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  1. stephers

    Bilstein HD Front Struts or Boge

    The numbers on these shocks are 4350025H03 I am not sure what they are. Will do some digging around the internet and see what I come up with
  2. stephers

    Race engine with no dipstick

    Looks like an old plastic licence plate bolt somebody screwed in there to plug it
  3. stephers

    WTB e21 245/5 OD transmission

    Where are you located? I have one but in Canada 'Thanks, Rick
  4. stephers

    Bilstein HD Front Struts or Boge

    I have a set of decent used ones but I will have to check to see if they are HD's or Sports, can let you know tonight Thanks, Rick
  5. stephers

    Stress Bar Brackets

    PM sent
  6. stephers

    Warm Up Regulator Adjustment

    Have you checked the warm up reg for air leaks when warmed up? It is like a friction seal at the top of the reg where the piston will come up and seal off These tended to leak quite a lot You have to pull it off to check warm it up in hot water and have a hose attached to it so you can blow air into it and see how the top seals off
  7. stephers

    Rear shocks

    Only in a gas shock cannot run oil style shocks upside down Lots of manufactures did it this way, early Alfa's come to mind as well as some British cars
  8. stephers

    Getrag 245 shifter seal replacement

    Replace it is NFG you will have a leak Dig inside and make sure that there is not a couple already in there, some techs get lazy and just pound a new one in
  9. stephers

    5 speed swap clutch issues

    One more question Did you machine the flywheel? If it is too thin, the disc will hit the flywheel bolts
  10. stephers

    5 speed swap clutch issues

    My impression of his description was when he tried to push the clutch pedal down ( with eng running ) it made a noise from the clutch area. If it is when he pushes the clutch in and then tries to engage gears and that is when the noise happens, then, yes, sounds like synchros trying to engage This is why all the questions We will have to wait and see what comes from those answers. Thanks, Rick
  11. stephers

    2002 NEW Parts lot

    Got any frt turn signal seals/ gaskets? Thanks, Rick
  12. For side draft Webers, a good place to buy them from, albeit, they are used, is the Alfa Board. There a lots of guys selling webers there. There is also a lot of info about them there as well. Progression holes are very important and far too much to get into here Not so hard to rebuild them Thanks, Rick
  13. Right on guys, this should be fun Hoping the weather is good. Mark, yes, probably have to have a black tie affair when I get the ti restoration finished. Thanks, Rick
  14. stephers

    5 speed swap clutch issues

    Hmmm How would the clutch hydraulics cause a noise? If they were weak, then the only thing that happens is that the pressure plate does not disengage the disc enough, it would make trying to shift gears very hard, which is what you say happens. Not able to put into gear is something to do with hydraulics but I don't think it is causing the noise How does the pedal feel when pressing it down ( with the engine off ) ? Can you pump the pedal up a few times and does it feel different ( same thing, eng off ) ? What kind of noise is it? Did you replace the plastic pivot at the end of the clutch fork? Is the hold down clip in place? Did you replace the pilot brg in the end of the crank? How does the release brg fit in the fork, snugly or very loose? Funny that you don't see any marks anywhere. Lots of questions I have done lots of 5 speed swaps and have never encountered any noises after doing the job. Curious to see what the issue is Thanks, Rick
  15. stephers

    Getrag 245 Throw/Release Bearing and Fork

    There are no clips from the release brg to the fork, it is just a interference fit between the two. The release fork is held onto the pivot ( which should be new ) by a thin spring clip at one end. Not like the 2002 set up where there are clips on the release brg. or the spring clip that goes under the fork pivot. The 320i set up is much more simple