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  1. I was watching an old original Mission Impossible the other day on the oldies channel, late sixties show The fellow was driving an early 1600 Sahara, you could tell by the frt hood moulding and the other part of the crew had a NK bright red that they were bombing around in Nice white rims with the trim rings and hubcaps Pretty cool
  2. How do they feel when you squish them between your fingers? Compared to your original ones on the car? I have a set of Uro door seals and they are quite hard to " squish " Best way to describe this Thanks, Rick
  3. So did you get your Rock Auto seals yet? Are they softer than the old ones? Thanks, Rick
  4. Yes that's what happens when you do this too late at night. Thanks for pointing that out Thanks, Rick
  5. Ok you need to tackle this one step at a time #1 fuel gauge not working, was not working before taking cluster out nothing changed Temp part is working so it is isolated to fuel only Remove panel cover in trunk so you can access the fuel sending unit Remove the signal wire and ground it out fuel gauge should read to full, if not , need to remove sending unit and check Before jumping into ordering a bunch of parts, you need to know what you need There are stages in how you go about this 1- Diagnose issue decide which area of the car that it is coming from Does it do it when standing still? When moving? When turning? etc Does it speed up with the engine rpm or with car speed? Does it stay the same Use all of your senses to determine where to start looking 2- Investigate area of issue In this case it sounds like it is coming from the frt wheel area Jack the car up, making sure that you use jackstands Spin the wheel, can you hear anything? Grab the wheel 12 and 6 o clock and see if there is any play, ( wheel bearings ? ) Wiggle the wheel back and forth at 9 and 3 oclock, see if there is any play in the steering ( make sure steering lock is off ) Remove wheel for further checks . Start by grabbing each part of the suspension and see if there is any play 3) Decide if parts are worn and need replacement or can they be adjusted if requires parts, do some price checking with the different vendors, paying attention to both price and quality Also check for shipping deals Use Realoem to help with seeing how the parts go together and to get part numbers for what you need If adjusting, cross reference with shop manual on making adjustments and what are acceptable wear limits Order parts 4) While waiting for parts arrive gives you time to fully take things apart, get the cleaned up, painted, powder coated or plated as to what you want As the parts come in, you are ready to put back together with nice clean parts This is what I have doing for years and seems to work well for me I hate to see guys start by just buying a bunch of parts that may or may not be needed Just because someone else had a similar issue does not mean that ist will be the same for your issue It may help in giving you some direction but that's all Good luck and good hunting Thanks, Rick
  6. I could but then it wouldn't be any fun
  7. Hi I have a bunch of NOS E30 and some E21 parts for sale This is quite a oddball collection of parts please email me for a complete list with part numbers [email protected] Thanks, Rick
  8. Hi Yes it is It fits 2002's and E9's for sure and E12 and E28 I believe Let me know Thanks, Rick
  9. I will check an old pump that I have around and see if it is still there Let you know tomorrow It is a 4 or 5 mm allen head bit They didn't even know about torx screws back in those days Thanks, Rick
  10. This is the seal that goes over the clutch release fork pivot to hold the lube on place I believe that these have been NLA from BMW for quite awhile I came across this from Classic Alfa out of England they use the same set up https://classicalfa.com/cl043-rubber-grommet-clutch-release-pivot-hydraulic-clutches/ Thanks, Rick
  11. I forgot also in the sump gasket kit G is also the crush washer for timing chain tensioner piston plug
  12. I know what size that they are and I could tell you but then you would not learn anything about your car Download Realoem this is the parts book for BMW ( and other marques ) then you can find your car, go thru until you find what you are looking for, The corresponding part # usually has the size of the fastener that you are looking for BTW 6 X 12 Thanks, Rick
  13. For the sump kit E bolt at frt and rear of block crush washers 14 X 18 F really need size G drain plug gaskets H and I water pipe fitting in block ( above starter ) crush washer drain plug washer for coolant drain plug in block just below #4 exhaust 10 X 13.5 & 12 X 15.5 For the head gasket A throttle body for later 320 C cold start housing later 320 I need size J need size K dist o ring L need size M dist housing bolt seal N need size O oil spray bar in head for bango bolt seals P need size Q need size R intake manifold and associated parts washers T fuel dist housing gasket U fuel dist o ring ( under fuel dist between dist and housing V 12.4 X 9 X 1.7 o ring throttle body If you get me sizes of the parts that I don't have , I can figure out the rest Thanks, Rick
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