put a post in the wanted section for a pair of them Then you can weld them on Looks far more original
  2. I read about this adhesive on the Porsche site for gluing door seals same sort of issues have not tried it yet but the fellow that recommended it knows what he is talking about I am going to order some and try it out Apparently they use this quite a bit in the aircraft industry FWIW
  3. run a tap thru them to make sure the threads are ok sometimes when the stud holes are completely dry, especially aluminum, they can be tight
  4. Looking for some sheet metal Drivers side " B : pillar from the upper belt line molding to the rocker and at least 12 inches back to wards the rear wheel well opening Looking for undamaged no rust holes piece. A little surface rust OK Going to 98230 Blaine WA. or can PU in the Vancouver BC area T I A Rick
  5. One thing to add to this would be that all automatic trans cars only had a clock, no tach.
  6. never heard the term " soup dish " Please be more specific and perhaps a picture
  7. 14 " Formuling steering wheel very good condition, leather is good, no rips or scuffs, stitching is perfect asking 150.00 plus shipping not sure which hub will fit this
  8. For all you guys that have E30 M20 engines in your 2002 I have some parts for that does not include shipping NEW STILL IN BAG set of ign wires 200.00 BMW bearing shells 8.00 each check with part number for fitting
  9. I have a drivers aide clear glass vent window for sale good condition 25.00 plus shipping Thanks, Rick

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